Thursday, December 27, 2018

Joys And Sorrows Interwoven

Life has a way of weaving Joys and Sorrows inexplicably, interwoven in the Tapestry of Life together, until it all blends together into rather what is a glorious mess that you can still very much appreciate, cherish and Love.   As a Vintage Textile Lover I am always drawn to the Beautiful pieces with flaws and which show the History thru the Process of Time and wear imparted.  Life itself can be very much like THAT.

While we Deal with the worries and stress of our Son not being Well, it is tempting to become withdrawn and retreat into self imposed isolation and insulation.  I resist that Temptation, my Friend and I went out together to do some after Christmas Sale shopping Today... a wee bit of Retail Therapy, it works it's Wonders.  *Winks*   I came across this lovely Enchanting piece marked 85% Off and had to have her.

The little House lights up... I've seen and even own some similar pieces by this particular Artisan and usually they're spendy at full retail price.  She would have been a piece I couldn't have afforded had she not been at such a deep discount after Christmas, she still had her original price tag attached.  I found her at our Antique Mall 75% Off that price and then got another 10% Off for my Employee Discount... can I get a whoop whoop!!!

My Friend and I debated whether she was an Angel or a Fairie, it matters not who is Right... each of us COULD be, right, it's all subjective?  *Winks*  I Needed a dose of Enchantment and Ethereal thrown into my Holidays right about now, post-Christmas, so Angel or Fairie, she fit the Bill.   Though, like I mentioned at the start of this post, inexplicably, even after Dealing with something Sorrowful, something Joyful always Balances everything out, almost Miraculously, at just the right time!

Even tho' the Christmas Call with The Son had been very, very difficult, we have two other Adult Children.   The Youngest Daughter called first from Mexico and we did a video chat to see the whole Familia gathering there for Christmas and a Birthday.  Our Son-In-Law's Mother's Birthday is on Christmas Day, she's almost 90 now and still going strong, Bless her Heart.  Still helping with the raising of all of the Younger Siblings of The G-Kid Force.  Our Daughter is SMI but stable right now, she's also Clean and Sober for the first time in a couple of decades and it has Miraculously held, Praise God!

She is a Living Testimony that even decades of Dangerous Drug use and Addiction can be Recovered from.   She calls it a definite God Thing, a Surreal Spiritual Intervention, her particular Recovery Story.  It will be a Lifelong Process not to backslide into, but after over two decades of use that should have killed her and wrecked her considerably, she's doing Well, feeling Well, looking Radiantly Beautiful again, like her Old Self.   The Self that I remember so long ago her Being, the Child I thought I might have forever Lost and was given back to me.  Though the Serious Mental Illness will always be a struggle, we can Roll with that much easier than the substance abuse issues.  Hard to explain, but it's just easier for me to Deal with any Major Illness compared to trying to Deal with any Major Addictions of a Loved One.

The Grandchildren Celebrated their Abuelita's Birth and their Mother's Re-Birth, there was much Joy and Celebration, everyone came, they had a house full!  No matter how much Sorrow the Journey might have taken you through there is always room for Celebration along that Journey as well, no matter how difficult and rocky that Path is.   Resist the temptation not to also Celebrate the Joys of Life and Living Fully and in each Moment, while Dealing with the Sorrows of Life too.

Our next call from our Oldest Daughter and Family, who live back East, and had even more Joyful News and Surprises to reveal.   Their Oldest Daughter and her Husband are expecting their first Child, a little Girl, in early July!  I Love the Name they have chosen for the newest Great-Grandbaby, I am Delighted for them, they are going to be Wonderful Parents!   The extended Family are planning a Vacation to the West Coast after the Baby arrives and we're Hopeful can stop by on their way through Arizona towards their destination in Cali, great News too!

You see, tho' we have many Beloved Grandchildren, there are many of them that we have not had the Joy of being with in person.  With The Man's precarious Health and inability to Travel, it has hindered us from making the pilgrimages we used to make to visit Family Nationally and Internationally, when it was still possible and he was Well.   This Grand-Daughter, the Youngest of our Oldest Daughter's brood, used to be such a Tomboy.  Seeing her Blossoming into Feminine Womanhood this Year has been quite the Transformation!  Kinda like going from Sporty Spice to Posh Spice practically overnight... LOL... I know, I'm showing my Age by even making that comparison, right?!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

The Middle Grand-Daughter is still her Edgy Self and still experimenting with Hair Color, I swear she and The Young Prince have a different look every Month!  *Smiles*  She's a Platinum Blonde for the Holidays, it's closest to her Natural Hair Color.   The Young Prince recently told me he's going back to his more Natural Hair Color next Month too and tightening up the shaved parts of his Mohawk.  He and this Cousin are the most into their Piercings and Tattoos, they pull off their Edgy Vibe nicely and are really Good Kids who just happen to be very Free Spirited and fiercely Independent and Non-Conformists, I can relate to that and they know this.  *Winks*

So this is the Grand-Daughter who is now expecting our next Great-Grandbaby, and her Handsome Husband.   I just Love all the T-Shirts they had made for the entire Family to Reveal the Good News to the rest of us!  Our Daughter and Son-In-Law are excited to be Grandparents for the first time AND they're also getting a new Home built on their Acreage, which is almost completed.   They have several Acres in an Idyllic setting in Pennsylvania that is very Norman Rockwell looking, Green rolling Hills, Streams and Old Historic Farmhouses and Barns scattered everywhere.   What used to be on their Property was a 1700's Historic Farmhouse that sadly had to be razed as it became uninhabitable with Age and structural instability.  Sadly we can't Save them all and let's face it, about 300 Years is a long Run for any Residence!

So Yes, my Friends, our Sorrows have been Interwoven with much Joy as well... we Feel Richly Blessed and quite Hopeful that everything will be alright in the End... and if it's not alright yet, it's not the End.

The Son and Daughter-In-Law having some Christmas Fun on FB...

Their Precious Youngest... The Grandbabies always bring such Joy!!!


May a Wonderful New Year unfold for you... Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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