Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year 2019!

The New Year is almost upon us, I'm kinda glad 2018 is over, it was in many ways a tough Year for so many.  There was a considerable amount of crisis, sorrow, loss and baggage that 2018 brought with it for many of us.  I'm looking forward to 2019 bringing some new beginnings and positive things to balance things out.  Life is filled with Ups and Downs, those Valleys can be rough to navigate as you endure them while waiting on the Upswing.  Even Blessings always come with Burdens, Bishop T.D. Jakes gave a great Message about that Sunday Afternoon, I found it uplifting and quite personally relevant... to whom much is given, much is required!   Sometimes you can be quite Blessed and yet still Feel pretty Miserable shouldering the Burdens.  Life is filled with contradictions like that, everyone's Life, not just yours or mine.

We closed out this Old Year with some Challenges, some aren't resolved, but we Hope they will be in 2019.  The Young Prince dislocated his Knee while I was at Work Friday Night and he was in the Old Neighborhood.  I had to leave early to respond and get to him, then take Saturday off Work too.  He panicked since his knee was sitting at the side of his leg and he was all alone in the dark of the Evening, with nobody around to know he was hurt, but he popped it back into place himself before I arrived!  I hit the ER with him and then had to leave before his turn, since it was quite the jam packed Human Sideshow on a Friday Night in da Hood, so he had a full blown Anxiety Attack too and couldn't Cope with the crazy and overcrowded environment!  We ended up just having him Heal here at Home and tough it out with the pain, he's doing better now.   But then his Sister got Sick Today, so Miss Priss is standing vigil with her Human, as Princess T is hunkered down under piles of blankets riding out whatever she's succumbed to!?

Perhaps I even gave it to her, since after spending about an eternal Hour Friday Night in the ER with some clearly contagious people around us, I didn't Feel Well at all by Saturday Morning.  My Friend living with us felt Sick shortly thereafter, then The Man... and finally Princess T and The Young Prince succumbed too in rapid succession.  Whatever it was spread fast but seemed to only last about 24 Hours before you began feeling considerably better, but that 24 Hours was utterly miserable lemme tell ya!  I think we may all be Okay by the stroke of Midnight on New Year's Eve?   I'd like to enter 2019 Well and without dread and carry thru baggage from 2018.  I am an incurable Optimist, it's just my Nature to be... I am Thankful that I am not inclined to Pessimism.  I know some of you might be and I do Hope you can muster some Optimism about what the New Year might hold for you... and hold for us all?   I Hope that even if your Cup isn't running over, you're at least able to view it as half Full and not as half Empty?

My Brother Shared some Images of our dearly departed Mom that I hadn't seen before, taken during Christmastime at The Nursing Home.  It was a Gift to see her Smiling Face as she received her presents, before things got really bad for her as death approached.  She was always particularly fond of new Jewelry Making Supplies, she Created Jewelry for everyone... Family, Friends, Staff, Strangers.  It wasn't at all surprising that her favorite Gift would be something she could in turn Give Back from... to bestow as Gifts unto others.  Mom had the Great Gift of Herself, of possessing the Gift Of Hospitality which she Gave Joyfully to everyone and anyone... she Loved people and socializing with them.  I always said Mom never met a True Stranger, because even if she got a Wrong Number Caller, by the end of the conversation you'd of thought they had been longtime Friends after their serendipitous chinwag!  *Smiles*

Mom Loved Entertaining and Sharing a Meal with someone.   She always said you cannot Share a Meal and break Bread together without getting to 'know' someone better.  She always wanted to look fierce and put on her Jewelry, have her Hair done, her Nails done and wear Fashionable Wardrobe.  To remain Relevant to be used by God to Bless those around her as best she could and with whatever she still had left, even if it was not much.  She Gave freely even out of her own lack... that never diminished with her age or health declining.   Many people might have just given up and not Cared about their appearance or not wanted to bother to muster the Energy to bestow Joy upon others while they themselves deteriorated and were in an obvious final decline.  But that was not Mom's State of Being and it was attractive to others, she always had many Friends.

I recently got this Book of Mom's Welsh Heart Throb, Tom Jones, still devastatingly handsome well into his advanced Senior Years, still very Welsh in looks.  A lot of Welsh people have amazing voices and exotic good looks, my Mom's Older Brother and Younger Sister had amazing voices.  I remember taking my Uncle to Las Vegas and he'd joke around and spontaneously break out in song in the Casinos, people thought he was part of a legitimate Act since his voice is sublime, it was hilarious.  I remember when the Venetian Casino opened and my Uncle stood by the Gondola Rides and started singing Italian Opera as a lark.  Crowds gathered to listen and then applaud, assuming he was part of a legit Casino Act!   I remember having to interpret for people due to my Uncle and Mom's thick Gaelic accents, Mom never lost hers in all the years of living in America.

I knew it could be an annoyance to them to work so hard on speaking fluent English only to have people react as if they were still speaking in a foreign language and most people not even knowing where Wales is!  Welsh is a beautiful Celtic language, but it almost completely died out and is trying to be resurrected by current generations.  My Mom and Uncle remembered when they'd be punished for speaking Welsh in the Schools, mostly run by the English and the cultural repression in their own Country even during their Era of growing up there.  With English sovereignty over Wales made official with Henry VIII's Act of Union in 1536, use of Welsh was largely banned and laws were passed which removed the official status of the Welsh language.  By 1911 it had become a Minority Language and today is only spoken fluently by perhaps 11% of the population.   Thankfully in Private some Welsh proudly and fiercely held on to their Culture and language in spite of years of oppression, Mom could still speak Welsh, I wish she'd taught us more of her Native tongue.

My Dad endeared himself to my Mom's Family by trying to learn the Welsh language and Culture while stationed in their Country in the 1950's.  Being of Native American descent he was familiar with oppression of Culture and language.  So he had a point of reference of trying to hold onto one's Cultural identity and Pride of who one distinctly is, in spite of generations of discrimination and the dominance of another Culture over your people.  I think it is tragic that in the World we cannot always manage to positively reinforce differences and distinctions of Cultures and just Respect them as much as our own.   Different does not mean inferior or less worthy of existing, it does not mean there cannot be Harmony of Cultures coexisting and being mutually respectful of one another.  I personally Believe that it is entirely possible, it doesn't have to be mutually exclusive, I think Humanity just has to work upon it collectively though.   I do Hope that 2019 brings more Harmony among various World Cultures, more Peace and Understanding of one another and less division or hatred and judgment.

There's a lot of Issues I Wish could be resolved in my Lifetime, Prejudice being among them.   Of coarse things like lasting Peace would be Idyllic too wouldn't it?   So many say they want it, how many work upon actually living Peacefully and in Harmony with all around them daily is questionable though.  I think about all of the Technological Advances being so amazing and yet the Human Species still can't solve some pretty basic stuff.   I recently bought this Antique Camera at our Antique Mall for a mere Dollar.   A remnant of a distant Past in Technology and not very functional Today, we've come so far in the realm of Photography, not so much in the realm of lasting World Peace.  Of coarse a Camera is an inanimate object, so we can improve upon it with consistency more than we can improve upon People getting along and playing well with others.   We can only really have an impact that is lasting upon ourselves being improved upon.  Each person has a responsibility to do that to and for themselves, an individual option to be better or worse versions of Self.   Which are you right now?

There is always room for Self Improvement, each of us is a Work in Progress to some degree, fighting and Calming our inner 'beasts' and unlovely parts of Self.   Some's Self Work needs a lot of Progress, with some there is not a lot of Work actually being done and going on with any consistency that is evident.   Perhaps they don't see the need for any improvement, perhaps the perception is that they are at a pinnacle of Being already and it's just not necessary?   I don't have that delusion at all, so I try to put in the Work to be a better and not a worse version of Self.   Sometimes I even succeed at Self Improvement!  *Winks*   New Year's Resolutions...  Yes, we always come to that at this time of Year don't we?   What we Hope to achieve and improve with the rolling around of a brand New Year, of New Beginnings being implemented with a Fresh Start of a New Year!   Do you still make New Year's Resolutions, or have you entirely given up on the Practice, perhaps due to past failures or ineffectiveness of achieving some Goals set? 

I try to Guard against setting unattainable Goals or those that are too broad and vague, perhaps dooming them to failure.  Losing Weight, Yes, that one seems to be my constant Resolution, each Year I vow to accomplish it, some Years I actually did!  But Maintenance was always an Issue for me at a certain Season of Life.  You see, I was a very thin Person for the vast majority of my Life and maintaining a healthy weight therefore was effortless... until... suddenly... it wasn't anymore!  That tipping point for me was in my Fifties, after a surgery that upset my hormonal balance as a Woman and was quite unexpected.   Suddenly I went from being effortlessly svelte to considerably overweight in less than a Year after that surgery, the burden began.   Being thin again was suddenly like trying to be young again, though I knew Weight could be adjusted and so I set Goals to accomplish it.   I remember when I lost 61 lbs. over the span of 10 Months and actually Feeling like I'd beat the problem forever.  Forever lasted only 12 Months... Le Sigh!

With the onset of Diabetes about six Years ago I have a reason to keep at it though, knowing that excessive Weight is a contributor to the disease.  My Nutritarian change in diet is slowly transforming my body and has become a Lifestyle that I can choose to continue for the rest of my Life.  Whether or not it beat the Diabetes or at least Manages it successfully remains to be seen, even as I lose Weight and transform my outwardly appearance.   It's a Journey, a part of my Journey in this Life... a Resolution I've managed to implement before a New Year began and which I can vow to continue successfully after this New Year rings in Tonight!   I Hope you have measures of success too my Friends at any Changes you Hope to implement in 2019 to improve Life and the Quality of it for you and yours!  HAPPY NEW YEAR and usher it in Safely my Friends!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... at the close of 2018... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Happy New Year Dawn to you and yours.May it be a better year for our country, this big blue planet we all live on, and the people and animals who call it home.

    1. Amen to all of that my Friend, I stand in Agreement with you that would be Idyllic indeed!


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