Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Christmas And Crisis

I feel like crying Tonight, not that anything is Wrong, in fact, everything actually turned out Alright in the End... but the Stress Letdown has left me completely drained, feeling raw and emotional.   I held up during the Crisis part... and now that it's over I can Letdown and feel something... a Release if you will.

You see, day before Yesterday I was wayyyyy over in the Far East Valley enjoying some Retail Therapy and a nice Luncheon with The Son in Chandler, everything was swell.   When things are swell for me it's a nice change of pace from Full Time Caregiving and Mi Vida Loca so I revel in it completely.

I immersed myself in the Retail Therapy and overindulged, so many things were on Sale 20% Off and my Offer was accepted on some bundling of objects that I was infatuated with, so color me Happy!   The Son and I rarely get any enjoyable one-on-one time together, so getting to have Lunch with him when he got off Work was very nice too.

He is still not Well and there is a lot of concern and stress over that, but we talked little of it, opting instead to just enjoy quality time together instead, discussing Positive things.  When Loved Ones aren't Well for an extended period of time, sometimes you just have to do that for any semblance of Normalcy and Sanity.

He left after Lunch to go pick the DIL up from Work and I finished up my Retail Therapy, feeling quite Content and Zen.  I was pulling away from the Antique Mall when The Call came in... The Emergency Call from The Man!  There had been a serious accident involving Princess T and her new Bicycle and I was to come Home immediately to Deal with it!  My Heart dumped to my feet, I was about two and a half HOURS out from Home!

With The Man's Traumatic Brain Injury he gets easily flustered, confused and doesn't Cope well with things, especially Crisis and conveying information!   So trying to get accurate info so I'd know what had happened and what I should instruct him to now do was frustrating at best, all those miles from Home!  I wasn't there and I couldn't be there for almost three grueling Hours!

It was Rush Hour AND Holiday Traffic, so the Freeway was gridlocked and that's the only way I know how to get back Home from the Far East Valley without getting Lost!   Accidents were abounding, bad ones, about every couple of miles or so, as Holiday Shoppers and peeps rushing Home from Work were driving as if they'd lost their Minds!  So I HAD to pay attention and not let this Call totally distract me and have an accident of my own!

I managed to keep him Calm enough he could convey that she'd taken a bad fall off of her Bike and hit her Head and twisted both Ankles, apparently there was a lot of Blood involved, from what her Young Friend was telling him in a panic on the Phone!  The Girls were waiting for her Friend's Dad to rush over to get her and bring her Home!   Head injury... all I could think of was The Man's catastrophic Head injury that left him Brain Damaged from an Accident!

Both Girls were in a Panic on the other line he was on while the Friend tried to tell him what happened... panicked 13 Year Old Girls Dealing with a serious accident alone isn't Calm.   The Man wasn't Calm... the other Girl's Dad seemed to be taking an eternity to arrive and get an Adult on the phone who might be Calm?!

Since it was the back of her Head she couldn't see how badly she might be hurt, she just saw all of the blood on the road and the back of her Hip long Hair was saturated and caked with blood!   Her new Shoes were shredded from Road Rash... as her Ankles also had Road Rash and were bloodied!

She was crying hysterically over the Phone to Grandpa, wailing that those were her New Van's Shoes that were so hard to find and were part of her early Christmas Present too!   Grandma had paid Sixty bucks for said Shoes and now they were ruined she wailed... she wasn't sure the New Christmas Bike wasn't scratched up too... and a trip to the ER was eminent, she was thinking I'd be so mad!  Yeah, Kids run the gamut of everything involved in said Crisis when they're panicking!


How long is Gramma gonna take she's wailing, because you can't do anything Grandpa, you're not even ALLOWED!   Nope, he can't drive, doesn't have Authority over the Children's Medical Care due to the extensiveness of his own Disability and Brain Damage precluding him being competent enough to Adopt them too or make decisions... if I wasn't there she knew things could get tricky!

Her 18 Year Old Brother wasn't even there to Help out, since I'd dropped him and his Friends off at a completely different Mall in the Far West Valley earlier that same day!   Oh shit, I just remembered that he was expecting me to pick him up and his Phone was going dead so I couldn't reach him to tell him of said Emergency now!   Dammit!

Now I'm not only responding to a Medical Emergency over the damned Phone with a Brain Damaged Husband who knows I can't possibly get there for perhaps another 2.5 Hours to get her to the ER ... but I'll have another stranded Grandchild at The Mall miles from Home too and can't reach him since his damned Phone went dead!   He'd spent the Night with a Friend the day before  and she didn't have a Charger! Shit!!!

The Man didn't even know how badly she may or may not be hurt since The Other Dad hadn't shown up yet, why was it taking so long?!?  They were close to the house when it happened, but with The Man's Wander Risk he daren't not try to find them lest he get Lost!   Finally the Other Dad shows up and The Man gets the bleeding stopped, he used to be a Paramedic and a Field Medic in the Military, so I felt confident he could assess her condition accurately enough once she arrived. 

Head wounds are notorious for bleeding profusely even if it's not a serious Head injury, I was almost glad it was bleeding so that it wasn't a Closed Head injury, which could be way worse!   He assessed that she seemed coherent and that tho' her Hair was caked with blood all the way down to her butt, she didn't need an Ambulance and could wait til I got Home to take her to the ER!  *Whew!*

I was a nervous wreck on the Inside, but on the exterior I had to keep Cool, Calm and Collected for their sake and to Deal with the ridiculous Traffic on the long commute Home, which was seeming like an eternity!  I also anxiously awaited The Young Prince to contact me so I could tell him what happened and that he'd have to hit up any Friends who drive to get a ride Home from them instead, since I'd be heading to the ER immediately with his Sister and Grandpa!

About an Hour in he does call from a Friend's Phone and I relay the Crisis Info and he says his Friend can give him a ride Home, so don't worry about him... whew!   Now I can drive the rest of the way only worrying about one Grandkid and that the other one wouldn't be stranded without a phone or a ride!   See how complicated things can get when anything goes Left on any given day?!

So we spent the rest of the Night in an overcrowded insane Inner City Emergency Room, where out of control Kids of other Patients were running amok.  *Le Sigh*   And the subdued other Kids there were only that way coz they were either too Sick or Injured to be out of control.   I could see signs of RSV and Flu all around me!   Splendid, The Man and I can't afford to get that... he already has extensive Respiratory ailments and advanced COPD!  I also Hate exposing Princess T to respiratory contagious diseases either since she has had significant respiratory issues since Birth!

I'm trying to keep the Contagious looking peeps away from us... far, far away from us.   I'm also trying to keep Princess T awake since Head injuries and being lethargic aren't good until you know what's going on.   The Ambulances keep arriving in streams with serious carnage... shit, it's only a Monday Night, I can only imagine how bad and busy it must get on the Weekends?!? 

She's in pain and now obsessing about whether or not they'll have to shave her Head if she needs stitches... oh shit, I completely forgot about THAT!  When you are a 7th Grade Girl with extremely long Hair, having your Head shaved... worse, having a PORTION of your Head shaved... is a fate worse than Death!  I'm asking The Man in a whisper now if he saw a significant gash thru all that luxurious Hair she has... or not?   He's just not sure, she has so much Hair and it is thick, so not much scalp was visible... just lots and lots of caked blood!

I'm consoling her with Gallows Humor... since we're Twisted like that and it Works for our Family... I tell her half a shaved Head is very Trendy now... and how Beautiful she'd still look with a Extreme Hairstyle!  *LOL*  Okay, so now she's laughing hysterically too... and we ended up with a Young, very Handsome John Cena look-alike Doctor with a Wicked Sense of Humor, and Bald, so it was all Good!  He tells her they could look the same before she leaves!?   She Loves John Cena... and was Coy with said Handsome Young Doc!  *Winks*

Turns out she's Okay and it was all Road Rash including abrasions to the Head... but she has a nice Lump... and sore Ankles and Thigh.  So we got a Note from ER to stay Home from School the next day so she could Rest and we could Observe her for 24 Hours.  

Next day, Today, I had to ask the School to also excuse her from Gym Class for the balance of this Week... they tried to make a Big Deal out of that and say they Needed another Note from a Doctor to excuse her from Gym or The Coach might not be Happy!  WTF!?!!?  Hell NO, we're not being exposed to more Sick peeps and trying to get squeezed in to a same day appointment {which is impossible} during Flu Season with her Reg Pediatrician to get a damned SECOND Excuse Note for ya!

No, NO you don't Need one from another Doctor I firmly command, you only Need a Note from ME saying I don't want her doing strenuous Physical Activity on those jacked up Ankles and with a Head injury after a serious Fall!   I write said Note right there and then!  And IF The Coach is Unhappy with that, I says, he and I can have a Come To Jesus Meeting and I can GUARANTEE it won't be a Happy one, because right now I'm not feeling particularly Happy anymore!  I spent all Night in an ER Monday, Tuesday at an Appointment for The Man and Today I'm heading straight to my Appointment, so I don't have Time for Nonsense or to be jerked around!

They decide that my Note will do... they decide that perhaps The Coach doesn't really want a face-to-face with me either!  *Winks, ya think!?!  Bwahahahaha!*  I get to the Base Clinic directly after The School Office Showdown, by the skin of my teeth to make it on time to my Appointment.  Because the Main Gate was Closed... WTF?   So I make the convoluted journey around to Base Housing's Entrance to get on Base only to see The Clinic's Parking Lot is deserted!  WTF?  They have a Sign up with all Closures and Today was NOT one of them!  

Neither had they given me a Courtesy Call to cancel or re-schedule so I'm Wondering WTF is going on?  Then I remember, dead ex-President Bush... and that the Post Office was Closed too... Le Sigh... aw shit, this means I'll have to try to re-schedule for another day!  And so will anyone else who had a scheduled Appointment this day!!!  Did I mention it had taken over a Month and a half to get squeezed in for THIS Appointment Date since they're always experiencing a backlog?!?

This is a Diabetic Follow-Up and to re-up on my Diabetic Meds... ALL of them... before I run out!  You HAVE to see the Doc to get them renewed... shit... and I'm supposing all Base Pharmacies were Closed too and will have extra backlog from Holiday Closures, Training Day Closures and now dead ex-Pres Closure!   Dammit... it's going to be a Cluster Fuck when it all reopens, they've had numerous Closures in the past few weeks since Thanksgiving!  Federal you know... Le Sigh.

I'm thinking it was probably a good thing I indulged in some Retail Therapy before all this shit hit the fan!  And got those seven Cute little Stocking Ornaments made from Old Sweaters, Rabbit Fur and Old Bling.   And some Religious Inspired Ornaments created from 100 Year Old Fabrics and Metallic Trims... and some Victorian Architectural Salvage Spindle Ornaments... at least our Tree looks purdy as Hell!  *Winks*

And this Antique Bronze Holder with a trio of Centaurs for the legs that I Negotiated my Best Deal on and got 20% Off, to hold one of my Exotic Emu Eggs... or was this one a Cassawary Egg, I forget?  *LOL*  And now... now the Letdown of everything being Alright has left me drained and Emotionally Raw, so I just feel like Crying.

  Last Night I threw up several times so barely got any Sleep after Work, Nerves and Stress Letdown... or mebbe I picked up a dreaded drambuzzi from one of those contagious Sick peeps in the ER, I dunno?  But Today it's just the Tears below the surface kinda thing going on!

I warn everyone I might just break down and Cry, so just ignore me if that happens, I'm Okay.   On the Positive side I swapped my Sunday Night Shift with another Vendor and will be Working on Friday Nights instead now.  I and The Family had not been particularly Happy to Work both days of the Weekend so that turned out Swell... now I can watch my Fav TV Ministries on Sunday Afternoon too and have Church!  I think I NEED that too... a Spiritual Pick Me Up with Bishop T.D. Jakes!

Since my Church is in the Far South Central part of The Valley, and now we live even further Northwest of The Valley, I can't attend anymore, so I substitute my TV Ministries.  Working Sunday had wrecked that Plan since T.D. comes on at Four and I'd have to be in Work by Five in the City on Sundays.   T.D. reminds me of my Beloved Pastor Ron... same Style of Preaching and Message.   There isn't a Church for Miles around here and the few that are Miles away I wouldn't even want to attend... so TV will be my dose of the Ghost so long as we live out here in the Boonies of Subdivision Hell.

The Grandson has a nickname for the one Popular Church around these parts... Christ's Cult Of The Valley... of coarse that's not it's Real Name... but he says it's Members are "Interesting" and the Far Side of Organized Religion so all the Kids at School began calling it that.   Swell... I ticked that one off the List of having any potential Visits as a Guest... cultish Worship is just freakin' scary to me!   I'm glad The Force are discerning too, tho' they miss Church, both of them proclaimed that the Religious Fundie Types around here are just too Weird so they've declined all offers to attend as Guests!  *Whew!*

I've been watching some of the Shows on TV that are revealing the Nature of many cultish types of Religions and it's quite the Eye Opener lemme tell ya!  I couldn't even Imagine a Loved One falling into one of those and not being able to get out!   The one profound Statement that stood out to me was an ex-Member who said the difference between a Cult and a Religion is what happens when you try to leave... nuff said.

All of mine are far too Precious to risk that kind of Insanity, I'm afraid I'd catch me some Charges if someone tried to hold them against their Free Will in the name of some Belief System that was whack!   Anyway, one of the Siblings of The Force in Mexico sent this recent pix, looking so much like her Mama that it released my pent up Tears... in a Good Way... and I Feel Better already now!


Blessings, Love, Light and a Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Any cut to the head produces a lot of blood and ensues panic. Been there, done that. I can understand your anxiety, especially being hours away and at the mercy of traffic.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a crazy day. I'm so glad it wasn't serious and Princess will be back to "normal" very soon. I love all your goodies. The centaur statue reminded me of the silly saying in the 90's, Talk to the hand!!! LOL
    The mother mary tapestry with small beads on bottom is gorgeous! is that one of the old ornaments or a small purse?
    let it go Mama- just cry and get it off your chest. Take care and have nice weekend

  3. As Always Dawn I send love and prayer for your sanity and peace to handle all that comes your way! God has given you extra strength for your many needs and will not drop you!

  4. Glad you found a happy reason to cry----and just let it flow. What a crazy crazy scenario, hope everyone recovers---without serious ramifications. You really do have a lot to juggle, Sandi.


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