Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Meet Our Dragon

So, I had promised The Grandson that if he wasn't Drama and a Headache this time, he, his Friend and I would make another attempt to go buy his new Reptile early Christmas Pressy.  *Smiles*  We'd managed to get a super bargain on the Luxury Habitat he really wanted during the Veteran's Day Sale at Petsmart, it came with everything a Bearded Dragon would need and we were leaning towards a Beardie now.   Once Calmer Heads had prevailed, he actually was being much more logical and down to Earth about his choice and the reasoning behind it being the best Chill Reptile for a Pet that we could possibly choose.  We finally were able to have that Sane discussion about his new Reptile Purchase that I'd wanted to have all along.  *Whew!*   After having saved so much money on the Habitat that would not have to be upgraded because it was 40 Gallons of Lizard Luxury Living, I could upgrade his actual Reptile to a Fancy Bearded Dragon too, and an older, larger Juvenile, so he was Jazzed!  We're learning about the various Morphs and Colors so as to identify his specifically, not sure yet whether it's a Male or Female, so for now it hasn't been named.  

It's been Interesting and quite fascinating to watch the U-Tube Videos to learn about the Breeding of the Hybrid Species now available and popular.   We really liked the strong Reddish Pattern of this one and it's very Chill personality.  The Citrus colored Sibling of it was more aggressive and didn't like being handled, this one begs for handling and prefers interaction.   We're learning what to do and what not to do, one of the benefits of Online Sharing from Reptile Owners who've been doing it a long time.   I know The Young Prince does his due diligence constantly to become more educated about his Reptiles.   Ivara the Chameleon is a much more advanced maintenance Reptile and he's done really well with her.   So I know the New Dragon will be very spoiled.   The upside to Dragons is the non-living food they eat are such things as Kale, Mustard Greens and Collard Greens, so I can Share in it's Diet and not have waste or added expense in the realm of the Beardie's Salads anyway.  *Winks*

Speaking of Diets mine is going very well with the continued Nutritarian restrictions and I Love all my meals so don't feel deprived at all.  I'm actually losing inches and feeling more energy eating like this.   Today I walked for five hours while my Truck was having it's routine maintenance of brakes and oil change.   It was in the old neighborhood so I really enjoyed walking around my old stomping grounds and seeing so many people I know.   I had some Vegetarian Pho and Veggie Spring Rolls at my Fav Vietnamese Restaurant for Lunch.  The weather has been glorious so it was just nice to be out all day in the fresh air getting a lot of exercise.   Tomorrow I might opt to tackle the Double Car Hoarded Garage Project and try to get it completed.  I'll be taking Saturday off Work to take The Man to the Veteran's Day Parade Downtown and then out for his complimentary meal that so many Restaurants offer the Veterans in appreciation for their Service and Sacrifices for Country.  He'd been hinting it was coming up and knew I had to now work on Saturday Nights so wasn't sure I'd be up for it AND my shift.  Honoring him was a higher priority for our Family and he's delighted we'll be doing what we always do for Veteran's Day.


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Congrats to the new addition to your family!! Its cool that it likes attention.
    Have fun at the Vet parade. God Bless your husband for his service!

    1. Thank You Holli, turns out the Parade is Monday so I needn't have asked for Saturday off! Oh well... it gives me more Family time on the Weekend so it's all Good. And Yes, I'm liking this new little fella, very Friendly Reptile.


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