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Sweet Salvage ~ European Market Event ~ Part I

Because Autumn is a whirlwind of activities and Events, my Blog Posts may lag behind our attendance of various Events thruout October.   However, I'll get around to it and covering everything for you here in the Land of Blog, just be patient while I play Catch Up!  *Smiles*  So we'll start with SWEET SALVAGE and the "European Market" Themed Event being hosted this Month.  One of the first things I spied that I Lusted after was this adorable Taxidermy Duck with Top Hat.  *Awwwww!*  Yes, I Wanted him, alas, No, budget couldn't accommodate the indulgence, so sadly, hadda leave him behind!  *Sob*

Also Lusted after this Handsome Fellow, especially since I just purchased a Cow Face Painting wearing a White Floral Wildflower Wreath on her head, so he would've been a good Boyfriend for her!  *Winks*   Yeah, I know Cow Face Paintings are kinda overdone now, but I found one I just couldn't resist, along with a matching Painting of a Llama wearing a matching White Floral Wildflower Wreath!  So now count me among the masses that probably will have one of a Bovine hanging on her Wall!  *LOL*

I remember when the Cow Face Paintings first Trended I thought they were Cute, I ain't gonna lie.   But then they were literally everywhere, completely over-done and many weren't even all that good, so I fell out of Favor with them completely.   The Modern Farmhouse Look I still actually Like, even tho' I haven't personally Decorated with it much at all since that's more Minimal, Rustic and White than I could probably Live with for long.  So I didn't think I actually Needed a Cow Face Painting until I saw this one!   And I just couldn't resist her, ya gotta admit, she's pretty stinkin' Cute with that Wildflower Wreath and I totally dug the stark Black background's contrast... Black being my Happy Color!  *Winks*

Not to mention that her being 50% Off and stupid Cheap sealed the Deal for me and I think she's actually very well done as far as Cow Face Paintings go.   So she hadda come Home with me even tho' as yet I haven't got the right Placement for her or the other one... but I know where I'd like them to go eventually... whenever The Young Prince does move out that is.   *Winks*

And here's the other one, a matching Llama on a much taller yet narrower Canvas, and just as Adorable, as well as being 50% off too!   Llama Faces aren't as over-done as Cow Faces, so my aversion wasn't as strong.  Anyway... besides, who doesn't think a Llama's expression and countenance isn't Cute and kinda hilarious, right, I mean their sweeping Eyelashes and kinda goofy, pouty grin that looks like they might just give you a big sloppy Kiss?!   *Smiles*  Yeah, it just makes me Smile and who doesn't want some Art that just makes you Feel Good or Smile when you behold it?!

So, tho' I wasn't able to pick up any of the Adorable Taxidermy at this Event that I was smitten with, I do have some Cheap Art that helped me not to feel too deprived and sticking to the dreaded budget.   In fact, initially I wasn't sure I was going to spend anything at the Event and just Window Shop and cover it for the Land of Blog thru the Eye of my Lens, but that almost never happens so who the Hell was I trying to Fool with that outrageous Fantasy?!??!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

It was a Glorious day and I got ideal Parking and a good place in line, even tho' I was wearing my Sweet Salvage Gear, so knew I'd get VIP Early Entrance regardless of line placement, since that qualifies you if you didn't Win via the Online Contests.   My Desire for Early Entrance is so that I'll have the most pristine images of the Vignettes before they're ravaged!  In fact, my initial Sweep of the Event is mostly focused on the Photography and my secondary Sweep is then focused on what I might want to buy.   There is method to that Madness since I Hope most of the stuff I'd be tempted to overspend on is already Sold by then?!  *Ha ha ha*  Some things I would buy but can't afford, like Shelly's Magnificent Cathedral Worthy Statuary of Sacred Heart Jesus, so I can't even be unduly Tempted.  But, if money were no object, He would come Home with me for sure!  *Swooning*

I was however on the Hunt for some more Fabric and Bling Pumpkins to add to the Home Patch... so I agonized over which two to choose?   Honestly, I was absolutely Spoiled for Choice so this was no easy feat lemme tell ya!   I think I handled every single one until I felt I finally had it narrowed down to the Chosen Two...

This one was one of the Chosen Two, simple and yet the Sweater Material and simple Bling around the Stem just Appealed to me strongly.   So this one came Home with me as one of the four small items I purchased and restricted myself to, sticking to budget, well, somewhat.  *LOL*

Besides, yet again this Year I never got around to Creating Fabric Pumpkins as intended... and it's becoming a Pattern for me to wait too late, so I just end up saying Screw it and Buy some instead to add to The Patch.  *Smiles*   So this was the 2nd of the Chosen Two... that Stem Sold me on this one... tho' that Grey Sweater Material and elaborate Bling and Seam Binding Accents certainly helped Seal the Deal!  *Winks*   Grey being my next Happy Color besides Black... I was just Attracted to the Grey Pumpkins, which Grey is a European Timeless Color Palette I've always liked anyway in Decorating.  It Surprises me actually that Grey took so long to Trend here in America.

So now you might be Wondering what were the other two random Smalls I picked up, aren't you?   So I won't leave you in Suspense and will just do the Full Reveal of my Purchases right now.  I wasn't Intending to buy another Tin Type Antique Photo to add to my Collection, but the Boutique had several and this little Girl, being Alive and not a Postmortem Child Image like most of this Era were of very Young Children, begged me to take her Home!   Yeah, I have Baby Tin Types that I thought where just asleep when I bought them, until my very knowledgeable Old Friend Cigar Hugh informed me most 'sleeping' Antique Baby Pixs were Dead Babies and that was a very common practice!  *Gasp!* So now all the Postmortem Tintypes of Kids are in my Cabinet Of Curiosities... it is kinda too Creepy, even for me, I ain't gonna lie!

My 4th and last Purchase from this Event was this Fab Antique Turtle Shell, not my largest Specimen, but it's a good sized one and the Patina coloration was Killer and the Price was very reasonable, so I couldn't resist it.   It's actually the very first item I set aside to Buy and hadn't really 'come for'... sometimes you just never know what you'll get or fall in Love with and can't Live without until you see it!   I usually approach most Events that way actually, I may have a Mission Statement in Mind for some things, like the Fabric Pumpkins at this Show, but usually the Purchases are spontaneous and can be quite random and not very specific at all.

My penchant for Taxidermy is strong, but prices have risen as Popularity in the Art Form has soared in recent years, so I just don't buy as much anymore.  During the period when Taxidermy wasn't Trending you could pick most up for a Song, people even GAVE me Taxidermy just to rid themselves of it if you can Believe that... because it did fall out of Favor for many, many Years.   With my Morbid fascinations I liked most of it so long as I could Pimp it out in humorous accessories... and so long as it wasn't freshly killed, even for Food.  All of my Taxidermy are very Old Specimens, some being in pretty deteriorated condition over the amount of Age they have endured.  My logic being, they were Immortalized in Death... because as Old as all of them now are as Taxidermy Specimens, they couldn't have Lived this long and been remotely Remembered nor Admired.

I feel the same way about Skulls... so I have no aversion to Animal Skullies tho' I would draw the line and not bring a Human Skull into the Home.  I've seen them, I just am not sure I'd want to risk that Mojo in the House even if treated with total Respect!?  *Yikes!*   I do Confess however, that I've been fascinated by the Practice, in some Cultures, some Churches and Missions, of the remains of Clergy or Saints being on Display and Homage paid to their departed Souls.  I have gone and gawked at some and I'm not quite sure how to Feel about it, tho' I would Imagine the Individual might have consented to it and been Honored in fact to have Reverence paid to their Memory and Status in Life.

Okay, my morbid fascinations aside... on to less creepy topics... winks... lets go with Fab Architectural Salvage Columns converted into Plant Stands and Candlesticks.   I have Sold Off a lot of my Architectural Salvage Columns, I spent Years Collecting and Saving them during Rescue Missions so they wouldn't end up Landfill bound... and finally felt it time to let much of it Go.    I still have a Passion for the Rescue of Architectural Salvage, I just don't Keep as much of it anymore after Salvaging it.   I think the Point and Purpose being, I don't Need to Keep it all, once Rescued it can be Released into the Retail Market for others to Enjoy and Decorate with now that it's been Saved from being Lost forever.

Now, if you didn't want Blinged Out Fabric Pumpkins or those made from Sweaters, the Velvet unadorned Pumpkins abounded too in luscious Classic European Inspired Hues that are Trending.   So the Silvery Greys and Cremes were predominant, tho' they did come in a variety of other Hues as well for any Decorating Tastes and Color Palettes preferred.   All Fabric Pumpkins also came in a variety of sizes too, from the tiny to the titanic!

And the Boutiques OOAK Bling was as always, Fabulous!  There were the Frozen Charlotte Necklaces and some Lovely Religious Inspired pieces as well, many Sourced from Europe to be Created into OOAK wearable Art.   I could always go down in flames and bust the budget in the Boutique and so I have to be careful in there and use exceptional restraint... Bling being my Kryptonite!  *LMAO* 

Loved this Metal Hand Painted Paris Flea Market Sign... I have one made of Wood that I've had for Years.   When I was a Child we visited the French Flea Markets and my Mom liked to regale me with the Stories of how my Two Year old Self fiercely haggled in several languages to get the best Deals, even if I had no Money!   And the French, Gypsies and Algerians, all Adoring Children, and particularly a tiny American Child that haggled in several languages, would just Gift me with much of what I'd been negotiating for!  *LOL*   Now, all that linguistic Talent having been Lost over Time... English is the only Language I'm fluent in... sure Wish I could still speak in the five Languages my Parents said I was fluent in as a Small Child!  Kids are just so proficient at picking up Languages, aren't they?

My Sweet Friend Aliyah was working at the VEGAN INVASION Food Booth for this part of the Event in the exterior Courtyard area.   If you have not yet tried their Food and Beverages they totally Rock!   This day I had the Vegan Burrito which had Vegan Scramble, Potatoes, Soyrizo, Beans, Spinach and Herbs wrapped in a soft Flour Tortilla... delicious and very filling!   The Passion Flower Tea is delish too!

If I hadn't been totally full after the Burrito I would have liked to have tried the Pumpkin Empanadas... their Bakery Items are exceptional too and they had a nice selection of Tarts, Cookies, Brownies and Empanadas in Seasonal Autumnal Flavors.

I fell in Lust with several of the Furniture pieces upholstered in Authentic Antique European Linens.   This particular Antique Chair with Antique German Grain Sack Linen upholstery with Boro Mending was among some of my Favorite pieces.

And Sweet Minnie of VINTAGE MINNIE and Sweet Carol of THE COTTAGE GARDENS had some of the best Wardrobe and Accessories for the Season in the Boutique area!   Alas, my budget and my size being present barriers, I had to Pass... boo hoo!

I also lacked the budget to procure any Antique Loving Cups, dammit... the past few Shows have had such a Wonderful assortment of them for Sale that I lament not being able to Purchase a single one yet to add to my Collection at Home!   Ah well, ya cannot have it ALL... where on Earth would you put it... even if you are living in a ridiculously huge house now!?!?  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

The Event will last thru Sunday so you still have time to make it out there and they add Fresh Inventory daily... I'll be doing at least one or more Posts on this one since I pathologically picture took of coarse!  *Smiles*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Fun photos! That Vegan burrito sounds yummy.

    1. It certainly was Colette, and so filling too!


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