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Remember The Halloween Blog Parties?

Remember the Halloween Blog Parties?  Well, this isn't one of them, apparently hardly anyone does them anymore and I miss visiting all the sites Celebrating Halloween in The Land Of Blog!   Blogging seems to be dying a slow death, I just won't let it RIP yet, so I resurrect mine almost daily... I should rename it The Lazarus Blog.   Last Night because I HAD to work I put The Man in charge of being Princess T's Minion for Jack O'Lantern carving.  Okay, Truth be told, BECAUSE I had to work I scheduled the Pumpkin carving for that Night and allowed a Brain Damaged Old Man and a Pre-Demonic Teen Wednesday Addams Child to handle butcher knives.  So that I didn't have to be a part of it... I know, I'm going to Hell aren't I?  *LOL*  The Young Prince and his Friend didn't want any part of it either, so we couldn't pawn her and the activity off on the older Teens.  My Friend had to work too that Evening... so The Man lost by default and was Volunteered... I don't hafta tell ya how thrilled he was about it!  *Winks*

When I got Home from work I had to hear what a poor choice of Pumpkin for carving I'd bought for them.  Since the bumpy Dollar Store Heirloom variety apparently had super thick skin that wasn't conducive to carving.  And what enormous knives they had to utilize to break thru it, so she didn't carve out the whole Kitty Face and finished it off with a Sharpie, as clearly she'd lost Interest.  *LOL*   Grandpa let me use the really big knives she narcs him out immediately.  *LMAO*  It turned out Cute regardless that the biggest knives in the house had to be used... and since nobody had to be rushed to the Emergency Room it was a successful venture I thankfully avoided.   Tho' I Love Halloween, the Jack O'Lantern carving is my least favorite Tradition and Ritual. Because of the mess and The Kiddos starting out Gung-Ho and quickly losing Interest.  I can't begin to tell you how many totally butchered, half assed, unfinished, jacked up Jack O'Lanterns we've lit up and just put out!  *Smiles* 

Not to mention Princess T becomes totally Obsessed about Jack O'Lantern carving for Weeks before Halloween.  Putting her off until an appropriate time so they don't rot and mold is brutal.  Every day she'd ask if it was Time yet?  It's as annoying as the proverbial 'are we There yet' when you're driving them somewhere!   As Luck would have it I had to work the Night before Halloween this year, so the Timing for 'Time' was Ideal for me.  I didn't have to be present and endure it, I had a legit reason not to be... which The Man didn't even Buy as being purely coincidental.  *Smiles*  "You did that on Purpose!", he accused... Yes, Yes I did I Confessed... Sucks to be you this year Honey... have Fun!  *Evil Cackle*  I can only Imagine the fussing and cursing going on that Night, he's not the most Patient Assistant Minion for Kid Activities, his Coping Skills are severely impaired since the Accident.  It's a Wonder The Beast Princess didn't stab him?!  *LOL*

They are very close, but they fuss at each other at the best of times, and The Young Prince and I often have to mediate their exchanges so that it doesn't escalate.   I had informed The Young Prince and his Friend that if Referees were needed during The Jack O'Lantern Carving Fiasco, they'd have to come Downstairs and enter the Ring wearing their Striped Shirts and Whistles.  *Winks*   But my Sister will have knives he says... is that a Good Idea Gramma if Grandpa has wound her ass up?  Probably not... but Good Luck with that and I Hope it all Works Out for ya... and I leave for work.   Yeah, you think Halloween might be Scary around YOUR House, you oughtta come to ours!!!  *LOL*  I'll leave it up to your Imagination as to how much of this Story is exaggerated or NOT... Bwahahahahahaha!

So, here it is now Halloween Day and Pappi is standing at the front entrance to Villa Boheme' holding his Lil Jack O'Lantern.   All of the Decorating is now completed and I have trawled all of the Shops, seeing what could be gleaned on Deep Discounts, since clearly none will be left for After-Season Sales like in the Old Days.   Remember the Old Days, when the day AFTER every Holiday was Madness in the Shops as everything was marked down to get rid of it?  Well, now they do that Weeks in advance and so you don't have to do that anymore, you can get yours while there's still some left BEFORE the Holiday.  Which is Nice, since now you don't have to wait another whole Year to use it.   I got just a few items up to 90% Off, which is almost Free, Right?

Tonight there will probably be some great Halloween Specials we can watch on TV, after we hand out Candy to the Trick-Or-Treaters.   We always have a lot of Trick-Or-Treaters and I like that, Love seeing all of the Costumes, some are so Creative and so many of the Kids are Adorable in them.   Usually some have Parents also dressing up, which is Fun that the Adults participate too.   Past Years I have worn Costume, but I donated a lot of my Halloween Ensembles from the Past and don't really have a legit Costume nor very much to actually Create one for this Year.

So something along this line might just be 'it' for me this Year while handing out the Halloween Candy.   I might just wear my Lily Munster Shirt and I may or may not have The Young Prince do some Theatrical Make-Up on me, I'm not really as enthusiastic this Season about wearing full Costume.   I know... ME NOT getting Into everything Halloween full tilt is quite a Surprise!   I will be attending the Dia de los Muertos Celebrations in early November at the Desert Botanical Gardens and participating in the Procession at dusk.   That's a Tradition and Ritual I thoroughly enjoy whether or not I'm in full Sugar Skull Girl Costume or not.   We've got two House Guests this Halloween, which is Fun, having Friends spend some of the Holidays with us.

I'm always a little Sad that it will be over after Today.   Granted, in our house things will stay up 'til Thanksgiving since Autumnal Decor for us remains during ALL of Autumn and we don't rush right into Winter or Christmas the day after Halloween.   And Year round I have Skullies, Curiosities and Oddities all over the house, so sometimes I even forget what to Photograph for a Halloween Blog Post that we just have out all the time so I don't think of it as purely 'Seasonal' Decor.   Our Weird and Wonderful shit remains long past just Halloween! *LOL*

In fact, Year round I keep adding to it as I Find it... and one day I Hope to Source enough of it to Create an entire Booth or Showroom of it for Sale at our Antique Mall.   That's my Long Term Goal, to do 'exclusively' me in my Retail Spaces instead of an eclectic mix of merchandise geared towards a broader demographic of Customer.   That may or may not Work, but I gotta try it some day just to see if I can make it Work or not?   I have this Vision in my Head of the direction I'd like to take some day and as the Hoarded Garages get divested of things I want to Sell Off that aren't specific, I want to Source specific merchandise that is JUST a certain Vibe.

My Fabric Pumpkins are another thing I tend to keep out Year round because I just happen to like them a lot.  This Year tho' the Dollar Store had some pretty decently made Jewel Tone Velvet Pumpkins so I bought one in almost every Color and Size they had.  I mean for a Buck each, who could resist?   Eventually I will embellish them considerably and just make a pile of them every Halloween... those I don't keep out Year round, just my OOAK Artisan Created ones.

I still have so many Real Pumpkin Stems that this Year I didn't glean any from the Real Pumpkin Patches.  I just keep them in dishes and compotes piled up, but one day they'll be on a Fabric Pumpkin Creation.  I say that every freakin' Year and again this Year I didn't Create a single Fabric Pumpkin... but who knows, one day I just might just have a Fabric Pumpkin Making Party and enlist everyone I know to Create a slew of them to use up some of that Hoard of Real Pumpkin Stems!?   Us Creative Types do that sometimes, have too much of the Supplies for Creative Projects that may, or may not, ever be actually Created?!  *LOL*   I'm not alone in this 'sickness' of having enormous cache's of Craft Supplies lying dormant... every time I'm in a Craft Store I run into many of the same People after all!  Like we don't already have ENOUGH!  *Bwahahahaha!*

But it's OK, I'm somehow soothed and find it Comforting to have my stashes of Antique Fabrics, Trims, Crafting Supplies, bit and bobs... lying around and being Visually pleasing and stimulating to me.  Or even stashed away in Cigar Boxes and Antique Typeset Cabinets and Organized.  Sometimes I just enjoy going thru them and the Smalls of them don't take up that much space to ever be something I have to get rid of right away or use if I don't want to.  I've been an Antique Fabric and Trim Hoarder since waaaayyyy back and now it's getting harder to Source the Good Authentic Stuff, so I'm Glad actually that I got mine Cheap while there was still some left to be had at a Bargain! 

An Older Friend and I were recently discussing what you used to be able to easily Source and get for a pittance, which now you can't even Find... and IF you do, it's at such a Premium we Pass on buying any of it anymore.   So it's not as if I'm buying lots of any of it anymore, I'm not, since I won't overpay for anything and especially if it's for resale and I need the margins to be there to make it worthwhile to profit from.   And I already have sufficient amounts of any of it at Home that I got on The Cheap many Years ago, so I don't even Need to overspend at Today's Prices, I already got mine!  *Whew!*

And even my Bling, I wait 'til it's on Close Out before I buy any new pieces to add to my stashes.   I know what I Like and I'm Patient enough to wait it out and see what actually doesn't Sell Out before it goes on Deep Discount after Season of the Line has past and they want to unload it.   I'm Obsessed with my Betsey Johnson Bling and add to it a bit every Year and Display it everywhere, since it's so Funky Cool and Interesting that keeping it hidden out of sight would seem wasteful.    One day I may even go back to Creating Jewelry of my own, I certainly have enough supplies stashed away to. 

Inspiration abounds everywhere and Creating things is such Fun, when you have the Time and the Inclination to do it.  Which I haven't in a very long time and I lament that often, but Hope to get back into the Studio one day and really get down with it again?   I've been saying that often too and it just hasn't happened yet, but it could... so I hold out Hope... LOL.   I got a lot of Ideas swirling around in my Head about what I'd like to Create.  Ideas I lack none of, I'll never Live long enough to get all my Ideas out and actually Created... it's the Time I seem to always lack... and often the inclination to just get busy with it... since I distract so easily and there's so much else to do.  October has been quite the Whirlwind hasn't it?

The big distraction right now has been getting the House and Hoarded Garages in Order, Organized and Cleared Out.  We're in the Home Stretch of all that actually and that's pretty exciting given how long it's been languishing as a Major Project and Long Term Goal!   We intentionally are waiting to do Halloween before tackling the Double Car Garage.  Hopefully the HOA Nazis and nosy Uptight Neighbors will leave us the Hell alone this time when we're staging everything in the Driveway?  *Rolling my Eyes*   If not, get the Matches and lets have a Light them on Fire Party shall we?!  *Winks*

I had a Funny inquiry at my Showroom at the Antique Mall the other day, a Customer was looking at a Toy representation of a Voodoo Doll, I think it was actually a Character from Nightmare Before Christmas.  She asked me if it was a Real Voodoo Doll and I couldn't help myself, I responded, "No, I keep those at Home...", and Luckily she was of My Tribe and laughed hysterically and then we talked for about half an hour of our Shared interests in The Weird And The Wonderful.  She bought the Doll too, along with some other merchandise from my Showroom since she said it was Cool that I had some Unusual stuff along with the Usual stuff.   I told her the Usual has to be Sourced to appease those NOT like us... and we both laughed hysterically again.  I really liked her, she and her Husband Shared some Ghost Adventuring Photos they'd recently taken, he's a skilled Professional Photographer and Stages Commercial Holiday Vignettes and Displays for their Advertising.  They would be a Fun Couple to hang out with.

I Love hearing other People's Ghost Stories, especially around this time of Year.  You'd be surprised how many Peeps have had paranormal experiences but hesitate to Share them unless they know you won't mock them or not believe them.   Many will tell you they haven't Shared the Stories with just anyone and are Guarded. I find that to be common and the People to be both Believers and those who were Skeptics until their own experiences happened.  So a broad demographic of ever expanding Peeps that have had experiences and that many of them keep quiet about for fear of being judged or considered nutjobs.  I personally don't Care who disbelieves, we lived in a Haunted House for over 15 Years and just about everyone who ever Visited, especially at Night, had experiences, and many were Skeptics, WERE being the Key Word... so it's no big Deal to us anymore what a disbeliever thinks.  *LOL*

Energy never dies, it just changes form.   Spirit and the Energy of that which was once among the Living in form, is among us and that's Okay.   Whatever plateaus of existence beyond the Veil exist, I can't really know for certain until such time as I Cross Over and find out for sure, you either, we can just speculate or Believe by our Faith alone.  We Celebrate our Ancestors at this time of the Year and for this particular Holiday.  For some it's just about the Costumes and the Candy, the Fantasy or the Harvest, or just the Good Scare.  For us it's Deeper and more Spiritual in Nature at it's Core level... tho' we enjoy the Fun and Fantasy of it too.   We Like being Scared... Safely Scared... I think a lot of Humans secretly do even if they don't admit to it.   The Macabre fascinates, if you don't Believe that, just see how many rubberneckers slow down to gawk at a tragic Accident in Hopes of seeing something awful!

I saw and heard enough Awful to last a Lifetime in one of my Corporate Lives, so I don't Need to Witness anymore For Real Awful.   But the Pretend Awful is still Fun for me.   So we still have Fun with the Macabre and make no apologies for it.  My Friend whose staying with us recently Sourced me this spectacular Antique spinning Chair with Claw and Ball Feet for a pittance... along with the Antique Fabric Velvet and Brocade Necklace Holder for a couple Bucks.  Both are Keepers and won't be hawked, it wasn't her Style but she instantly knew it would be mine and went back for it after Sharing Images of it she snapped while trawling for Treasures.  Luckily both were still there, since I was at Work and couldn't leave to go get 'em myself!  *Whew!*  It's always good to have extra Eyes out there Junquing and Pickin'.   Our Posse know what each other dig and usually we're not in direct competition since we each have our own preferences and Thing. 

Often my Thing isn't everyone's so there could be NO competition for it actually, which is handy.  *LOL*   I liked these Chalkboard Globes for example that Michaels had such an abundance of left that they were practically giving them away, apparently they were not Popular, so booyah for me getting mine then on The Cheap!  *Winks*  Of coarse Idiots had scratched all over every single Globe that they weren't gonna Buy, those kinds of People annoy me when they vandalize merchandise they have no intentions of buying.   They intentionally fuck it up for those of us wanting to actually Buy it!  If you're not buying it look with your freakin' Eyes and not your Hands is what I always Raised my Kids to Respect about Retail Merchandise or anything NOT THEIRS!  

Clearly a lot of people weren't Raised with any kind of Respect for what doesn't belong to them yet or they abuse even tho' it will or already does belong to someone else.  Society at large has really gone downhill in so many ways IMO.  But... Halloween is still Fun... tho' Princess T's School won't allow the Kiddos to dress up or show anything Halloween related!  WTF I asked?!  She said it's coz some Parents are opposed to Halloween, especially the really fanatically Fundie Religious ones... oh for Heaven's sake, give me a break!  Imposing upon the Freedom of all due to the Complaints of some... pet peeve of mine and way too PC to take Seriously or be tolerant of!  If you don't want to Celebrate something then just DON'T... but don't FORCE me and mine not to and infringe upon our Freedoms.  If my Kid wanted to wear her damned Cute Llama Onesie to School Halloween Day, how is that somehow construed as Satanic unless you're a total Whack Job?

Word Up, if God disapproves of something this stinkin' Cute and Harmless I'd be highly Surprised my Friends!   Just sayin'!!!  *LMAO*  Besides, there's a lot of shit even the most Fanatically Religious do in Private, when nobody is looking, that will probably send them to Hell faster... Trust me, I've seen and processed the Files!  Not everything or everyone is as it Appears on the Surface, Real Evil exists in many forms... usually insidious ones that aren't so apparent and go about among us unawares.  And that should Scare ya more than any Kid's Harmless Halloween Costume.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I agree completely- why would the school go with the exception and not the norm for those who participate in Halloween! That's crazy.
    I love your stuff and I am also a junker. I don't have a space anymore at antique store but I do 2 shows a year with other antique enthusiasts


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