Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Over Sharing And Altars

Okay, so I know I'm notorious for Over Sharing, but still, every so often I am completely Naive about, overwhelmed by, and unprepared for the response some Shares will get!   Case in point, MY Catholic Prayer Altar!   {Above image is taken as it was Found in a tiny little obscure Shop we never even knew existed and hastily 'Shared' on FB!}


The Man and I were trawling for Treasures in obscure places in between Appointments and came across this Magnificent Catholic Church Altar!!! *Gasp... insert the Heavens parting and Angelic Hosts Singing a chorus!*   My very first and oldest Collections being Religious and Spiritual Antiquities, I have a deep and abiding Passion for them to this day, they are still the most Beloved of my Collections!

 I've never seen one for Sale before, the Seller told me he hadn't ever even had one in his fifty years of Collecting and Selling before, and so of coarse I hadda have it and I naively THOUGHT that would have been obvious?!  So I hastily Shared the Image on Social Media and immediately my Phone and FB Page with Private Messenger blew up to the point of absurdity insanity!!!  *Uh Oh!*  

By then I was at the VA Hospital with The Man at his appointments and so couldn't respond to the avalanche of Interest!  *Holy Mother of God!*  Nor was I Selling the item, or intending to Sell the item EVER... but I had neglected to specify all that!  *Oops, so Sorry!*  The Post wasn't about taking Offers, no matter how generous they might be and I felt bad I'd left out specifics in my haste and Excitement to Over Share my Good Fortune!  *Le Sigh* 

 This was something I purchased exclusively for myself and our Home, I was just so damned Excited about the Find that I Over Shared my Good Fortune too hastily and finally had to take the Post down because... damn... who knew?     And once it became entirely awkward and overwhelming, I instantly regret having put it out there and took the FB Post down until I could run damage control behind myself!  *Blushing!*

  Note to Self: Some things you just have to resist Sharing in your Excitement or be very specific about!  But I feel like a Blog Post can offer sufficient explanation about it being a pressy to Self as an early Christmas Gift from The Man and I've had time now to do a proper FB Post about it too. 

  Since he was the one who insisted I not waffle about purchasing it, even tho' we joked about where in the World we could possibly put it?!  When I suggested behind his Media Chair he got concerned, the Pyro he knows I am, so he had Reservations about that Placement!  *Winks*  

 It's OK I joked, when I want to Pray for you I'll just light one Candle and when I want to set you on Fire I'll light them ALL!  *Bwahahahaha!  Ooops, am I going to Hell for that I Wonder?   Smiles*  Yes, sometimes the burnt out Caregiver in me wants to set folks on Fire when they're particularly difficult or unlovely, Pray for me!!!   This is Why I NEED a Home Altar with so many Candles, right?!?! 

Had we not had one of my Grandson's Friends staying with us right now, while he's waiting to go into the Military, and having The Young Prince and his Friend be my Muscle and help me schlep it into place once we got Home, I never would have gotten this out of the Truck and into Villa Boheme', so I owe them both an eternal debt of Gratitude!  *Whew!!!*

Seriously, without the assistance of Stud Muffins helping an Old Lady out, and the benefit of most of my Grandson's or Son's Friends Working Out, so they're all very strong, I'm dead in the water anymore for schlepping large, heavy objects by myself!  *Le Sigh* And this thing weighs a ton even without the Candles in place!   The Young Prince always asks me if everything I buy has to be ridiculously heavy!?!  *LOL*  The answer is, if it's Vintage or Antique, likely YES!

So it was yet another ridiculously heavy purchase, that I not only didn't measure, but wasn't even sure where the Placement would be!   So it was a scramble to get it inside and placed in the appropriate Room.  Which ended up being here in the Library where it looks Magnificent and I had the Ideal spot where we can Enjoy or Use it daily!  It has a Prayer Box that Locks and only a few front Votives will ever be lit temporarily for People we're Praying for to keep everything Safe.

 So anyway, my Sincere Apologies to everyone who wanted this!  Even if I had wanted to offer it for Sale, I would have been hard pressed to choose a single person, out of the many, with the flood of those eagerly wanting to buy it!   I suppose when I'm dead and gone The Force can accept a Bidding War for the next Owner and Sell it to the highest Bidder!  *LMAO*  But 'til then it's mine all mine!  Sorry, this is a Keeper, I'd be buried with it if I could, you know, some things, you understand... are Eternally Loved and Cherished! *Winks*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I remember lighting many a candle when I went to church. It was comforting. I can understand why others were interested in your purchase. We all need more comfort than ever today.

    1. I am in complete agreement, whatever is comforting is highly sought after, more now than ever!

  2. Wow, what a score! And the glass looks gorgeous in front of the window, so when it is unlit it still shines!
    I hope it brings you all many hours of pleasure.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Pleasure and Peace, yes, it will... and the placement had a lot to do with the light shining thru that Window and showcasing the beautiful Jewel Tones of those Votives! I have since added some of my colorful Moroccan Tea Glasses as Votives in the empty holders so now every holder has a Candle.

  3. It is truly a treasure! I know you will enjoy this in your home everyday. On the flip side, if you ever get desperate for money you know where to turn. Haha!

  4. This is AMAZING and will gladly join any bidding war ever started for it!! Congratulations on finding something so wonderful.


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