Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I Just Felt Feisty

I suspect I was too controversial in my last Post and I confess I was on purpose, I just felt Feisty.   It lingered all day, I know this because on purpose I deliberately got antagonistic and Feisty with two Friends talking Politics.  Where they both Agree and so were affirming one another, so just to escalate the conversation by not being in Agreement I chimed in and threw the counterpoint bomb in just to see what would happen!?  Uh Oh, can you tell Dark Dawn was bored at Work and needed a distraction, some amusement!?  *Tee Hee*

 It threw them both into defensive mode and a bit of a tizzy defending the current Administration and their personal viewpoint, which I knew it would.  Because I knew they were staunch Supporters and usually I won't yank someone's chain just for my own entertainment or amusement, but I did.  It wasn't Kind, I like both of these Friends very much and they can Believe as they Wish.  I Care not usually if anyone agrees or disagrees with my own viewpoint actually.  Usually I just let folks expound upon their Opinions and Listen, it reveals a lot and you can learn so much about them.  Everyone has one, an opinion, and it's not relevant enough to me to fuss over.


Usually I will just respect an opposing viewpoint and just not really Care when talk goes in that direction and I just don't Agree.  Usually I just Listen and don't bait anyone by disagreeing and ruffling feathers on purpose because I'm bored.   But I just felt feisty... and so I did just to get a reaction... and after it all got reactive, I diffused it just because I was done being feisty, and became bored enough to just change topics... just like that.


When I feel feisty AND bored, well, a side of me comes out to Play that doesn't necessarily even try to get along and play well with others and I just don't Care.  I should Care, but I don't... not in that moment anyway.  But usually my conscience gets the best of me and when I see I've Created a heated reactive moment just to amuse myself, I do confess I feel a little twinge of guilt about it.  Just a twinge, since really, nobody HAD to engage me, so whatever... *LOL*

The Grandkids Hate when I do that... because they know that those reacting DO Care passionately and that's why the reaction is so intense.  Plus they know I never really Cared enough to fuss over something as irrelevant to me as someone else's opposing opinions, I'm just Playing... it's a Game to me.   It's not Nice, as Princess T would say and remind me... you Need to be Nice Gramma!   Okay, so I'll be Nice most of the time... and most of you know me as a mostly Nice Person... I think?  *Winks*

I can disengage instantly when something just isn't holding my attention or interest anymore, even in the middle of an argument someone else is trying to have with me.  It drives The Man Crazy because even a heated discussion can suddenly bore me to where my Eyes glaze over and I could just check out and fall asleep while the other person is wound up tighter than a seven day clock now and cannot diffuse.  It's a Gift... what can I say?   It's ADHD at it's finest I suppose? *LOL*

Yeah I'm Done with this discussion now, I set you up for a little Trap, never expected any resolution or alignment, don't really Care... change the subject coz I'm bored now with talking about any of it.   This is usually why I don't discuss such controversial topics as Politics and Religion, the intensity you can ignite can be explosive. Well, for the other person/people anyway, because Clearly they Care about their Opinion being relevant!  Oh well... either it is or it isn't to someone else... to me it's generally NOT... so unless I'm totally bored or feeling Feisty I don't even bother to Go There... just don't really Care.

I don't want you to misunderstand me tho', it's not that I don't Care at all about important Topics and certainly I have my own Passions, my own Opinions about damned near everything.  In fact I'm very Opinionated and I know it!  I just don't think mine happen to be relevant to anyone else because they have their own, I would Imagine?  If they don't have an Opinion I Imagine they will eventually form one or have one foisted upon them by someone persuasive anyway.  I just don't Care much about Opinions because they may or may not be based on anything factual.  I Care more about Facts... not Opinions.  If given ACTUAL FACTS I'm quite capable of forming my own Opinions.

My Dear Ole Dad would always put it this way, Opinions are like Assholes, everyone has one... and some can be complete Assholes while revealing their Opinions.   I don't particularly Feel any Need to defend any of my Opinions, they're Mine, I just have them, therefore no Defense necessary.   I don't Need to hear anyone else attempting to justify nor defend theirs either, it's theirs to just have.  I don't really Care to dissuade them... they could be Right, who knows?  Or they could be Wrong, but that's their problem to sort out, not mine.

Besides, Opinions can and do sometimes Change... Opinions and Mood are fickle like that.  People can Feel all kinds of different ways about shit, in a single Day even!!!   Fact gathering can cause a person to question their own Opinions if they're open to Facts and don't confuse Facts with mere Opinions.   Some people do like to pass off Opinion as Factual Data though, it's very common in fact.   They may have absolutely nothing to back it up, or they may distort things and put a spin on it to make it seem as tho' an Opinion drawn is now a Fact and no longer just an Opinion.... theirs... which for many is the only thing that really matters.

Don't fool or delude yourself into thinking that your Opinions really matter that much to the vast majority of people, it probably doesn't.   If you have a shitload of Influence perhaps it might, but if you're not all that Charismatic or Influential, like most of us, it's irrelevant really what your Opinion is.  If you've become some Legend in your own Mind perhaps you put your Opinion on a Pedestal and think everyone will be so Impressed with it... up there so high and lofty on Display.  Likely nobody is even looking up to notice.

OMG, is it no longer PC to let people know we haven't put most of them or their Opinions up on Pedestals?!   I don't think most of us would Need to anyway, the Arrogant will always put themselves up there without any help from any of us.   I can be Arrogant... when I wanna be... I think any of us can... but some do go around in that State of Being the vast majority of the time and that just becomes an irritation mostly.  Ignorant arrogance is the worst, but superiority manifested in an overbearing manner is just not flattering at all really to anyone.

But when I just Feel Feisty I tend to get controversial on purpose and it can become arrogant... I can make presumptuous claims or assumptions just like anyone else, it's so easy to.  It's effortless and sometimes I do it just for my own amusement actually, sometimes I don't Feel any kind of way about some Topic I've thrown out there to see if anyone will take the bait and engage.   I suspect it's not just me that does this, but I could be Wrong, mebbe you're a much Nicer person than me, I dunno?  *Winks*

Usually I just choose Peace and Harmonious existence with most people... with most living things actually, it's Calmer that way and I like Calm.  But sometimes my Calm gets disrupted, just by the State of the World such that it is... you know... all fucked up right now and so very divisive.   And so sometimes when I'm Listening to Talk... and especially controversial Topics of Talk... I just can't resist stirring the shit a little bit and getting a reaction, whatever it may be. 

Because I will sometimes get fed up of just hearing Opinions and holding my Peace if it seems they assume my Silence means I'm in Agreement or won't Challenge a mere Opinion, which that's an arrogant assumption right there!  Or sometimes I'm just bored and have nothing better to do so why not?!  I don't always shy away from controversy... just most of the time.  Once someone gets flustered and defensive, it changes them in ways that can be Interesting to me.

Sometimes it can spark off a Good Debate... I like a Good Debate, even if there is a lot of disagreeing going on in it.   Mostly because you can Learn a lot about people when they're hotly Debating something... you can get inside their Head.  Which is a place a lot of people stay very Guarded about until Passion overrides the general Caution they'd normally exhibit to protect anyone getting inside their Head and getting a reveal!

Some people are actually excellent at Debating, I don't happen to be because I don't really Care to persuade anyone and get them over to my 'side' of Thinking necessarily.  I am not necessarily prone to taking 'sides' and being adamant about my 'side' of Thought being the Right side and have perfect alignment forever... I might have sometimes been on the Wrong 'side' of Thought... it happens.   I've changed my Mind about a lot of things, I reserve the Right to, as more Information is gathered, to actually change my Mind at times... or not.  I like Free Thinking and not Hive Mind Thinking mostly and generally, tho' the Hive Mind can collectively have some good Ideas.

I might Solicit the Hive Mind Collective to get some feedback about certain things that I can't always figure out by myself.   Caregiving is a prime example of a Topic I've often Solicited the Hive Mind about, in the circles where Caregivers have a Colony of sorts, Shared Commiserations and a Support Network that Encourages one another and has a Safe Haven to Vent about the Challenges and Sorrows we'd Share as Caregivers.  It probably wouldn't be relevant to anyone not in that Role, so they might not get anything out of it if they have no Point of Reference.

I don't always have a Point of Reference about Politics tho', in fact, all I do know is that I don't Like nor Trust the vast majority of Politicians.  I've never been a Politician and have only known a few and didn't have a very favorable impression of them.   I'd like to be able to Trust and Believe Leaders who vie for the highest of Offices and purport to Serve us all and Care about finding Solutions to the Problems of the Nation that elects them.   But the track record, on all sides, well, I'm not Impressed.   Mebbe some people are Impressed or perhaps not as Jaded as me about it all, seems some are Incurable Optimists about Politics in general and their Party alignment in particular.   I'm just not.

I don't Believe everything being spoon fed to us... people say a lot of things and the Talk is cheap... I am more inclined to watch what they do and who they are, not what they say.   I'm more inclined to gauge a person by their character and their integrity, where their moral compass is pointing them, if they even have one?  If they don't they could possibly do some good things, but for all the wrong reasons and be totally corrupted... and therefore I'd be much more interested in their hidden agendas... what was in it for them?  People do what they do for reasons, some are noble, some are not, discernment about that is important to me personally... mebbe it isn't for everyone if the Payoff is sufficient enough it doesn't matter?

To me it matters... I can't be bought... I talked to those Friends today about Selling Out and who might be inclined to be Sold Out for a Price?   At what Price will a person almost leverage their Soul to have some Money and Profit?  Their stance and Opinion was that Money matters the most... to everyone... I disagreed.   Sure, Money matters... we eat and live Life funded by Currency, whatever it may be.  Every Culture has had some form of Currency and rate of Exchange to place Value upon everything and everyone.   The only thing I could Agree upon is that things are as they currently are probably because of Money or the lack thereof for many... and the desire of people to have more of it... the Security of it.

Everyone likes to have a sense of Security and of having Enough and not being in Lack.  So long as Greed doesn't enter the equation there is absolutely nothing Wrong with that either.   I've been in Lack... I've prospered Financially too... usually in any Lifetime someone may have some of each.   The very privileged may not have lacked much... and the very impoverished may have not prospered at all... the Human Condition usually has suffering involved somewhere along the Journey tho' and it's not always Financially linked.  Mother Teresa once said the most terrible Poverty was Loneliness and the Feeling of being Unloved.   I'd add the absence of Love within the Heart of any person.

So Yeah, I got controversial about Money being the most important thing to everyone.   I just felt Feisty enough to Challenge that train of Thought.  If Money IS the most important thing to someone I suppose they might assume it is the most important thing to everyone, I dunno?   I just know that not everything is all about the Money all of the time... nor should it be IMO.  And there we go... Opinions!   Mine happens to be that IF Money is the most important thing to a person, then the Temptation would be to do anything for it and for anyone who Promises it.

Now that said, desperate people would probably do more desperate things to get what they Need... getting met at the most Basic Points of Need is kinda Natural... people gotta Eat for example!   But lets say you're comfortable enough financially that you're not at a point of desperation...  you just want more.  If driven entirely by Money in every aspect of your train of Thought, I could see why getting results that are purely Financially motivated might be your absolute priority... at the cost of lower priorities.   Everyone has to set their own Priorities in Life... Money will usually be somewhere on your List, True, few can Live with none of it.

And for the sake of argument, and a bit of Fun controversy since I like being Amused, let us say if your No. One Priority IS Money... it probably comes before everything else.  Before basic Humanity, before Ethics, before Moral Standards, before _____________ fill in the blank with whatever, it doesn't matter... because Money is your Top Priority after all... so why would it matter?  I always said that I could tell WHAT a Person's Priority REALLY IS just by looking at their Checkbook.  When I Debt Counseled People in one of my Corporate Lives it revealed so much about their Real Priorities and not just what they espoused their Priorities to actually be.  Whatever they spent the most Money on WAS their REAL Priorities.

Just paying Lip Service was absolutely no indication of what they REALLY Prioritized in their Life.  But what they spent their Money on certainly did reveal it... the Truth of it, unspoken yet clearly evident!  Especially the Sacrificial Spending Habits... that was the MOST Telling.   If Family IS the highest Priority to you then you will Sacrifice for them and usually that will Cost you something... it might even Cost you everything... but it won't matter... because it was a Top Priority to you.   If Spirituality is a Priority, you will Fund the Mission Statement of your Belief System in some way with your Time, Talents or Treasures... if you don't... you're just talking the talk and not walking the walk... it's empty and hollow... you Support what you REALLY Care about.

What you Invest in is usually something you Hope has a Positive Payoff in some way, Dividends if you will, not always Financial ones either.   Some things are truly Priceless... some things cannot be Bought at any Price... and thus is why I entered into the controversial antagonistic mode to just throw that point out there and have it mulled over... perhaps... or not... whatever.   Making the Blanket Statement that Money is the No. One Priority of all of America and if anyone can get that Result for the masses, all is Well and the means to that end doesn't matter to anyone... was thrown out there... not by me... because I couldn't disagree with that more.   It might be True for a portion of the Population who might compromise much for personal Gain... but not ALL!

But I could be Wrong, I've been known to be Wrong before... IS MONEY the most important thing to America, at any Cost?   Collectively I mean?  You decide.   I just think that Money cannot be the sole consideration or you risk some hairy shit coming down as a consequence.   There was an old saying in my first Corporate Life that some Sage Old Timers who had attained high levels of Success Mentoring me often said.   Be Nice to everyone on your way Up, coz you never know when you'll meet 'em on your way Down!   True that!  Who have we compromised and run over to attain Wealth as a Country?  Who have we exploited or bullied to turn a Buck?  Can it all really be justified and neatly Prioritized?   Just sayin'...

Ah, have I lit some asses on Fire again by bringing up another Topic for a Blog Post that is uncomfortable to Talk about... to Think about I Wonder?  *Winks*  Am I misbehaving yet again, being too Feisty and controversial?   Princess T if she were still awake and looking over my Shoulder might warn me to be Nicer!  *Smiles*   The Young Prince, who likes a Good Debate of his own to be sure, might warn me that if I don't really Care why Go There just for Amusement?  Apparently his Debates are Serious shit to him and he feels that is the way it should be?  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Oh come on... have some Fun with people... see who will Engage... and flip out and lose their shit... it's Amusing, it'll be FUN!

NO they would sternly say, be Nice, go back to being a Peaceful Chill Hippie Gramma... to which I would tell them to look up the definition that The Establishment gave us, which was so Generic and not always entirely accurate:

  1. 1.
    (especially in the 1960s) a person of unconventional appearance, typically having long hair and wearing beads, associated with a subculture involving a rejection of conventional values and the taking of hallucinogenic drugs.

I'm still laughing my ass off at the Official 'Google' Definition!   So... you HAD to wear Beads and take Hallucinogenic Drugs to Qualify... that's hilarious!  Okay, so I wore Beads... had long Hair... rejected Conventional Values... had an Unconventional appearance... check, check, check and check... but I Passed on the Hallucinogenics... saw too many Friends having Bad Trips or Croaking from that shit... besides, I'm way too much of a Control Freak anyway!  *LMAO*


So did ya still like me Feisty?  *Smiles*
Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Thoughtful post. I quite like the Fiesty you. But then again, I'm totally with you on the "Feel Feisty I tend to get controversial on purpose" thing. Ha. Some situations demand it.

    1. Colette I couldn't agree with you more... I usually just let people expound upon their opinions without response because I can learn far more about them listening, since out of the abundance of the Heart the Mouth typically speaks. It can be Interesting and very revealing... but some situations just need a counterpoint thrown in there like a bomb just to see what happens. *Tee Hee*

    2. I correct myself and would say, as you did, some situations DEMAND it! *Winks*


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