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A Grungy Galz Halloween

I have to make my Halloween Pilgrimages to all of my Favorite Shops to see what Holiday Offerings and Delightful Halloween Inspired Vignettes and Merchandise I can feast my Eyes upon!?   So the Pilgrimage to my Talented Friend Bridget's Shop GRUNGY GALZ was in order recently.  Yes, even tho' I knew it would bust the Holiday Budget coz she always has the most Awesome Holiday Inventory I cannot possibly resist!   I could have gone berserk buying Altered Art Bottles... but managed to resist... but I hadda buy ALL of the Altered Art Witchy Antique Cabinet Cards and their Bolt Stands!  *LOL*

This Appendage Necklace was so Cute, along with it's Display Card, which is a Fav Vintage Halloween Image... but I resisted...

I Wanted to buy the Doll Head Cement Planter... but I knew I desperately NEEDED another articulated Palmistry Hand.   I've got a 'Collection' going now that I have Three you see!  *Smiles*   There were two for Sale and I agonized about which one to choose actually, each Stand had it's particular merits and the one pictured here lost out to the other one.

I also bought a couple of Lucite encased Bugs for Halloween Display and later to put into my Cabinet of Curiosities.

But where I really went down in Flames and didn't intend to buy a piece of Furniture, is when I spied this Old Post Office Box Cabinet!  *Swooning!*  It was so reasonably priced I would have been a complete Idiot to pass it up, and so as not to have non-buyer remorse, I waffled only slightly before purchasing it!  I have Wanted one Forever but usually they're not within the paltry Budget, this one was well within the paltry Budget and I had a Use for it Organizing supplies at a glance.  Though it didn't end up in the intended Room of Villa Boheme' since I wasn't schlepping this baby Upstairs, it's pretty substantial... which is Code for too damned Heavy to schlep Upstairs!  *Winks*

Already most Shops are running low on Halloween offerings or Big Box Shops are deeply discounting what's left so they can already roll Christmas out... so I'm Sad that it won't be long before Halloween is gone already from the Retail Landscape!  *Sob!!!*  It didn't last a nanosecond and that makes me quite disappointed, I didn't get to revel in it long enough frankly!  I wasn't really in the Mood to be buying it all in August, you know?  *Le Sigh*

And I'm just not completely ready to rush into Christmas in early October either... tho' I Confess I have wandered some Christmas Isles already since the Halloween is being rolled up for the Season prematurely at too many Shops!   So it was really refreshing that Bridget still had Halloween so evident in her Shop and such a Fabulous array of Merchandise to still buy for Halloween!   And for other occasions too, but mostly I was looking for Halloween and so that was my primary focus for this Pilgrimage to the Shop and I wasn't disappointed, the Shop delivered in Spades!

And very often it's the little unexpected Treasures I find that bring me the most Delight, like my Trio of these Fantastic Antique Altered Art Cabinet Cards of the Ladies transformed into Witches!   I just Love this Find!!!

Of coarse even tho' I daren't ever drag another Old Salvaged Door Home, I have to Appreciate any I find anywhere and this one had the most Fab ornate original Hardware!

And this Buffet Vignette was my Favorite!   Before I began ravaging the Vignette to buy The Witch Triplets, I Photographed it in it's pristine condition for you all!  *Winks*

This Crystal Ball was so Cute!

And for those of you who do a lot of DIY Projects, there is a vast selection of Quality Paints, Supplies and Finishes in the Shop.

I've been picking up extra Shifts at the Antique Mall and will now have a permanent Saturday Night one, which will be good for the Holidays... Grandkids are expensive and we have so many of them!!!  *LOL*

And so from here on out, I usually have to suspend all self-indulgent purchases and concentrate on building up the Savings for buying Christmas pressies or sending Cash for all of the Grands during the Holiday Season.   And on top of that numerous Grands have Birthdays from now until just after the New Year too!  *Yikes!!!*  Yeah, we get hit hard from now thru January... *Ha ha ha*

I am just so unprepared for Christmas this Year... honestly, I should have started much earlier to Plan for it!  I think I say that every single Year tho'!?  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

How about you my Friends, do you begin Saving Up for Christmas half a Year beforehand to make it remotely affordable, especially if you have a big Family?  *LOL*

Please tell me I'm not the only one not prepared enough... so that I don't feel like The Lone Ranger!!!!!!!

Those Doll Head Planters are so stinkin' Cute I just might have to go back and get one anyway, regardless of how unprepared for buying Christmas for all the Grands I'm gonna clearly be again this Year!!!  *Winks*

And this Year Princess T has informed us she wants a Bicycle... and I'm certain if that were all she got she'd be bummed, even tho' she says that coz a Bike is spendy it's ALL she wants for Christmas.   RIGHT, I've heard that Song and Dance before, haven't you?!?  *Winks and Rolling my Eyes!*

And that's if she doesn't change her Mind two dozen more times before Christmas and insist she ONLY wants ______________  {fill in the blank}, it could still be a Bicycle or anything else in the Universe!?!

Decisiveness not being one of that particular Child's Strengths, you just never know... her Wish List is always subject to Change without Notice... sometimes several times Daily!

It is much more effortless for the ones who just want Cold Hard Cash... which is always the right Size and Color, Right?!  *Winks*

Honestly I just can't even THINK about Christmas right now... so I'm fixating entirely upon Halloween and reveling in it thoroughly!   You don't have to buy anything for anyone during Halloween... well, except Costume perhaps... and Candy... Okay, so you DO have to buy something for everyone, including random people coming to your Door actually... so I take that back!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*

But financially I can always handle Halloween... so it's never the least bit stress inducing!  *Ha ha ha*

And I'm much more suited to the Macabre Nature of Halloween, it gels with my general Aesthetic and way of Being.

If you tend to be Weird, Odd, Eccentric, Macabre, Dark and all those types of adjectives, Halloween is just YOUR Holiday, you know?

So, because the Shops are winding down in their Halloween and Autumn Atmosphere I've tended to ramp ours up at Home so that we can be immersed in it entirely for a lot longer, thru probably after Thanksgiving actually.   That's when I'm about ready to put Halloween and Autumn away, but not a minute beforehand!

I just cannot banish it DURING the actual Season and to me Autumn lasts thru November.   September-October-November is Autumn and thus since it's my absolute Favorite Season, I stay IN it thru those entire Months!   Right to the bitter end when I must put it away and move on to other Holidays and acknowledge Winter is here.

Yes I thoroughly also Enjoy Christmas and the Reason for the Season, we Celebrate that with Epic Gusto as well... but I just don't Rush thru Autumn, I simply won't!

There is a lot I do during Autumn so it's the busiest of Seasons for me too so it Rushes past way too quickly as it is!   I Won some Free Entrance into the State Fair this year for two... so I'm contemplating that during the Kiddos Fall Break.  There will also be Pumpkin Festivals and Carnivals to attend... and a few more Events as well.

And now for the Cabinet Reveal at Home... where it ended up in the Formal Diningroom because that's all I had the Energy to schlep it to and it looks pretty good in there and goes with every other piece of Furniture in there, so... whatever!  *Winks*

It has 50 Cubbies and it filled up so fast that I only have a few empty ones left!

I mostly wanted the Organization and Visual Display and easy access of Vintage Trims and Fiber Art Supplies...

And quite reluctantly, since when things come IN to Villa Boheme' at least 5 to 1 must go OUT... otherwise I'd never be held accountable or be selective... and so I parted with some items I kinda wanted to Keep but resisted and brought them into the Antique Mall... like my Vintage huge Elf On The Shelf which is sporting Vintage Brown Velvet and Fur.   Granted, if he doesn't Sell by Christmas he's coming back Home since I didn't really Want to Let Go... but lately I'm trying harder to Release even things I really Like and recirculate them for someone else to Enjoy.  I'm still a Work in Progress.


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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