Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Ordeal Began

Mix a Celebration with Challenges and whaddya get?  A Child turning 13, that's what... and so The Ordeal began!   I hate to actually describe it as The Ordeal, I confess it makes me feel a tad Guilty that Hanging Out and trying to Celebrate Princess T's milestone Birthday would be such... but I do like to keep it 100% around here!   These are the three Celebratory Images I got to capture thru the Eye of the Lens, before everything went completely sideways and nobody was having Fun anymore!  *LOL and Le Sigh*   Yes, looks can be very deceiving, one would think she was Happy this day!  You know, being she was going to be indulged with a trip to The Mall of her choice, with a Friend of her choice, a Spending Spree with a generous budget and a Meal of her choice anywhere her little Heart desired.  Yes, she relented and decided she did want to bring a Friend along, one more person to Torture and bring abject Misery to I suppose?!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

But it did start out with Giggles, Unicorn Farts and Rainbows... all the way to said Mall... and then the tide turned!   She'd picked a Saturday at one of the most popular Malls in our area... uh oh... that meant People... lots of them!!!  This is my Wednesday Addams Grandchild who has considerable Social Anxiety Issues and does not Like People and is very Open and Obvious about it!!!   She easily Overwhelms and then a little bit of her goes a long way!  Thus we spent what seemed like an Eternity in a form of Mall Hell Pergatory Limbo as she refused to go into most Shops that had too many People in them and didn't pick out a single Gift for herself!  Her countenance was Misery personified and that was the only thing she was Sharing abundantly this day, MISERY!   Are we having Fun yet??!?!??!?!  *Le Sigh*  I'm at that Season of Life now where I just don't Do the Bipolar Mopey and Moody Thing Well, I can only take so much Exposure to it before I Tap Out and begin not to Feel Well from the Stress and utter Aggravation it Creates! 

As we traipsed and traversed a very crowded and very large Mall, that has two stories of Shops, and two now very Sullen Tweens in tow, I physically and emotionally began to deteriorate myself.  I tried to Encourage Happiness and Joy, made endless Suggestions of which Shops might have the best Fashions, it was an exercise in Futility!  Hell, by the time The Ordeal ended I didn't give a shit what she bought actually, so long as we could End this and come away with some Token of having Endured it!!!  *LOL*   She came away with nothing but Anger towards me, because since now I truly wasn't Feeling Well, literally!  The Dreaded Diabetes had reared it's ugly head with a vengeance in response to being totally worn out and Stressed Out, so we HAD to throw in the towel!  Dreaded Diabetic Episodes have sidelined me a lot in recent days, it sucks!  She had refused to go eat anywhere... SHE wasn't hungry... Friend and I were starving!  But Honestly, I just didn't have it in me by then to fight that battle and involuntarily take her out for a Birthday Meal to a place she refused to choose and would refuse to eat at... so we went Home.  Doesn't all that sound absolutely Celebratory and Fun my Friends?!?  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

I've spent the next couple of days trying to Recover from The Ordeal, which entailed one episode of Losing It when The Force wasn't the least bit sympathetic about Gramma now not Feeling Good at all and Ivara needing Crickets!  And I'm not exaggerating, I totally lost my shit and have felt like Death warmed over since The Ordeal... having 100 Crickets in a bag beside me when I'd rather not have dragged my exhausted ass anywhere wasn't Helpful!  But the one bright spot was we HAD to do some Grocery Shopping and she insisted on coming along.  This Grocery Store happens to be one of the Mega ones with a Clothing section and she found every Fashion she Loved there so we came away with a considerable amount of Birthday Wardrobe and Accessories... Thank You Jesus and a hearty Hallelujah!   Wow, a GROCERY STORE... who knew?  You mean we could have avoided that whole Mall Hell Experience had we just come there first I Wondered out loud?!?  Of coarse she still wants me to take her to another Mall before her Birthday and I just haven't had it in me yet to Endure another potential Ordeal, so I'm not exactly her Favorite Person right now... but I can Live with that!  *Winks*  The Young Prince has even suggested he take one for the Team and have me drop him off with her and some $$$ at any Random Mall and be Done with this?!?  I confess I have considered that as a viable Option... am I going to Hell for that?  *Winks*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. My granddaughter suffers from social anxiety so I know what you are talking about. It is hard, hard, hard.

    1. Indeed it is... I try to understand and help her cope


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