Monday, September 24, 2018

Sweet Salvage ~ Wicked Faire ~ The Finale'

So the Event of 'Wicked Faire' was a wrap by Sunday Afternoon and I Wish I could have gone all four days to savor the Halloween Themed Event to tide me over until next Year.  *Smiles*  Around the City it seems not too many Retail places have a decent Halloween offering this Season, it's mostly Autumnal, and so I'm glad that I picked mine up during this Show!

It also Inspired me to begin the Halloween and Autumn Decorating Project at Home, tho' I confess I have stalled out and don't have my Dia de los Muertos Altar even begun yet.  My Energy levels have been seriously depleted since beginning the new Insulin regimen, I think my body is still trying to adjust?  I take a lot of long naps... VERY long ones... Crazy long ones!

It feels like Rest eludes me in spite of how many hours I might catch some Z's tho' so it's kinda Weird to sleep so much and yet not feel all that Energized.  When I am awake I try to make the most of it and get as much done as possible so things don't spiral into a state of neglect and disarray at Home!  You all know how quickly that can happen!

Most of the messiness is mine tho', I have to Own it... most of the clutter are my half finished Projects awaiting completion scattered seemingly everywhere!  Whether it's merchandise awaiting pricing and to be hauled off to the Antique Mall, Decorating and Seasonal Projects half finished or just items waiting for a permanent placement... it amounts to more than I'm comfortable having laying around!


Suffice to say we couldn't Host Company without embarrassment right now and the Holidays are almost upon us and we usually have Guests so I better get my ass in gear!   The Young Prince invited some Young Adults to the house, luckily at the late Teen and early Twenty-Something Season of their lives they hardly notice Domestic Chaos.  *Whew!*  They probably live it daily since they all have their own places by now and housekeeping is the least of a Young Single Adult's priorities, right?!  *LOL*

I fondly recall those days of Roommates and Domestic Chaos and endless Gatherings with Weekend Parties lasting indefinitely.  With Young People dossing down as if we Rented a Flophouse, but everyone Happy, Content and utterly disregarding whose Housekeeping was nonexistent.   Happy Hippie days, perhaps I'm just coming full circle, since I had Young People dossing down last Night here as if we Own a Flophouse and they could have Cared less if our Home was in Order!  *LMAO*

The Man and I left for his Dental appointment before any of the Young Adults even woke up and when we returned they had cleaned up after themselves and gone back Home.   I confess that a part of me Wished they'd done a Merry Maid group Cleanup of MY Mess to Surprise me... hey, I Dream ridiculously Fantasy Big, what can I say!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

And speaking of The Man's Dental Process of adjusting to his new Dentures and having them adjusted to fit, it's going painfully slow, with the emphasis on painfully, so Pray for him!  He's not choking and gagging so much, his TBI we knew would make his Process lengthier and more complex, but it's hard to see him suffering any more than he has been already.  He also gets very irritable and discouraged, so shoring him up Emotionally to push thru it is exhaustive!

Making sure he's wearing them enough to get used to them inbetween his meals is like ensuring your Children are brushing their Teeth regularly, I have to be The Enforcer!  *Le Sigh*  The Dentist said that on account of his particular Challenges with the Brain Injury it will perhaps be three Months before we can begin to Teach him how to eat with Teeth again.  So for now we're just getting him used to having Teeth again and getting the fit right, no eating with them yet.

He was really Excited about getting new Teeth and having Teeth again during the whole build up to this point, now he's less Excited and doesn't Like them anymore already!  *Uh Oh!*  You see, his Short Term Memory is shot to Hell so he keeps forgetting why he wasn't a candidate for Implants?  Which is what he'd Expected until it was revealed he wasn't a candidate due to the fragile condition of his Gums.

So we have the same conversations over and over again... and I had to get the Civilian Dentist on board with having the same conversations over and over again with him to reinforce the Dentures alternative, she's very Patient and Kind.  Every Appointment we get him On Board again, but within a day or so he forgets and doesn't Like nor Want his false Teeth anymore because they Hurt and he cannot eat with them yet.  His concept of Time being Lost during his Accident, it seems like an Eternity to him to adjust to anything new since Routine is so Important to him now and it being interrupted in any way is pure Hell.

So I've had to set up a Reward System, much like you do while Training a Child or a Puppy on something New that you have to get them used to and staying On Board with doing with consistency.   And you have to implement it with Dignity and Respect in Mind that he's a grown Man and not a Child or a Puppy.  *Smiles*  The Aging or Damaged Brain can be a very demanding part of Caregiving since you have to exercise your own Patience and Creativity to overcome the Challenges you will encounter.

I've had a wealth of Experience having been a Caregiver for several Decades now of Loved Ones suffering from Serious Mental Health Issues, Traumatic Brain Injury or Dementia... but it never, ever gets easier.  You just get used to it, but that doesn't make it easy or necessarily temper the range of Emotion it evokes sometimes in them or in you.   It just becomes your Normal as a Family and you often develop some Strange Coping Mechanisms to help you Deal.  *Le Sigh*

I like to say that anything that doesn't kill you only makes you develop Coping Skills that aren't Healthy and a Sick Sense of Humor!  *Smiles*  My Coping Skills are evident all around me, but they have preserved a semblance of me Maintaining some Sanity and so they've clearly Served their Purpose!  I am probably not as Bat Shit Crazy as I COULD have been otherwise?!?!!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  

And seeking Solace in such things as Art, Meditation, Junquing, Decorating, Collecting, drawing Inspiration and Energy from any Source that I can, isn't anything I'm Giving Up anytime soon.  Otherwise I might just crash and burn when I hit that proverbial Wall.  Which I have once in the not so distant Past, so I'm more Cautious now about the fact everyone DOES have a Breaking Point and I'm not wanting to reach mine again!

If The Young Prince does follow thru with his Independent Living Arrangements by the end of the Year as he's Planned to and move out, I'll be down to Two I'm Caring for at Home.   That might sound like a lot for some people but for me it's less and that's always Progress!  *LOL*   Yes, one will be a Special Needs Teen Girl and the other a Brain Damaged Old Man, so it will still be a Wild Ride, so still keep me in your Prayers!  *Winks*

And lets face it, the ones that move out, if they're still Dealing with some Heavy Life's Issues it's not as if you don't worry about them or don't get Involved, it's just easier when it's not directly under your own roof IMO.   I don't know why, but if I'm Dealing with it outside of my own Home I just Cope better with almost any other Crisis or Situation, because I'm not Living it Daily 24-7 and 365 really.

The extended Family situation still has a lot of Heavy Issues we Deal with, but not always Daily for me, so that's still a Welcome Break.   I am awaiting a Cool T-Shirt from my Talented Friend Trish that says RINGMASTER OF THE SHIT SHOW and has a Top Hat and Mustache.  It's PERFECTLY Symbolic for our Situation at Home, it IS a Three Ring Circus and Sideshow, I am Ringmaster of it... it's my Circus and these are my Monkeys.  *Smiles*

We will be Touring in a Local City near you in the Valley since every so often I do take this Show on the Road!  *Winks*   They are Traveling quite Well now I must say, everyone has progressed to where I can actually take them out and about without completely losing my Mind and losing my Shit every time... you see, Progress!  *Smiles*   Sometimes it's even Enjoyable Quality Time out Together... answer to Prayer and rather Miraculous... Thank You Jesus! 

I used to think I'd be Housebound Forever as a Caregiver and never come up for Parole, it would have been a Life Sentence and I wasn't certain I could Cope with that and knowing the Cavalry wasn't coming with Respite Care Reinforcements.  So we NEEDED that Miracle desperately and I'm exceedingly Grateful of Divine Intervention on our behalf.   The Man is a walking, talking Miracle every single day and I try to keep that in Mind when he's particularly difficult or Unlovely at times during his Rehabilitative Process which is ongoing.

Yes, we like to Joke that the Rehabilitation never ends, I won't allow it... Princess T said that nobody is Allowed to Die either.  *LMAO*   She and I are relentless taskmasters about those two Points... everyone has to continue constant Rehabilitation and stay Alive!   On her actual Birthday her Grandpa wasn't doing so well Physically during our Celebration of it and she kept sternly telling him he wasn't Allowed to Die on her Birthday, he found it Amusing, she was dead Serious!  *LOL*

As a Family we Deal with Morbid shit quite differently than the Garden Variety Family might, we've HAD to.   We have a very Dark Twisted and Warped Sick Sense of Humor, we've developed it to a point where it typically makes even the most delicate of people Laugh in spite of themselves.  A lot of Heavy Shit can make people just uncomfortable if Humor isn't present in it all and it's just all taken too Seriously all of the time.   And Seriously, in hindsight, a lot of this Shit is kinda Funny, I don't care who you are, you can't make Shit like this up so it's great Comedy fodder in a very Dark way!!!

So you won't find us, as a Family, being very PC... in fact, we might be some of the least PC peeps you'll ever meet!  *Winks*   We will find Humor in damned near everything and anything, truly Laughing about it in it's tragedy, it's absurdity, it's Craziness and often Surreal Outcomes.  I'd much rather Laugh about some things than continually Cry about them.  Yes, we do Cry about some of it too, then Laugh about it later when we just have the Luxury of being able to and can.

Even some of the most Tragic shit that didn't have a Positive Outcome... some of the Stories are fondly recalled with Humor and make a Great Storyline... I think Grace makes that Possible.   And boy do we have some Stories my Friends... some real humdingers!  *Winks*   Life's Journey will take you to some pretty Hairy places sometimes as you Walk it out!  It can sometimes resemble and be as Mad as Alice's Wonderland was, ours has been anyway, our Rabbit Hole is deep and Insane!

If you fall down our Rabbit Hole, even if you can't or won't stay a long time, you WILL have an Adventure, I can Guarantee you that my Friends!  *Winks*   And I guess having some Great Stories to tell is better than having no Story to tell.  At the end of Life I would think that having had a Wild Ride will be a lot more Memorable than having had a mundane uneventful one.

We bought our tickets and so we're on for the whole Ride!   We might white knuckle it around the turns, twists and loops it takes us on... but we'll remain on the Ride Together and that is what Counts.   We are a Ride or Die bunch around here and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Cowards and the Wishy-Washy need not join us actually, they'd be ballast.

I have been trying to muster the Energy to get Villa Boheme' in Order for the Holidays and complete some of the Projects that I want to have finished by Year's End as part of this Year's Resolution Check List.  We've checked off a lot of boxes on the List already and so even if we don't get them all accomplished I still Feel rather Accomplished in what's been Done.

I want to profusely Thank the few that made it Possible and you know who you are.   Involvement in each other's Lives and in each other's Trials particularly is a Voluntary choice few make anymore.  If you have the few in your Lives then you are Truly Blessed above measure and I know you Cherish them and the roles they play in making your own Miracles manifest.

My Hope for 2019 is that as a Nation we are able to have more Unity, more Involvement in the things that matter and in making a difference in the Lives of many who desperately Need it.   When you think of all the Human Beings on this Earth there are more than enough to make a Difference if they have Purpose in doing so.

And everyone CAN make a Difference, in their own way, the Seed of Purpose is within you, God endowed you with it, but what you DO with it is entirely up to you my Friends.   Some folk's Seed of Purpose has not yet germinated, some just haven't tended theirs well enough yet to have it to Grown to Fruition and Create a Harvest, but they COULD.

It's not even about how much Seed you Think you have or don't have, if you have but one it can Grow into something substantial and bring a Harvest.  But you do have to DO SOMETHING with a Seed or it's just a Seed and will remain so and not be of very much Use.   I Hope you just won't Waste yours?

It's always in Autumn that I Think upon the Harvest, the bounty of Receiving that which was Planted in Seed form in other Seasons and Tended properly enough to reap the Reward of the Harvest.   Nature always provides us with one at no Cost really... Nature just naturally takes Care of Seedtime and Harvest in it's infinite Cycles of Being.


Very few Seeds I've Planted and Tended to properly, both figuratively and literally, have come back to me Void.   Sometimes the Harvest is not mine for the taking, it's for someone else to receive the final Reward of and that's perfectly Fine... it's been Paid Forward for me too from Past Seed Sowers, so I also got mine in abundance.

This Autumn I do Hope that many of you are Receiving abundant Harvests, whether from what you have Sowed or what you have Reaped?   I Hope it has been Positive and not Negative, since we ALWAYS Reap what we Sow in Kind.  Reciprocity being a Divine Law that is always in Motion.

This particular Show might now be over but there will be others to Enjoy, to derive Inspiration and Joy from.   I'm looking forward to the various ones around the Valley and I Hope that in your areas you have some going on, Autumn tends to be a time of the Festivals and Events that are looked forward to all Year long!!!

It can kinda be a Whirlwind of so many of them this time of Year around here and I try to catch as many as I can to Experience and Blog about too.   From now thru the New Year I'm looking forward to the itinerary and Hoping I have sufficient Energy to do it all and thoroughly Enjoy it all?!?

There are many Holiday Inspired Shows on TV too for those days when we cannot get out and about so we Calendar those as well and try not to miss any.  The Food Channel and Sci-Fi Channel this time of Year are some of our favs since they have the "Halloween Wars" and "Holiday Baking Championships" that show off the Creativity of those in the various Culinary Arts... the Horror Shows and Ghost Hunter Reality Shows we particularly Enjoy watching Together.

We do miss our Old Haunted Historic Home particularly around the Holidays but I must say that one thing that has been a constant Positive here in the New Neighborhood has been how they Celebrate the Holidays Old School Style, with Decorating and Trick-Or-Treating being pretty epic.  I had thought Princess T wouldn't go Trick-Or-Treating this Year but she decided one last time to.  *Smiles*   Her Costume remains a debate, tho' she is leaning towards the Creepy Doll one.

The Young Prince, now an Adult Man, will be Celebrating Halloween by attending Masquerade Parties with other Young Adults and his will be a Steampunk Theme this Halloween.   I fondly recall all of the Young Adult Masquerade and Toga Parties I had when Single... and the numerous ones that The Man and I also had with many other Families that used to Celebrate full tilt when the Holidays rolled around, Halloween in particular.  *Smiles*

We don't do that so much anymore tho' I Wish we did actually, I for one have not outgrown them!  *Winks*  How about you my Friends?  Are you a Big Kid at Heart when it comes to the Holidays or are you too allegedly 'Grown Up' now?  It's been a couple of Seasons since I attended a Good Halloween Party, but if there is one, I'm definitely All In and will Cover it for you all here in the Land of Blog!  *Smiles*

Because the Sharing of Life is as Enjoyable as the Doing of Life... I think in fact that it's MEANT to be Shared with other people... as much as possible... we are Designed to be Social Creatures.   Make certain that you are Inclusive with Intent this Holiday Season my Friends. 


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. great photos!!
    lot's of amazing goodies there.
    When my dad had dementia, I was his caregiver and As much as I loved him, I too used to think that this was how my life was going to be forever...
    it was depressing and terrifying. Every day was a new frightening moment, whether it was something he said or something he did. I lived in fear that he was going to die and I was also afraid he would go on for years in this terrible state of fear.
    He was always afraid:(
    He passed away two days before 2014, he just slowed down more and slipped away in his sleep.

    sending positive thoughts and prayers for you and your lovely family.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank You for the Positive Thoughts Marfi and for Sharing your Story about your Dear Dad. That is how it was for my Mom too at the end, fear and angry outbursts from the Dementia. It is easier to Celebrate their Life after Death when the quality of it has diminished so much that the suffering is tremendous for everyone.

  2. You are remarkable. As for Halloween, I love it. Stunning photos on this post, I imagine there will be many more wonderful photos to look at on your posts until the special day arrives. Thank you.

    1. My Pleasure Colette to cover all of the Halloween Goodness while it lasts, I SOOOO Love this time of Year!


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