Friday, September 28, 2018

Halloween Happening At Villa Boheme'

Going to all of the Halloween Events certainly made me want to break out the Halloween Decor and have it happening already at Villa Boheme'.  I haven't finished Decorating, it will be a Process I think this year just because my Energy is finite lately so I pace myself accordingly.  Getting to Display my Cherished long time Halloween Decorations is always a Joy though, they're like Old Friends making an appearance.

I've also got a multitude of other Projects in full swing and so the Holiday Decorating stalled out some as I concentrated on other priorities.  I had enough Halloween initiated to make me feel very much in the Spirit of one of my Favorite Holidays.  Besides, unpacking Seasonal Decor is not nearly as Fun as Decorating with it.  Unpacking Seasonal Decor is right up there with taking it down and putting it away as the parts I don't particularly like doing.

I've been concentrating on getting the Meditation Room's Walk-In Closet Transformed into my Reading Nook, I've made remarkable progress in that endeavor.  It didn't take nearly as much time to clear out the Closet as I'd Imagined that it would.   The Vintage Metal Milk Crates are installed as a Bookcase and most Magazines are already neatly organized now on them.  Organizing my Magazine Collection helped me to see what I had duplicates of and get those ready to Sell Off since they're the better quality Publications from Denmark featuring French Nordic Style, France featuring Brocante Style and the various American Stampington Series of Decor Mags.

I try not to duplicate but if I don't have my Lists handy to reference what I don't have and haven't already bought, sometimes it happens.  I've also been pricing Inventory for the Antique Mall like a Mad Woman on a Mission... mostly because Sales are stronger during Holiday Seasons and to get it ousted from the House since I certainly can't Sell it in piles around here can I?  *LOL*

And speaking of piles around the House I've been tackling those too in every room to banish them, hopefully forever.   I abhor clutter or chaos and yet it almost always seems to creep up on me around here and just happen over Time.   Most of the clutter and chaos is mine, so I can't blame the Family either, I'm not necessarily running damage control behind them lately as I am behind myself!  *Le Sigh*


But then again, I spent way more time being overwhelmed by the clutter and chaos than I did eradicating it!  I procrastinated and yet it wasn't a Big Deal in the end to rid most rooms of every bit of it, not nearly the Epic Project that I'd Imagined it would be to tackle!   I had exaggerated in my Head just how much Work it would entail and how long it would take... I had magnified it to the point of paralyzing myself!   Then once I actually took Action, it was far easier than all that, who knew?

I still have some to tackle, but it's not that much and so now I feel quite accomplished and relieved that it's not as bad as I'd hyped it up to be as I'd assessed the visual of it all.   I've been an Army of One tackling it all and doing the Decorating for Halloween, which is typical, since Housekeeping and Decorating for Holidays isn't anything any of them has any interest in.  Tho' I swear every time I'm immersed in a major Project of any kind the trio has to show up and distract me, appearing just long enough to throw off the momentum and rhythm I have going!  *Le Sigh*

I get annoyed mostly because they will ask the most random crazy shit while I'm deep into a Project, as if RIGHT NOW they suddenly have to know or interact with me when they've been conspicuous by their absence all day!  WTF?!?  Interrupting even this and then they have the audacity to mention how long a Blog Post takes me to finish!  The Young Prince wanders in and begins digging around in the file cabinets around me asking where a copy of his Birth Certificate is?!   Like he has to have it IMMEDIATELY even tho' he's not moving out allegedly 'til the end of the year! He persists digging around, then he finds the wrong one, Pre-Adoption, which isn't his Legal one anymore!

He copies it and then realizes it's not his re-issued Adoption Birth Certificate with his new Name and all... so he shreds it!!!   I hear the shredder going and think he's shredding the freakin' Original, so I have a mini Heart Attack until I realize it's just the copy he made on the Printer!  *Whew!*   But now he cannot find his Post-Adoption Birth Certificate and I'm too busy to drop everything and find it right now so he stomps off angrily!  *Le Sigh*

He barely leaves the room when Princess T shows up just to randomly chat and apparently see if she can make my Head explode!?   As if I can Create this Blog Post AND listen to her endless chatter about... Hell, I dunno what the hell she was even talking about it was so utterly random and pointless!!!    I don't even think she knew what she was talking about, at 13 she barely speaks to me unless she thinks it can get a Negative and intense reaction out of me anymore, so the actual Topic matters not to her!  She sashays off after she's sufficiently interrupted me to where I cannot even hold a Thought now and the veins in my Neck are standing out!  *Huge Sigh!*

One of my Adult Grand-Daughters recently Shared this and it made me realize that this too shall pass and one day Princess T may even have the capacity to not be pre-demonic anymore?!?  *Smiles and fingers crossed*   Where it says Mom just insert Gramma {Me} since I'm serving double-duty as both to that 13 Year Old Grandchild and she's VERY Typically acting 13!  *LOL*  She's either pissed off or in tears, those are her two major Moods nowadays so Grandpa and her Big Brother avoid her like the Plague.

Her Big Brother, ever since he got it into his Head that he's moving out at the end of the Year... or you know, whenever he gets a J-O-B to actually pay someone Rent... he's been obsessed with that tangent!   To the point that by the time he's ready to leave, I'll be helping him to pack, I Swear!  He claims he's already packing... a bit premature I must say... but whatever... he can live out of his suitcase and boxes, I don't really Care... he's 18 and you can't tell them anything, they know it all even while flying by the seat of their pants.

I did get him to climb up the Ladder of Death to change all the Air Filters and Batteries in the Smoke Alarms located in these ridiculously high Ceilings just in case though!  *Bwahahahaha!*  And I'm almost certain that us Elderly Folks annoy them almost as much as they can annoy us.  They act like we're so feeble, clueless and inept in our advanced Age... so there is always heavy Sighing and the Rolling of the Eyeballs going on when we say or do anything!  Now, I'm certain if we were the Age of Normal Parents that would make us melt down enraged, but frankly, we just don't Care anymore and it's much Funner to just Mimic them Dramatically and turn the tables!  *LMAO*

They always HATE that, when Grandpa or I Dramatizes how their Age Group acts and Magnifies the mannerisms right after they do it.  *Evil Cackle!*  It's actually way more Effective the older they get, mirroring inappropriate Age related behaviors you want to curb or bring to their attention.  Tho' I've been doing it since they were very Young just to Amuse myself, since raising Grandkids was never the Master Plan of our Retirement Years and you have to keep your Sanity some kinda way!  Whining in particular used to work my last nerve, but it was easier to stop it by Mimicking it than to try to reason with a Toddler!  *Winks*

I actually could throw a pretty good Whinefest Tantrum I must say, and it would embarrass the Hell out of them even then and immediately cease theirs!  *Smiles*  Now at this Age grouping they would be absolutely Mortified since Seniors and Parents embarrass them just by Being us... ha ha ha... so it doesn't take much to threaten them with being an even BIGGER very Public Embarrassment if they wanna play us Hard!?!??!  *Winks*

The Man jokes that even the Cat doesn't wanna play ME Hard... he can yell at Miss Priss to do something or stop something until he's hoarse and she virtually ignores him and teases and taunts him with disobedience. Yet if I just walk into the room and make Eye Contact with her she immediately obeys without Words being spoken!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*  It's like Oh Shit, The Alpha Female just walked in and I'm not where I should be or doing something I should be!  *LOL*

Sometimes I don't even have to arrive in the room yet after I've heard him or The Force futilely and incessantly yelling at her to stop doing something or to do something or go somewhere specific... I just hear them say, SHE'S COMING!  And as I round the corner I see a flash of fur already high tailing it to where she shouldda been and away from where she shouldn't have been!  *Winks*  Apparently the mere word SHE, as in Moi, strikes Terror in the Hearts of Men, Children and Felines alike!  *Smiles*

And with Miss Priss it is important to keep that Edge because she was never an Inside Cat until we moved here so she isn't really a House Trained Cat at all and is thus limited to where she can actually be around here.   She panics if she goes somewhere Inside while being Curious and then can't recall where it is she can get back Outside!?  So normally she has to stay in range of the Back Door where she can still see Outside and Freedom.  She also never got completely litter trained and will hawk hairballs everywhere or scratch shit to sharpen her Nails or knead Leather furnishings, so she's got limited range of Villa Boheme'.  As in she can be on the Leather Sofa section that has her Blanket on it... PERIOD!   Where she Naps or watches TV and hangs out with her Human, Princess T... then goes Outside for anything else.

If you have ever owned a Rescue Cat that was previously Feral, a Stray or an Alley Cat you completely understand how limiting their Domesticity can be no matter how many Years you've owned them and they tolerate you.  She used to be a Working Cat at the Old Historic Homestead since we had acreage and numerous outbuildings, but here she's rather in semi-retirement and wary of the Native Predatory Animals that roam around, especially at Night, so we've allowed her a great deal of Inside access for her Safety.  She kinda likes being Inside now, on her Space, in sight of her Beloved Outside when she wants Out and has had enough of Domestic Cat Bliss.

In fact, she's practically the only one that hasn't already come in here and bothered me yet while I've tried to hammer out this Post!   So, right now she's my Favorite.  *LOL*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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