Monday, August 6, 2018

The Good... The Bad... And The Ugly

So, as many of you know I've been on a Nutritarian Dietary Plan for about two months now, in hopes of stabilizing this out of control Diabetic situation.  Since Meds alone, no matter how many they're stacking up or how many injections a day I'm taking, seems to be working worth a damn!   Sometimes the change in Diet seems to be working and I'm getting Normal readings... and then the readings go all to Hell again and I'm doing exactly the same things... so there's no consistency to the results even if there is consistency to my altered Healthier eating habits and increased Med regimen.  *Le Sigh*   This is frustrating, tho' I must say the Nutritarian eating has been no huge sacrifice and I actually like the food well enough to keep sticking with it anyway.  This was some Spicy Vegan fake Chicken Thai Veggie Soup with Veggie Spring Rolls... Nom Nom!   Tom Yum Restaurant has Vegan options for every dish they make on their Menu so it's my new fav place to go with a BFF whose a Vegetarian, so we both have more options there.  Most restaurants you're lucky if they have one dish as a Vegan or Vegetarian option.

The Nutritarian Diet offers me more options than most Vegetarian or Vegan Diets and Lifestyle would tho', now that I'm past the six week mark where it was more limiting temporarily.   The Family is still eating their normal foods with Real Meats, since oddly it isn't bothering me to cook it for them and not eat it along with them and fix my own separately.  I had thought that would be the hard part but Thankfully it has not been... preparing and watching other people eat what I can't and choose not to now hasn't been torturous... whew!  In fact the smell of Real Meat cooking, which used to be an aroma I salivated at when I was enjoying carnivorous eating, now is kinda revolting to me!  So I don't even crave it or feel deprived not having it... I simply don't even want it anymore... strange, huh?   Eating a lot of Fresh Veggies and Fresh Fruits or Salads has meant shopping more often and risking more spoilage... which when you live out in the boonie Rural Burbs near NOTHING and it's hotter than Hell... isn't convenient, but I'm persevering!

I'm eating a lot of Thai Curry dishes with either Vegan Chicken or Tofu replacing the Real Meat versions, it tastes pretty much the same so there's absolutely no feeling of deprivation.  I've had the Panang Curry, Red Curry, Green Curry, Yellow Curry, Massaman Curry... all are excellent at our new Fav Thai Restaurant!   I've made a convert of my Friend to Thai food, which she hadn't had a lot of experience with before dining with me.  *Smiles*   I had hoped to see more weight loss than I'm experiencing thus far... but then again, with Diabetes not being stabilized, weight loss is more challenging just because of the Disease itself, regardless if you're eating right, taking all your Meds and exercising your brains out!  Having some Depression about that has been a constant battle since I'm doing everything they tell me to do and not really seeing significant Positive results anyway.  I'm still trying to get the Referral approved to see a Diabetic Specialist... but the Military provided Health Care Plans are a slow moving behemoth... especially for Retired Military Senior Dependent Status folk like myself!   I think we're at the top of the List on the Hurry Up And Die Plan, I really do!

My new Favorite thing to do when I go Grocery Shopping tho' is to look for the most Unusual and Interesting looking versions of Fresh Foods that I can possibly find!   Heirloom Varieties are particularly diverse in things as simple as a Fresh Tomato.  Visually it's more Appealing and often more diversely flavorful too.   I've also found it inhibits The Force or The Man getting into MY Foods since if it doesn't look like anything they've ever seen before, they are less willing to try it and devour it before I get any!  *LOL*   This is critical since we don't live near any Grocery Stores so it's a Road Trip to buy my Fresh Produce.  Nothing worse than anticipating a nice Fresh meal and realizing your Family ate all of what you had to prepare it with!   And they still have all their Regular Foods that you can't eat now... so you're totally then screwed!  *Arghhh!*  What happened to MY _________ is now the usual phrase around here when I open up the Fridge and find a lot of MY Nutritarian Dietary options suddenly MIA!

 I found Colorful Heirloom Rainbow Carrots... the Crew here Love Carrots so if I only get the Orange ones they'd be gone... but Yellow, Reddish, Purple, Blackish or White Carrots... they won't touch 'em!   So... I used this same tactic with other Fresh Foods that I NEED to have enough of for ME!  *Winks*

Yep, I'm buying more of what The Force call The Ugly Veggies... bwahahahaha!   Now, don't think I'm depriving them Dears of their Regular fare... I just don't want them devouring all of MINE before I get a chance to prepare a single Meal for myself that is in adherence to my new Dietary changes!   Tho' they may try a Red Baby New or Fingerling Potato now and again... those Black ones Freak them all the Hell out!  *Winks*

I have been scouring the Internet Food sites and Recipe Books to find Interesting and Creative ways to prepare various Fresh Foods on my new eating Plan.   The Beauty being, you don't even have to be a Culinary Master to prepare a lot of Fresh and Simple Foods... I've found since eating this way I'm spending less time preparing my own Meals than preparing those for the Family using what I used to eat.   Yes, expense is higher... but you can get creative about shopping in Season and a lot of the Fake Meats are Frozen and in single serving options, so no waste there and it's not like they don't also go on Sale. I'm learning which Brands I prefer, tho' I must say the Industry has certainly perfected the Fake Meats in recent years, I haven't had any so far that weren't delicious actually.   Tofu, Tempeh, Seitan, Textured Veggie Protein, Vegan Meat, Jackfruit, Mushrooms, Lentils, Beans, Legumes, Eggplant... I'm becoming more familiar with these substitutes for Protein.   Everything has been very tasty so I haven't really minded trying new things and substituting many things now.

My one alteration has been that I went back to my Goat Milk and some Dairy rather than the substitute versions of that which tended to overwhelm the taste of whatever you put them with.   Coconut Milk was good but it's very Coconutty!  *Smiles*   Almond Milk was good but it's very Almondy!  And so on and so forth for the alternatives to Dairy and I'm not lactose intolerant so it wasn't something I had to do away with completely, I now just use in moderation... the same with Seafood.   So... it's been mostly Good... some Bad... and of coarse The Ugly!  *Winks*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sounds pretty delicious. I had to laugh at your ugly veggie strategy! You go Dawn!
    Wishing you some good news down the track. Two months is still early days I think.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I think you are right so I'm trying to exercise Patience, not one of my particular Virtues! winks


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