Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Gonk Shows Up 44+ Years Later!

Okay, so remember my Blog Post from only last Night when I was Nostalgically recalling Childhood Favs I've never seen again and Wished I'd kept from my Youth like the European Carny Prize Gonks?   Crazy Serendipity and the Laws of Attraction working at warp speed never cease to Amaze me... the Gonk shows up after 44+ Years and far less than 24 Hours after Blogging about Fad items like the Gonk that I Miss and Wish I'd kept one of!    Seriously, I haven't seen one of these EVER in the U.S. since we returned from Europe in 1974!  So imagine my utter Amazement when we walk into a Goodwill Today and there's a Vintage one from Poland in the Toy Bin, almost exactly like the one I remember having in the early 70's in England and pointed out in Yesterday's Post of a Vintage Pix of a grouping of them!  OMG, I just Blogged about the Gonk Yesterday Night... and he suddenly and unexpectedly shows up after all this time and I got him for a Nickel Today... just WOW!  The Laws of Attraction always seem to work in hyper-drive once you put voice to it!   So here he is, he has Felt and Leather Feet, Rabbit's Fur and Felt Body and Face... he's in remarkable condition for his Age, Felt and Rabbit's Fur don't Age Well and his Body is stuffed Cardboard, also not something that stands the test of Time usually!  I was an excited as a little Kid, The Grandson was equally Amazed, he'd been in the room when I was creating Yesterday's Post last Night and was with me at the Goodwill when I Scored this!   Never discount The Laws Of Attraction working in your Favor my Friends... this is not the only time something like this has happened... and yet EVERY time it does I stand in Awe!  And my Birthday being Tomorrow, well, the Timing couldn't have been more Perfect!

And one of my Beautiful Grand-Daughter's in Mexico, who is a year younger than her Sister, Princess T, sent this pix... which is another Present in and of itself since I cannot watch her grow up in person!   Every Image of a Grandchild makes my Heart Swell!!!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm in awe of the Law of Attraction and how synchronicity appears in life. Now being in Texas for awhile and getting out and about for a bit I realize the lure of antique stores and such. The kids don't have the patience to peruse slowly, but they are going back to school and I might have to switch vehicles with the Hubby so I have a truck bed to take home something big. Beautiful granddaughter. And most of all happiest of birthday wishes to you!

  2. It is always a shocking surprise when coincidences like this happen. Enjoy your Gonk.

    Happy Birthday to you.

  3. Happy early birthday! And yes I love the law of attraction! Magnetism. Let us use it for best possible outcome for our species and our planet!


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