Thursday, August 2, 2018

Monsoon Madness

We have had some of the most fierce Monsoon Storms on Record this Season.  The last one that hit had up to 75 mph Hurricane strength winds and we're damned far inland to be getting those kinds of speeds!  It toppled enormous 100 year old Trees like matchsticks ripping them out of the ground.  It even snapped very mature Tropical Trees like Palms and Date Palms like twigs, bending them sideways to the point they just couldn't sustain the force... tossing them thru roofs of Condos like darts!   People were sharing Videos and Images all over the Internet... some went viral... I snapped a few myself after the Storms of the carnage.   Saddens me when such Ancient Majestic Living Wonders are collateral damage of these fierce Storms... we need all the mature shade we can get in the Desert!


Mourning their loss in the Arizona Desert this day... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. SO sad to see these photos - although they are very powerful and dramatic. It takes decades for trees to grow tall enough to provide shade. What a loss!

  2. Fires here in the west... monsoons in the desert. Climate change catastrophes on the increase. May we as a species do all we can to mitigate.


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