Friday, August 31, 2018

Meditation Room Semi Reveal

With a long time Friend staying with us for a Week we have been furiously tackling the completion of the Meditation Room while I have the present Help, so the full Reveal will be coming soon with Panoramic shots when it's done!   She climbed the Ladder of Death and finished up the high points on the two Walls we painted, which alleviated me having epic Panic and Anxiety Attacks trying to do it myself.  The Decorating and Styling is always the Fun part so we've been enjoying that Process and have gotten so much accomplished in just a matter of days.  I bought a couple of these East Indian Vintage Sparkler Canisters to hold my Incense Sticks and Cones, but most of the contents of the Meditation Room I already had, some of it for Years.

Ivara the Chameleon is Modeling a Sneak Peek of the Room against the Kabuki Red Alcove Wall.  She fell asleep during the Photo Shoot, that's how excited she WASN'T about being a part of the flurry of activity in there, clearly she was completely underwhelmed by it all!  *Bwahahaha!!!*  She's getting quite big, not surprising given the 50 Crickets a fortnight she's been plowing thru lately, she has a voracious appetite!  She's also a fussy eater, she went 'off' the Super Worms and just drowns them when she doesn't want to eat them, she's quite the little cold blooded Assassin!   There's a new Reality Show coming on Tonight about extreme Reptile habitat builders, the Young Prince is envisioning such a Transformation in his Spaces, we'll see... *Winks*

Rugs... I knew I wanted to put down some of my Persian Rugs in the Meditation Room and layer them.   I had been Selling Off some of my lesser favorites to fund some Upgrades around the house, deciding upon those with Reds in them for the Meditation Room.   The Room has fitted Carpet, which was brand new when we bought the house and of exceptional Quality, but I Hate fitted Carpeting and would rather have none in the house at all!  Your Persian Rugs bunch up and constantly shift when placed on fitted Carpeting, which is a pain in the ass, but I wasn't just leaving that Neutral Carpeting without something covering up most of it!  *LOL*  We ended up with four Persian Rugs in there of various sizes.  I just don't have it in me to rip up Carpeting and have Hardwood laid in the portions of our Home that don't already have Wood or Tile flooring.

So Persian Rugs it was... and now the hanging of Wall Tapestry and Taxidermy is underway on the Walls... and Sari Drapery across the French Doors leading out to the Balcony Of Death.   I'm nervous about the Taxidermy, new build Homes aren't substantial enough to just hang your Taxidermy anywhere like in my Historic Home... so you have to place them where there is a stud.  Often the studs are not where you'd prefer to hang any of it, which sucks.  My African Goat Mount is heavy, we don't need him crashing to the ground, so we're figuring out if the Kabuki Red Wall even has a centered Stud to hang him from where we already have the Antique Frame, which will frame whatever Taxidermy hangs there?  That's my preferred location for him since he's Black and White so would contrast Beautifully with the Red Wall.

If not we'll have to default to the much lighter Beaded Ear Deer Mount that will have to go there instead.   I don't really want to put the Goat on the Black Wall so I'm keeping fingers crossed that my stud finder will give me good news Today?    I didn't realize how much Cool shit, ummmm, I mean Fabulous Possessions, I'd accumulated for the express Purpose of Decorating the Meditation Room with it!   Holy Mother of God I got carried away, which isn't all that Surprising... but clearly not all of it can or will be used in the Styling now and I'll have to dispose of it in my Showroom and Booth at the Antique Mall instead.   Well, the Culling and Curating goes on indefinitely around here anyway, so what the Hell... The Purge continues as I refine my Decor and allegedly Downsize.  *LMAO*

I freely confess that I'm not inclined to stop Junquing and looking for Cool Treasures to either upgrade my Decor at Home or Sell off to fund other activities.   I do however still need to continue with the Epic Edit and Purge that has been going on for Years now, of things we'd spent a lifetime gathering and mebbe don't want or need anymore.   As you move around some things just don't fit into the new surroundings like they did in the old surroundings.  Or your tastes have altered enough you want to try something different or change things up from how they were before.   Deciding what to Keep and what to Let Go of continues to be a Process as I'm Decorating New Villa Boheme' and discovering what fits and just goes with the House... or not.

I can't Share any Panoramics yet of the Meditation Room since it's still in progress, but I have taken a few close-ups to Share in a Semi Reveal for this Post.   I had gathered all of my Himalayan Salt Lamps together since I had been Inspired by a Fav Pinterest Image that had a large grouping of them.  Since I had been obsessed with Collecting them over a span of several Years it was nice to see how to Display the Collection for the most Visual impact.   I still need to get some of the battery operated Tea Lights to put in my Collection of Lotus Blossom Votives.  I wanted greenery in the room but don't want to take care of live plants in there so found faux plants I like.   The Grandkids always tease me about my faux Plants looking fake, but tho' I Love living Plants, they require so much care and maintenance.

I'm slowly putting some Vintage Belgian Velvet Runners underneath some of my Vignettes, I probably should have laid them down first.  But, I'll probably keep foofing and changing the Vignettes anyway for a while until I get them how I really want them and find everything I might want to display.   I don't know about the rest of you, but when I'm playing with Styling a Room I might change things dozens of times until I finally leave it alone and like the results enough to keep it that way a while.    I'm presently trying to find some Stands I have stashed away somewhere in Storage for my Egg Collection to be Displayed upon.  I thought I knew where I'd put them all after unpacking them, but lately my short term Memory is just so shot to Hell that I lose things constantly and then have to re-find them again!  *Le Sigh*

I have even bought a few new things, brought them into the house, put them somewhere random and forgotten where I put them instantly!  *LOL*  My Friend whose visiting just located a trio of Antique Glove Forms I bought at the last Event I attended and promptly 'Lost' somewhere in the house!  *LMAO*  We were on a Mission all day, the entire Family, trying to locate those damned Hands, it was driving me Crazy to have misplaced them before I even unwrapped them!   I was so relieved that she located them in the random weird place I had set the bag down!   We're still looking for my 'Shanti' CD of Zen Music that for the Life of me I can't find!   I'm gathering up all of my Zen Music CD's to put into the Meditation Room and that one is my absolute favorite and of coarse the only one I cannot locate... dammit!!!   It's gotta be somewhere in this house, don'tcha just Hate when you can't find something specific and then become totally obsessed with locating it?!?  Or is that just me?!?  *Winks*

In case you were wondering what the Theme was for this Meditation Room it's very Eclectic as you can clearly see.   Kinda a meld of Botanical Organic Cabinet Of Curiosities meets Asia and Old Time Carnival at the Seaside!  *Smiles*  I am not much of a Fan of absolute Themes, the Bohemian in me prefers Eclectic blends that meld into just a hodgepodge of Styles I happen to like and be drawn to.   I Loved my Vintage Carnival Pieces and alas don't have quite enough room to put them all in here since many pieces are quite large.   So I've been scheming on the best way to cram them into the Vignettes without it being Too Much... which The G-Kid Force say it already is... and that I have a lot going on in here!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Okay, so it's ME Decorating and Styling this Space after all so whaddya expect... Restraint?!?   As if that's ever gonna happen, right?!?  *Winks*

I did have an issue with my original Kabuki Red Paint, I'd bought a brand I wasn't familiar with only because they had the Kabuki Red shade I liked best and they were the only ones with that shade.  Well, when we began painting it was runny and didn't go on like the Paint Sample Card at all, it was more Pinkish and I about Freaked out!   The antithesis of Deep Red if you Love that shade would be to get freakin' Deep Pink instead!  *Arghhhh!*   So when it went on Pink I almost Lost it, a Pink Wall made me cringe... had to shut down the whole Project, stop and have everyone patiently waiting while I took it back to the Store for a refund!  Then I didn't know what I was gonna do since I wanted that Kabuki Red and every other quality brand had various shades of Red that I just wasn't diggin' at all.  Most were either Maroon Reds or just too Light a Red, nothing Deep Asian Red.  Luckily I'd kept my Paint Card from the crappy brand and asked the Behr Paint Guy if he could just match it, since I like their Brand best and always had good Luck painting with Behr Paint.  Due to the flash at the top of this Image isn't showing the shade it went on, but it turned out Perfectly Kabuki Red actually.

Once the two Walls were Painted and the larger Furniture moved up and in, the rest of the Project was just Fun as we played with the Styling and Decorating.  It's about 90% Complete now, though the Walk-In Closet will be yet another Project for another time when I'm Feeling particularly Ambitious... hopefully not waiting another five Years?!!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   This much delayed and procrastinated upon Project taught me how much Torment it causes when you just put something off far too long that in Reality, isn't going to take that long once you Motivate yourself to get around to it!   It helps of coarse to have some Help, doing things alone often is just overwhelming, even if it is mostly getting inside your own Head too much and really it's not such a Big Deal, but you Imagine it will be.   I often magnify just how much work and effort something is going to take and put it off because I've exaggerated the whole Process and gotten inside my Head way too much to just tackle it and realize it wasn't so bad after all!

I just think that a Big Move overall was so Epic that it exhausted me to the point that getting Settled in and unpacked seemed to take an absolute Eternity!  In Reality it took just less than 5 Years, but that's still pretty long to be Dealing with The Process, the Mess, not having all your stuff unpacked and squared away, etcetera.   I remember my Nomadic Life when I traveled so Light that Moving was not so Epic and really wasn't a Big Deal at all and took me no time at all to relocate, get unpacked and squared away in a Heartbeat!   Those days clearly are long gone now... staying put and becoming a Maximalist in my Old Age has Created somewhat of a Monster when it comes time to relocate it all!  *Le Sigh*    I think it is hard for anyone who hasn't known me a very long time to realize that I used to have little on Purpose and had more a Less Is More mentality... and liked it that way for a very long time... and then did a 180 and now Too Much is never enough!  *Ha ha ha*

I do think that Previous Me must have left the Building because Honestly, if I had to live in a Minimalist surroundings now I wouldn't Feel at all comfortable or at Peace with it.   I'm prone to actually PREFER my Clutter, so long as it's Organized, Orderly and Displayed rather than Helter Skelter in piles everywhere waiting for disposition.   Lately I've been attempting to banish the Helter Skelter piles from every Room, that too has been a Process since I'm doing the Epic Edit and Purge which has a tendency to Create the Helter Skelter piles in the first place as I decide... Keep... Sell... Donate?    Once I get it into Donate piles that all goes out the Door immediately to some Charity Shop.   So it's more the Sell stuff that lingers as I price it to go into Inventory and then get it to the Antique Mall and Staged for Sale.   That always consumes more Time than you can Imagine it will, and sometimes I don't have the Space for it at the Mall yet and have to keep it around Stored until Inventory rotates with Sales of merchandise already there.

Then there is that disposition and placement of the Keeper items, which sometimes I overthink way too much actually.   I can be very tight with my Vision for any Room's Decor and not want to compromise the Vision one iota.  Other times I'm just very spontaneous and while Decorating a Space just let it Evolve on it's own, which often works out way better than overthinking everything and being too anal about the Vision!  *Smiles*   It's like Blogging, if I just sit down and begin spontaneously Writing my Story and Post Theme, it always works out way better than overthinking... or even thinking at all!  *Ha ha ha*   Right now I'm not thinking at all, I'm just Writing and typing quickly as I try to multi-task and listen to my Friend whose visiting and we're chatting as I also type this Post!   Being very ADHD that can be challenging to try to do two things at once, but I began this Post early before anyone got up... and now Life is just happening and the day has wound down to past 10:00 pm and I wanna get this Post cranked out and finished!  

I knew with having Company staying with us and working on an Epic Project that I'd be away from the Computer too long and begin to have Blogger Withdrawal.   I Love Writing and doing Photography and if I'm away from it too long I've found it takes away from the sense of Enjoyment and Peace it always brings me in the Doing of it.   I find that I'm wanting to get back to it, but finding the Time to if Life is happening and you're interacting with People, well, it can be a juggling act.    I don't want to be rude but sometimes I still Need my Down Time even if I'm Enjoying the Company of others and Socializing, which is always a Joy... so seeking balance of each is best.   Our Routines become important to us, especially as we get Older I find.  It's almost like going back to Childhood where your Routines were important and if interrupted you got a bit discombobulated and Needed to get back to them to Feel Calm... or Calmer.

No matter how much Fun I'm having with other People, if I don't also have my Routine of Quiet Me Time and Down Time also, I begin getting very Tense, Restless and almost Anxious.   Today I did take some Solitary Time away from everyone and everything and it was Restorative.   But I'd walked away from this Post which I'd started before anyone woke up this Morning... and now it's taken me much of the Day to keep going back to it in small increments to try to finish it while having everyone distracting me.  If you have ADHD too, you realize how difficult it is to stick to anything if the slightest distraction takes you off task!   And if you ever wanna get it Done, you just have to be left alone a little while to devote Time to it exclusively or it's likely to NEVER get Done!?!  This Post felt something like THAT all Day... like it might never get Done!!!

And so now that it actually has, over 15 Hours after starting it, I Feel quite the sense of Accomplishment my Friends!   And it's similarities to my Beloved Art Studio Cottage Carriage House at the Old Property made me truly feel at 'Home' again and recapturing something Lost that I hadn't wanted to ever Lose!  *Contented Sigh!*   And I do Hope you've enjoyed my Close-Up Semi Reveals of the Meditation Room... which has also taken Forever And A Day to materialize and come to fruition!   But anything worth having is worth waiting for, right?!?


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Okay, I was getting worried when you weren't posting! The meditation room looks gorgeous! And I agree about aging and routines. In so many ways, there are similarities between and early and later years but because we devalue both, we don't like to see them. Both early and later are more in touch with the big truths - which are really big! - and the big cycles - and maybe that's why there's more a need for routine. I don't know. But it's true. I've always been at home with folks in both those groups and of course, I was a kid once and now I'm moving into my senior years (I'm in my late 50s).

    1. I know it is so unusual for me to be MIA from my Blog for so long ... smiles... hadn't realized how much I wasn't keeping updated here! We're struggling with the hanging of my African Goat Head, he's so large and heavy that we've had two failed attempts so far and I really want him in there so we bought bigger heavy duty screws to anchor him, hopefully, upon the Black Wall. We decided to put my Coyote Mount on the Red Wall, he looks so Cute up there and was very light to hang... lighter than my Beaded Ear Deer Mount. I agree that when Children are fresh from the Father they are more in tune to cycles and Spirit... then when we reach the Senior years we've coming back around full circle before transitioning from Time into Eternity again.

  2. So Happy For You! Your dear friend is helping you to make this long awaited dream happen! Love the red walls and rugs! Anxious to see the completed room video! Blessings!

    1. Yes, I don't think I could have done it without her Help!

  3. It's beautiful! Can't wait to see the full room, but what you're showing already is spectacular. And I love the red walls...

    1. Yeah, I'm so Glad I went with my initial leaning towards the Red Wall... even tho' it's not a hue everyone digs for Walls, for me, along with a Black Wall, it is the very Essence of a Calming environment for me.

  4. So glad for you my friend. And glad you stuck to your guns about the paint colour. It really reminds me of my previous house with some purple and some red walls. A tiny house with lots of personality!
    I too have been missing in action and still will be for a while longer perhaps. Life is taking me away to create and be still. But I just popped in to say hi and see what you are up to. I look forward to the full reveal.
    How wonderful friends are!
    And Ivara turned the perfect green to match.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Creating and being Still sounds idyllic Jack! Thanks for popping in and we're now done with the Meditation Room so the full reveal is coming!


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