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Highland Yard Vintage... And The Haul

It is always a Joy to make it out to the Far East Valley to see Friends and attend any of their Events over on the other side of Town.   Since we live in the Far West Valley it's a trek, but worth it when I finally can get around to it.   This Month I was able to make it to the Fall Kickoff of Events at HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE for the 'Collected Home' theme.    I liked that there was a lot of Fresh Urban Country Styling going on, I'm drawn to that Look and type of Decor even tho' I don't Decorate exclusively with it.   Some might call it Farmhouse Style, but I do think it's got a Modern twist to it that wasn't reminiscent of Farmhouse Styling of the Past.   Yes, it has a very Chip and Joanna Gaines Style sensibility to it, but I actually Like that and wouldn't mind at least a Kitchen done up with it, tho' perhaps not an entire household of it for our Tastes and Aesthetic sensibilities.


I like to be able to see all my Eastside Friends and Family while over on that side of Town anytime I'm over there.   Unfortunately The Son couldn't make it to join me, he happened to be in the Far West Valley that day working... which was kinda ironic!  *LOL*   But I did run into several of my Friends from the Far East Side and it's always a Delight to spend some time with them visiting and catching up a bit.    I didn't have a Shopping Agenda per se, but then when attending any Event I typically don't... if there is something I can't Live without then I'll just know it when I see it!   If budget permits, I'll get it, such was the case during this foray and I was thrilled with what I came away with.  Most were Smalls, but I did have one major purchase that was very unexpected but I hadda have it since I'd never, ever seen one before, and you know what they say about that!  *Winks*  It meant I had to put an Awesome Vintage Biblical World Wall Map back in order to work this into my budget, but I have Maps... I didn't have one of these... wait for it... 

It's a small Antique Cabinet with a lead lined Safe built into it that still has the original Skeleton Key and locks!   Each of the three drawers locks too but doesn't have keys so I may look at my Skeleton Key Collection to see if any fit?  I like that it's Black and I like that it had the Cool Old Safe for stuff you don't want to get Lost around the house and can easily then know where to find, since I'm always misplacing items we need, such as documentation.  Tho' not large it is as heavy as a boat anchor due to the Safe.  I'm always on the lookout for Cool Storage items so I was totally Jazzed to come across this right away.

Here's a close-up of the Safe and it's Skeleton Key.   Whether it has always been a part of this Wooden Cabinet or was married to it at some later date I couldn't tell ya since I've never seen one before and don't know what it might have been used for... personal use or Commercial use of some kind?   Would be Cool to know the History behind it but I couldn't find any markings or dates.


This is the Vignette I found it in just as I walked thru the doors of the Event... I waffled only slightly before deciding, oh Hell, I'm just gonna buy it!  *Winks*  I knew I'd have non-buyer's remorse if I'd passed on it... which is way worse than buyer's remorse lemme tell ya... the ones that get away haunt you FOREVER and become those legendary lamentation stories you tell again and again about how you wouldda, couldda, shouldda!

Since that was my major purchase of the day I knew everything else had to be inexpensive Smalls that caught my Eye and wanted to come Home with me.  *Smiles*   Sure, those can add up, but I was frugal and exercised some restraint even tho' my Birthday is coming up so I could have tried to justify going hog wild I suppose?!  *LOL*

I lingered forever at the Quote Card basket... since I'm a complete sucka for good Quotes that resonate with me and these were inexpensive little nuggets of Wisdom to put in Vignettes around the Home.   Later in the Post I've Shared my Haul of those I came away with... tho' in hindsight I should have picked up that one by Henri Frederic Amiel and a Lewis Carroll one I put back too.

My Talented Friend Trish from VINTAGE BLISS was back at the Event and I bought several Smalls from her and an Awesome Tank Top.

My Tank Top is Grey and has this exact saying only my lettering is in Black... I also got an identical Sticker in the colors of this T-Shirt photographed, which alas, she didn't have in my size or I would have picked up one of those too.  It was butter soft Cotton and I think was either Navy Blue or Black, I'm slightly Color Blind so I can't really tell enough to differentiate those two hues?  In the pix it looks more Navy to me but in person it looked more Black.   I don't wear a lot of Navy, I do wear a lot of Black and Grey so I was Happy with my Grey Tank Top instead in the BMW Size that is super 3x large and super comfy.  I Wish she had still had some of her Tees or Tanks with the "Ringmaster Of The Shit Show" Graphics...

I may have to settle for just a Button when she has some of those... I think it is not only hilarious but appropriate with Mi Vida Loca!  *LOL*  And who doesn't Love anything with Circus Style Lettering Font, right?

I had hoped a Friend of mine was going to be able to meet me there but she had some vehicle repairs going on and you know how long that can end up taking, so sadly she missed this Show, which would have been her first experience there.   I had taken her last Month and didn't know that in July they weren't having the Event that Month due to the weather being just too Hot.  The great thing is you can also visit the MERCHANT SQUARE Antique Mall, which I did and which will be in another Post since I already went long on pixs of the pathological picture taking of the Event and my Haul!  *Smiles*

Okay, so I was slightly worried that I'd be smelling the delicious aroma of the BBQ offered at AMERICAN WAY MARKET CAFE and not be able to resist having meat during my visit once it was lunch time!?   But thankfully they have a wonderful Vegetarian option on the Menu of Bar-B-Qued Jackfruit, which I'd never had before and who knew BBQ Jackfruit tasted so damned good?!?!!  It had charred Mozzarella and BBQ Sauce, it was Divine, my new fav item on the Menu and now I know I don't have to bypass when everyone else is having their BBQ Meats, whew!!!   Now, if you happen to be Vegan they do offer it sans the Cheese.

Honestly, BBQ Grilled Jackfruit now has been added to my Favs of Meatless Wonder Foods for this new Dietary Lifestyle I've embarked upon!   And Yes, I'm still doing OK on said Diet and don't plan to ditch it since it's working out fine for me and my Doc said it was okay so long as I took a Vitamin Supplement if I was no longer going to eat Meat since she said most Vegetarian and Vegan Diets are lacking in some of the essential Vitamins including the B Vitamins.   I had heard this before even from my Chinese Eastern Medical Doc, so not just Western Medicine suggests Supplements if this is going to be a Lifestyle, that is also why I've modified slightly since it's not my intention to go with a harsh or lacking Diet to try to improve Health, especially in my Senior years when it's more critical you get everything essential your body needs.

I really liked a lot of the fabricated Furnishings that were made out of Vintage Salvaged Doors and Windows... this particular Kitchen Island was Awesome!

My Talented Friend Karen Valentine of MY DESERT COTTAGE is also one of the Designers at the Event.   For those of you who are in Lust with the Organic and Colorless Palette Style of Decorating you will Love everything in her Inventory!  I just Loved the Macrame' Jar Covers, it brought out fond Hippie Memories for this Old Hippie of when everything Macrame' was Trendy and I'm Thrilled that Macrame' is making a comeback again!  I never learned to do it but my Younger Brother was a Macrame' Jedi of sorts, he Created some awesome pieces for me in the 70's... including hanging Macrame' Tables, Plant Hangers, Wall Hangings and I even had a Macrame' Bikini at one point!   Somewhere one of my Friends still has a pix of me in that at Lake Pleasant... would Love to have a copy to Share if that Friend ever found it and he sent it to me {strong hint hint and you know who you are}... you couldn't get it Wet for obvious reasons about Water and Jute... but it was mighty Sexy and Scandalous!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

I've told you before how Delighted I am that all things Fall and Halloween are beginning to already make their appearances in the Retail Marketplaces!  These selections of hand-made Fabric Pumpkins were Awesome.  Large Pumpkin Patches of Fabric Pumpkins are a definite weakness of mine tho' I did resist buying yet another one this particular day.  I doubt I'll get thru the Holiday Season without procuring at least ONE more tho' since clearly AGAIN I'm not Creating any this Year, too many other Projects going on!

I did buy more than I initially intended to... but within budget and so I felt like I exercised sufficient restraint and am still focusing on the Great Purge at Home of Curating possessions and Culling a lot that will be bound for my own Retail Spaces soon!   We did get around to the long delayed Project of painting the Walls in the Meditation Room.  Right now we're doing the Black West facing Wall, with The Young Prince's help since he's taller so can reach what I cannot reach on these crazy high Walls!   At first I was anal about doing it all myself for tidiness sake... that lasted about an hour before I was handing out paint brushes to any Kiddo that wanted to get involved!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

Now The Force and all their Friends scatter whenever they hear me say I'm tackling the Painting Project some more... guess being my Minions wore thin quickly, huh?  *Smiles*   Why is it if you tell Kids they can't Help you Paint or whatever, they're literally dying and begging to do it... then when you give them carte blanche to go for it, the enthusiasm dissipates immediately?!?!?!  Wait, this isn't such Fun now that we're enslaved into being her Minions, it seems to dawn on them suddenly!  *Ha ha ha hahahaha!*  The Young Prince does take pity when I'm sweating bullets up the Ladder of Death trying in vain to reach the highest points and having Vertigo anxiety attacks... so he'll tell me to get down before I fall and break a Hip or something and he'll do that part for me... whew!!!

We have decided to limit the Kabuki Red Paint to just one small recessed portion of the South Wall, only because I don't think I can Live without it and perhaps it will ease my Missing of my Old Art Studio Cottage and it's ambiance some?


Because I still do have all of these items and would like to replicate this Vignette on that Wall and it won't look quite the same against any other color backdrop.   The Red and the Black Walls intersecting was something I particularly Loved about my Old Art Studio Cottage converted Carriage House but since it was over 100 years old it lent itself better to those hues than the Meditation Room.  So here we'll keep part of the South Wall, the East Wall and North Walls White to keep it bright and Re-Sale Friendly if ever... 

And I do still have this Awesome Antique Hunting Persian Rug that I want to hang on a Wall in there too, so we've decided it would go best on one of the White Walls to add Color, Interest and an Exotic Vibe we're going for in there.  In the Old Art Studio Cottage it was hung up under a Transom Window of some double Antique Barn Doors we took down.   The Cottage was once a Carriage House and Horse Stable so we had to modify it some to make it People Friendly to utilize and live in.  My Adult Children all took turns living there over the Years and of coarse I used it as a Guest House and Art Studio for Years as well, I sure do Miss that place more than I can tell you!  I don't think I'll ever truly get over giving it up and Selling it in all Honesty.  My Heart was and still is there with the Old House and my Old Community and probably always will be.  Princess T, The Stylist, only wants to get Involved when it gets to the Decorating and Styling part of it in the Meditation Room Project.   She was instrumental in helping to Decorate and Style the Old Art Studio Cottage so she knows the Look I'm going for.

The Force and I have come to terms with Villa Boheme' perhaps being our Forever Home tho' and so we've been daydreaming lately about how we want to Style each of their personal spaces once I'm done with all of mine?   The Young Prince would eventually like to get a good job to help pay for his MIL Suite Transformation he said.  We'd like to rip up the Carpeting in the Livingroom and Bedroom areas of his Suite and replace it with Hardwood Flooring.  We also might like to add to Sage Green Walls, he has a Chalkboard Black Wall... and we'd opt for a Styling meld of Gentleman's Club and Exotic Natural Zen with lots of Plants and Eastern Flavor but Masculine Chesterfield Club Chairs.

We've Googled tons of Images Online to kinda get a feel for Vibes we like, of coarse with it being a New Build Home and not a Historic one we're not able to go for the likes of that which we really Loved in the first two Images... but the last Image was taken at Sweet last Month and he really dug it so that would be more the overall Vibe and Color Scheme mixed with Sage Walls, Wood Flooring and some Gentlemen's Club Furnishings.    I know what elements he's going for and the Queer Eye for the Straight Gramma comes in mighty handy so I often ask for his Styling Advice, he's got impeccable Taste.

But I digress, back to this Event's Imagery and less Daydreaming... Sorry... you know how I get while Daydreaming, I Lose myself and my train of Thought!  *Winks*   I totally Loved the Patina of this Old Cabinetry and the Cubby on top of it... alas, no more room for larger pieces in any of my Spaces... unless I Trade Up someday.

Since our Home is always in a state of constant Evolution I can't say what it might look like Years from now... or even a Month from now, since I change my Mind and my Surroundings when it suits me and I feel so inclined to change things up.   The only constant in our Homes has been Change, not usually all at once, but gradually, over time.   They say every Cell of your Body has been renewed every Seven Years so it's not all that Surprising actually that our Cycles of Change can be just as coordinating with that metamorphosis in what we Like or fall out of Like with over Time.

Some things of coarse don't change all that much, my Love for Architectural Salvage knows no bounds and is eternal I think.  No matter how much of it I Keep or Sell Off, when I find more, especially if it's Cheap or Free, more is coming Home with me!  *Smiles*  I've probably Salvaged and Saved enough Architectural Salvage over my Lifetime to have built several Homes out of it!

While I was at the Event this lovely Ornate Buffet with Gothic details Sold and they were clearing it off to load up as I snapped this.   Clearly this is a piece someone had the cajones to Paint over... I am timid about such transformations of Antique pieces and I'm not that keen on nor skilled at Painting anyway so it's probably just as well!   I do Like painted Furniture tho', and if it's done Well then I'm totally Down for it!   This was an excellent Transformation of an Antique piece with great Bones... I just cringe whenever I see badly painted attempts at Transformations, which sadly abound too.   I think sometimes it is best left up to the Pros who do it this Well!

Now here's a piece I would have Loved to Own if I only had a place for it, this Old Gym Locker U-Shaped Unit... LOVED it!   These are the types of pieces that eventually I would Trade-Up for and get rid of something else to make room for in my Home.

This was a Cute Vignette done in Red and White... I have never done a Room in Red and White... nor Blue and White... but sometimes when I see it Well done it is Adorable... tho' probably not our Aesthetic.

Loved the saying on this little Tag in Trish's Space but didn't pick it up in time and someone else Scored it.   I did however Score a lot of her Tags, I LOVE Tags and I Tag a lot of things in our Home that provide Storage options, the Tags give me the opportunity to write on the backs what the contents inside are lest I forget.   I am Sharing on this Post all of what I Scored, you just haven't gotten to it yet!  *Winks resist scrolling down prematurely because we're almost there, I Promise!*

I know I've gone very Long on this, so Long in fact that Princess T thought I had done numerous Blog Posts and said, REALLY Gramma, it's just been ONE?!?   And rolled her Eyes rather dramatically, she does everything now rather dramatically and in exaggerated form, it's a Tween Thing!  *Winks*   I also went so Long on this that I never did make it to the Grocery Store Tonight to pick up The Man's Peach Tea and some more Sodas so they're complaining all that's left is the Healthy Stuff to drink!  *Ha ha ha*

Now, it's not that The Force is opposed to Healthy Food and Drinks, actually for Kids they usually choose the Healthiest versions of everything and so they say a lot of their Friends think they're total Weirdos.  When Princess T brings her Lunch to School rather than buying what she says is Sure Death Foods the Schools offer, her Friends tease her about the Fresh Veggies, Fresh Fruits and Cheeses she packs for her own Lunches!   It is The Man who is more inclined to resent everything in the Kitchen and Pantry being Health Fare Foods and Beverages!  It's times like that he begins lamenting that he married an Old Hippie whose trying to Kill him with Healthy shit I'm trying to force him to convert to and eat!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Then he'll do something like eat ALL of my Vegan Hotdogs because he discovers, Hey, these are actually very GOOD!  And when I go to make one for myself... GONE!!!  He once ate five of them in a day, which I don't think is Healthy even if it's a more Health Conscious Choice, he's clearly not Getting It, right?  *Winks*   It's times like that when I Wish I hadn't told him my Dear Old Dad's fav saying that he now repeats as his own, "Well, ya gotta Die of SOMETHING!"

The last Image of the actual Event, before we go on to my Scores... is my Friend Karen's Panoramic of her Space... and now... on to the Haul...

Love me some Tags... Love making them, buying them, using them for so many things.   These were some of the Halloween ones Trish had with the Vintage Halloween Kitties Graphics.

Really liked her Sacred Heart Collection too so bought some of those...

Added to my Vintage Carnival Kitsch Collection with this Chalkware Carnival Prize Indian Chief on a Horse.

Also added to my Collection of Vintage or Antique Mason Jars... this one is from 1858 and was a lovely light Aqua hue... for Ten bucks I thought it was a good Deal.

As I said earlier in the Post, I came away with several of the Quote Cards... so have Photographed each one so you can see which Quotes Inspired me the most.   This is one I always try to live my life by, since we never really know anyone's back story and what is indeed going on where the Spirit meets the Bone!   Having compassion for the Unlovely People takes a conscious On Purpose effort, but if we only extend Love to the Lovely, how difficult is that really, not much... the Lovely are easy to Love.   Those who are Kind and Compassionate towards us will automatically be shown Favor.  Our True Test is how we react to the Unlovely and how much unmerited Love and Compassion we extend towards them anyway, in spite of themselves. 

You might have noticed this Beauty in my pix of the Safe Cabinet leaning up against the Wall in the background... I got it 50% Off!   I have a penchant for Beautiful very Ornate Antique Frames, especially the Big Ones... I often use them without anything in them or to frame Taxidermy Mounts on the Walls.

This Quote I got because it is so True and yet sometimes we forget, if we are inclined to be want to be Nice to everyone, to still be Mindful of our designated 'Spot' on their Schedule and 'Value' they've placed upon the Relationship.  When it comes to other people and their treatment of those in their lives... paying attention to such things can put things in a more accurate perspective of what you should invest in... and more importantly Whom.   It is indeed more a reflection of their priorities if you don't fit into a 'spot' on their schedule.   I have always said it is better to go where you are Celebrated, rather than to where you are merely Tolerated. 

I have always Loved this Quote credited to Marilyn... I've had my Grandchildren sometimes ask me if I mind that some people might think I'm Crazy?  I have responded that No, that doesn't bother me at all, I'd be more disturbed if they thought I was Boring!

This Blessing needs no explanation... Namaste'.

This Quote is so Profound it is a pity it isn't Credited to whoever said it first... sometimes the Anonymous among us have the most Sage Wisdom and Advice!

This one really spoke to my Soul, and I Needed it for HERE... since I've struggled with adapting to New Villa Boheme' and inner conflict sometimes still wages as I'm continuously Homesick for my Old Life and my Old Historic Home and Community!   I will look at this one anytime I'm inclined not to feel Grateful and Happy in THIS PLACE and in THIS HOUR.

Some more Cute Boho inspired Tags... Love this Image of a Bohemian Woman.

And of coarse there is Jimi... always Beloved... always Relevant... this is the one and only Vintage LP of his I just couldn't bear to Sell's always been one of my Fav Album Graphics ever.   I've Sold Off almost all of my Vintage Vinyl over the years and now I'm kinda missing not so much the Records, but the Awesome LP Cover Graphics which were mini works of Art.  I'm thinking I may try to find some of my all time Fav Album Cover Art and buy it back, frame them and hang them on a Wall.

A couple more Tags, Trish had such a good price on her Tags that I bought a bundle of 'em.   Haven't had the time lately to get up in the Art Studio Loft and Create more and I Needed more to Tag Storage with as I'm Purging and Organizing possessions.

Now I'll finish this Post with a Goodwill Hunting Score that was quite Serendipity for me.   Sometimes I will get a sudden extremely strong Urge to go to a particular Junquing Location and I always heed it coz it never fails, something is waiting there for me to Discover it and bring it Home.   Had one of those sudden impulsive strong Urges to go to a particular Goodwill and there this was... on Sale since it was Senior Day!   An Awesome Native American Ceremonial piece!

Some close-ups of the Feathers and Fur at the Top...

The Bone and Beads at the Tassel bottom end...

And I think it is a Coyote Head pelt with Antlers and a large Crystal Quartz 'Master Healer' crystal... which leads me to Believe this could have been a Ceremonial object used by a Medicine Man during Healing Rituals?  I am familiar with the Prayer Sticks and Smudge Sticks or Medicine Bags, but don't really know what this Ritualistic Object is called... so I'm trying to research it, if anyone knows, lemme know OK?  Shout Out to my Cousins in Oklahoma on the Rez, ask around and let me know if this is Plains Indian Origin perhaps?   Got it for under $15 so I was Jazzed!   I've had no Luck so far finding anything similar Online to compare it to... and unlike a lot of the more Modern Ceremonial Objects it isn't signed by the Artisan that Created it or tells what it is used for.  It doesn't look Old, but it does look Authentically made for Purpose that is perhaps Ritualistic or Spiritual in Nature.


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. I think this is one of your most interesting of the photos and your words, which sometimes I need-----just to hear someone think outside of themselves for a second. Your posts are a blessing!

    1. Awwww, thank you for the sweet words and I'm glad any Post can Bless anyone in any way! I have such Fun creating my Blog Posts and tidbits of Life.


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