Friday, August 3, 2018

Fabulous Finds

So, I have had some Fabulous Finds lately even tho' I haven't been getting out so much to go on The Thrill Of The Hunt.   Usually when I get a strong Urge to go Treasure Hunting and somewhere specific, it's almost as if the Treasures are luring me there and Calling out to me like a Silent Siren's Song!   Such was the case when the strongest Urge overtook me to go to a specific place that I haven't been on the Thrill Of The Hunt to for Months and immediately Scored this as I walked in... the $4 Antique Persian Rug!   Yes, you read it right, I Scored this Fabulous Find for a mere $3.99 to be exact!  It is a fairly large butter soft Wool Rug with a very tight Quality weave, Fav coloration and Design... in remarkable Condition for it's Age... this is an Old one.

The import tag is long gone and my best guess would be it could be Hamadan, but that is pure speculation on my part.  I just know I absolutely Love everything about it, from the Hues to the Weave being tight and the pile being very low and thin, to the gorgeous Design.   The price of coarse was ridiculous... and I never even bothered to unroll it after I was quoted the few bucks.   So I didn't even know what it would look like in it's entirety, the size, condition, colors or pattern... nor did I Care!  The underside, even rolled up, was enough for me to realize the Quality and that it was The Real Deal that everyone had overlooked and passed by on.   Seriously nobody was even remotely glancing at this Beauty, it was as if Invisible!   Yet it was standing out to me so strongly I couldn't notice anything BUT it as I entered the crowded room and grabbed it up!  Funny thing is, THEN is when folks finally noticed, Hey, Great Rug and began looking Lustfully at it!  *LOL*

Okay, next on my Score Card is a matching Betsey Johnson Summer Line of Necklace and Earrings in a Fish Design... snagged at 80% Off!   End of Season is always when I go trawling for Seasonal Lines of my Fav Fashion Designers that will be deeply discounted as the new Seasonal Line replaces it and comes in.   I'm holding out for a Mermaid Necklace and Earrings that I am Lustful for but cannot afford... Hopeful they go on Sale as well soon, as Summer fades to Fall?!  Yes, I fondled them all Summer at full Retail but knew I could not, would not, swing for the fences.  But, if the only Summer Aquatic Line of Betsey Johnson I come away with are the Pink Fishes, I'll be Okay with that... disappointed that The Mermaids were a Tease all Summer long, but whaddya gonna do, you can't Win 'em all!

Yes, my Birthday is in August... but so is The Young Prince's, just days before mine and he's turning 18, which is rather Special.   Not to mention he needed his Pre-Adult Eye Exam, just in case his Insurance drops him at 18 and doesn't extend him due to extent of Disability?   So my co-pay portion of the New Glasses expense was $130+ to make sure the Kiddo can still see after he gets emancipated and considered a full fledged Man.   *Smiles*   Along with replacing the Screen on Princess T's Cell Phone, after she fell down the stairs with it in her hip pocket and trashed the Screen bouncing down the flight of stairs on her ass... well, there's another $140+ outlay this Month so... just sayin' August won't be the best Month to buy Pressies for Self that are spendy!  *Pouting Petulantly!*

But, we sure did have a lot of laughs at the Optometrist when one of his Eyeballs dilated much longer than the other one!   So he had the Psychotic Shark Eye Look in just one Eye... just one Psychotic Eye for a change, how funny was that?!?   BTW I know I've often talked of Shark Eyes being a telltale sign of Psychotic Episodes in the SMI Child or Adult... this is what I'd be talking about... their Eyeballs dilate exactly like that, sometimes even larger than that, but without the Optometrist Medication inducing it.   I like to call it The Darkness leaking out of them and the Eyeball's Pupil responding to the Darkness within in much the same way it would respond to the external Darkness causing Natural dilation.   Our Rep at the Optometrist is a Riot, she took this pix for us... so she's just as Crazy as our Family and with a real hilarious Gallow's sense of Humor, so she's clearly one of Our Tribe and we just Love her and laugh our asses off every time we come in.   There was a Family in there buying Glasses for their obnoxious Elementary Age Daughter who was a totally out of Control Bebe's Type Kid.  Acting buck Wild and trying to hold about 20 pair of the Sample Glasses at once {no exaggeration, she really was trying to hold at least that many at once}, dropping them all over the place constantly and the idiotic incompetently annoying Parents just thought it was Funny and didn't try to deter her behavior!  Well, just the Knowing glances the Rep shared with us about it... well, we all broke down laughing hysterically... no Words necessary about what we ALL were clearly Thinking!  That Family were still Clueless... well, ya can't fix Stupid or Shame some people!  They probably ruined about two Dozen of the Store's Sample Frames with the ridiculous manhandling!

One last pix of my Fab Finds... a Dollar Score... yep, just a mere buck for this Old Mailbox Slot turned into an Oak Piggy Bank!   So how's your Junquing forays gone lately my Friends?


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. That fish necklace is crazy good! Love it.

  2. Hello.. You got lucky to find the mailbox bank !! I have been searching for one for a long time !!

  3. OOOh, nice snags, Dawn. Love the Betsy Johnson---I know we snagged a few bags at Homegoods a month ago. But, the jewelry gets snagged so fast here. Fun Post!

  4. I'm jealous of that rug! I just had to make one of my mine a backyard rug --- because it was just too hard to get all the cat pee out of it. And yeah, I know MANY ways to do that but at some point, it's TOO DAMN HARD --- plus... CARPET MOTHS! Very hard to deal with - big population of them here now where I live. So -- rug went to the backyard where it will live for a long time as an outside rug. Sigh. When old kitty moves on to UNDER THE RUG outside --- aka to spirit land and pear tree cemetary -- then I can try to find "new" rug. Shark eye pic amazing!


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