Thursday, August 9, 2018

Curious Nature... The 18th Birthday Celebration Outing

So the Morning didn't start out so well, The Young Prince was overcome by Emotion at the prospect of turning 18 this day, the end of Childhood can be a daunting transition and he had an Emotional Meltdown being overwhelmed by it all!   He didn't have it all figured out yet, this thing called Life... as if one would at the turning of 18 and suddenly ending Childhood and stepping into Adulthood!  *Smiles*   Hey, I don't have it all figured out yet, this thing called Life, and I'm in my 6th Decade of doing it I says to try to take the Edge off... Gee Thanks Gramma, now I'm even less comforted he joked!  But the Anxiety attack ceased as I got him to laughing about it and we decided to go out and have our Fun Birthday Celebration Outing, his choice of activities and destinations.   No, I will not let you stay home and wallow dramatically I commanded... and he grinned broadly.

Our first destination was IHOP for his fav Crepes since we were both starving as I'd had a very long Doctor appointment with some rushed Lab Work that didn't get done last Week.  Because, it had been on the calendar but didn't say whose Labs so I'd inadvertently taken The Man in to the VA for his Labs by mistake! *LOL*   He wasn't scheduled but they did it anyway and it never dawned on me that it was ME that should have been getting the Labs done instead at the Base Clinic before my own appointment this Week... Ooops!!!  *Bwahahaha!*  Hey it's not the first time, I've taken the wrong Kiddo in for an appointment before now... it's an Old Timers kinda Thang!  *Winks*   This is what happens when your Calendar scheduling becomes too hectic with appointments overlapping and everyone having Medical and Dental needs simultaneously!

The next destination was to be a new Exotic Pet Shop, CUSTOM CREATURES, that he'd found online and we were trying to locate Downtown that specialized in Reptiles.  We had the coordinates and were right about where it should be on Google Maps, so I see the word Exotic and turned into a small strip mall only to discover I'd accidentally pulled up to an Exotic Massage Parlor by mistake!!!!!   Ummm, Gramma, I know I just turned 18, but this is an Exotic Massage Parlor, I think I'll Pass... Oooops!  *Bwahahahaha!*   I don't care who you are THAT is Funny as Hell, right?!?  We laughed all the way to the Exotic Pet Shop, which was just slightly further down the road!   The Exotic Pet Shop was creepy Awesome and had so many Exotic Reptiles and Species you cannot find anywhere else, he was mesmerized.   Their prices were way more reasonable than Big Box Pet Shops too, shouldda gotten his Chameleon from there and will be getting Ivara's live food there from now on... way less expensive for larger quantities.   This hidden gem is located at 10727 N. 19th Avenue in Phoenix.

Onwards we went to CURIOUS NATURE which is one of our Favorite Shops in all of the Valley, if you are a Fan of Oddities, Curiosities and Natural Wonders this is a one stop Shop for it all!   They have everything from Air Plants to Human Skulls... Minerals to Entomology... Taxidermy to Wet Specimens... Animal Skulls to Unusual Jewelry... Himalayan Salt Lamps to Antique Ouija Boards.   They also often have Work Shops and The Grandson and I want to sign up one day for one of their Taxidermy Classes.   We decided, since we were Celebrating Birthdays {Mine will be on the 16th and his was Today} that we'd buy some of the Surprise Gift Boxes that are filled with an unknown assortment of Treasures from the Shop.   We also picked up some known Treasures, he got a Bone Knife and I got a set of some Bug Marbles with Entomology Specimens encased inside. 

We were Happy with the contents of our Surprise Gift Boxes... various Entomology in Lucite, Fancy Shells, Crystals, Minerals, Rabbit's Foot, Wet Specimen.   We did end up Trading one of our Entomology in Lucite with each other, since he wanted my Cicada and I wanted his Iridescent Green Beetle.  Buying the Blind Surprise Boxes is Fun because you never know what you're gonna get, but anything from this Shop is gonna be Perfect to add to our Cabinets of Curiosities.  I could do a lot of damage to my budget in this Shop!  *Smiles*   Wandering the Shop is a Delight so if you're ever in Downtown Phoenix around Central and Camelback, stop in... it's at 5032 N. Central Ave.!

Our next destination was Baskin Robbins, he's not into Cakes or Pies, but definitely wanted to see which 31 flavors of Ice-Cream he was Jonesin' for this day!?   The Kids are a riot about Ice-Cream tho', take them to an abundance of flavors offered and they're almost always going to choose one of the most basic classic flavors like Strawberry or Vanilla anyway!  *Smiles*  Yep, it was Strawberry Today for him... I went with a more Exotic choice.   I don't crave nor eat Ice-Cream very often, not a big dessert person.

Which brings me to my Doc appt. this Morning, which went fairly well but they've bumped me up to yet another injection daily... dammit!   But I didn't let it bring me down, we were determined to have our Fun day out and not worry about Health Issues this day or have it stress me out.   I'm eating healthy, exercising and even completely changed my Diet eliminating Meats, reducing Dairy and limiting Carbs... so that's about all I can do along with the host of Meds and injections I take daily now!   Since The Young Prince had began his Morning rough Emotionally he was pretty spent by mid-Afternoon and said we'd had enough Fun and he wanted to go Home early... it had been Enjoyable for us both.

And now I'll just leave you all to Enjoy the rest of the Pretty Pictures... since I've now got a Tween squeaking that she simply MUST go to Wal-Mart to pick up MORE School Supplies she suddenly NEEDS desperately before Tomorrow!  *Le Sigh*   She's felt very neglected and sulky since it was her Big Brother's Special Day and he didn't particularly want 'The Entourage' in tow with he and I for any of it... plus she had School so had to Imagine all of the Fun she was missing out on ... *LOL*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Happy Birthday Young Prince or should that be Old Prince? Congrats Dawn on all the child raising!
    We have two years to go but Miles is so tall and hirsute he is mistaken for a man.
    I think Mohawk dreads sound awesome!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I know, they grow up so fast! One more to go and five year countdown... ha ha ha... don't think I'll be an empty nester by then since they can stay as long as they need or want to, but once grown the pressure is off quite a bit as they begin to find their own way in Life as Adults.


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