Friday, July 6, 2018

The Things I'll Do For Love

I can't take any of the Credit Today for all the Wonderful Imagery, it's all gleaned from Pinterest Favs I've Saved.  I'm just too lazy to run around taking pixs when it was already over 100 degrees in the shade at nine o'clock in the Morning, what can I say?!   I did have to unload an enormously heavy three piece Vintage Industrial Cabinet I'd bought for The Young Prince's Chameleon to set on, which his Dad will be buying him for his upcoming 18th Birthday.  What was I thinking!?   Not just about buying a ridiculously heavy, yet Cool, piece of Furniture to schlep out of the Truck and UPSTAIRS no less, in this intense Summer heat... but also about agreeing to a Reptile in the damned house?!?  *Bwahahahaha!*

Well, his new Pediatrician, that was giving him his last Childhood Well Check and writing the Letter of Disability that the VA will require for him to remain in the status of our 'dependent', now Adult Disabled Child, said the swivel eyed critter would be good for him.   A Calm Pet that would give him a Reason and Purpose to WANT to get up out of the bed each day.  Which when you have a Child with severe Clinical Depression and Suicidal Ideology, who cannot take their Psyche meds anymore to remain stabilized due to it wrecking his Health, well, that IS pretty important!    He miraculously wanted it so badly that he cleaned up his room and has kept it immaculate!  *Gasp!*  I had to pinch myself... no more Hoarder Episode flashbacks when I now enter what used to be the bowels of Hell up there in his personal Spaces!  *Whew!*

He used to Hoard up his trash and empty cans, literally... and dirty dishes... and Trays... and Silverware... and random wadded up papers... until it would reach critical mass!  Then I'd have to give him a Health Dept. spiel about no living thing should ever live like this and I'll have to condemn the space if we didn't get it in order!!   Such is Serious Mental Illness, the speeches never worked, helping him get said spaces un-hoarded and sanitary again never worked... but having a Chameleon need to move in worked like a charm... go figure!!!!!   It will be important that my Chameleon have a good, organized and healthy environment he says... well, OK... if that Works I'll damned sure Work it my Friends!  *Winks*   Said Chameleon has become attached to him since he's visited it for the past Month or so while he and his Dad tried to get me on board to house it here... along with it's Food sources, which will be Bugs!  *Ewww!*

Said Chameleon has "Issues" which is probably Why they Bonded so closely... I didn't even know these creatures recognized individual Human Beings and had preferences for us?!?   It's an older one who Hates everybody... so he could relate to that... Bwahahahahaha... except it J'Adores HIM and when it sees him it goes from the back of it's Tank where it's angrily brooding and all Black, to the front and scratching the glass to try to get to him!  As it then turns all Green and other Colors and Stripes it has, because now it's Happy it's Human has showed up again and wants to handle it!   Apparently the Staff said it doesn't like to be handled by any of them or any other Customer that has ever showed up, it has even bitten some!  Which is why it's grown out of Juvenile Status and is on price reduction now!  It cuddles up to my Grandson and it's expression visibly changes from a scary looking angry creature to actually one that can be as Adorable as a Reptile can get I suppose!?  *Smiles*

So... what if your Sister and I have to babysit him tho' and you're not here for the feedings and other crap you have to do to Care for Reptilian Beings?   What if he Hates us as much as he Hates everybody else I query as we stand in front of his Tank... only oddly it didn't seem to Hate either one of us... it must be desperate to get sprung from Pets Mart!?  *Bwahahahaha!*   I couldn't post Bail coz all his paraphernalia he'll require is spendy and Pets Mart wouldn't let me just pay for him to put him on Hold.  *Le Sigh*  Until the Dad shows up in less than a week to bankroll a couple hundred bucks for all the other crap that will transform into Reptilian Heaven here at Villa Boheme'!   So my only job was to find a suitable Metal super sturdy Cabinet for it all to sit on and have Storage for all the Chameleon's crap, which is pretty extensive.  This is not like having a regular Domestic Pet that just requires mundane kibbles once you Adopt it!

So, The Young Prince also had to adjust me to the cuisine said Reptile will also require, which is all Alive... and Creepy... and I ain't touching except with Chopsticks and only if I have to briefly babysit my Great-Grand-Reptile!  *LOL*  Crickets, well, they better not get out in your Room coz their noise drives me Crazy I says and I have a mini Heart Attack if they jump on or at me!   Meal Worms, shit, I didn't know those damned things have LEGS and could grab at me with their six little appendages... Chopsticks... will NEED to handle those with Chopsticks too!  *Shudder!*    I asked Princess T if she's as creeped out as me about all this shit?!   Apparently she's totally NOT a Girly Girl enough to be, she thinks it's all Cool and an Honor to learn how to babysit her Big Brother's swivel eyed Pet and feed it something Alive... OMG, I had completely forgotten about the Wednesday Addams Factor of this Child... LMAO!  Only now she's asking how old she has to be to get a Hamster?!?  Shit... look what he's started!

I just Pray the damned thing doesn't get Sold to anybody else before his Dad shows up to get it all for him or we'll be running damage control behind that Epic Crisis and Mental Meltdown!?   Perhaps it's a Good Thing it seems to Hate everybody else, that should put most people off sufficiently to choose a Friendlier Reptile?!  *LOL*   The other good thing is that the Vintage Industrial Cabinet I chose was 15% Off plus he'd Won a $5 Gift Card at our Antique Mall.  It has 48 File Cabinet Style Recipe Card sized Drawers with Labels above the Handles that go into two inserts that sit upon the Shelving Unit.  He's giving those inserts with Drawer Storage to me, just because he knows how much Small shit I like to Hoard up and Stash/Store away, plus he didn't really Need those as much as the four tiered sturdy Metal Shelving Unit for his Chameleon and it's shit.   So it was a Win-Win for him and yours truly, only getting it all Upstairs required major dismantling, brute strength and tenacity!   Did I tell you I can summons brute strength whenever I HAVE to, even in my Senior Years!?  The Man and Grands like to joke that ALL CRAZY PEOPLE CAN... whatever... Winks!

And talking about Crazy and Coincidences, whenever I'm thinking upon Someone strongly, they always then have a strange strong Urge that they cannot explain to just call or contact me, because I've suddenly been so much on their Heart and Mind that they just HAVE to, even if they don't know Why?!??!   So my Realtor called me this Morning, he felt awkward since it wasn't about 'business' and he never just randomly calls a previous Client just to say Hi, so he'd been wrestling with making the Call since it would just seem Weird!?  *LOL*  Not at all I say and tell him Why... and we discuss the PV Property that I almost called him on and The Man had told me to call him on, but that I'd talked myself out of for practical reasons.  At exactly the same Timing I'd suddenly been on his Mind and he had no Idea Why?!?  We talked candidly about the place...  I Love it, I Want it, Ideal Location and Zip Code, great Price, fab Home, motivated Seller... just too much Cool Crap I wouldn't know what to do with in an Epic immediate Downsize?!?   He gets it, he's seen our Home... if I had six Months I couldn't get this staged sufficiently to Show it.  Crap, getting one Industrial Cabinet into the house was all I had in me for a whole Day... I'm DONE Todaying for Today after it in fact... so another Move... Forget about it!  *Le Sigh*  But if I can't have it then I'd like for him to be the one to Sell it to someone else, so he's been turned onto the Listing at least now for the right Buyer.


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I hope the lizard is still there, they are meant to be together. Being in Texas I now understand waking up and it already being hot as shit. I too summon people all the time when I think of them. Have a great upcoming week, and stay cool when possible.


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