Thursday, July 26, 2018

Testing Zen

I've had my Zen Tested in recent days but I must say it's holding up mighty fine under the circumstances coming up against it!  *LOL*   I am certain that has a lot to do with Balance, leading a Balanced Life is crucial to ride out the Storms of Life that will surely come.   I've come back to Center by spending crucial Me Time doing enjoyable things with enjoyable people in my Life and holding other things up in Prayer in Private time with the Lord.   You can't take it all too Seriously all of the time, even if it's some Serious shit that happens that you simply must Deal with some kind of way as effectively as you can muster.   Some shit just won't sort out or shake out tho', so that shit you just have to turn over to the Lord to Deal with on your behalf.  I don't care how hairy the shit is, I know He can handle it even if I can't.

I woke up on my Girl's Day Out on Wednesday to a Sugar Ant infestation in the Livingroom!   Princess T had been Glamping in the Livingroom in her Tent ever since the Cricket Escape Fiasco Upstairs... I'm pretty sure her snacking in said Tent lured the pesky lil critters inside!   Now, one would think that since a lone Cricket escaping to her Room Upstairs had completely unhinged her, that an Ant infestation would have sent her right over the edge, right?  Nope, for some reason Ants don't nearly Freak her or The Man out like they did me when I saw an Army of them filing thru my Livingroom carrying off their tiny fragments of the Glamping residue haul!   It was like their personal Woodstock, they'd all come for the Party!  *Eeek!!!*

I immediately called my Friend to say I'd be running late while I Dealt with the Ant Apocalypse traipsing around my Livingroom!    Ant Hotels were immediately dispensed everywhere before I left for my Fun day out... since Visions of Ants swarming over sleeping Children is the stuff of legendary Horror Movies!  Made her take her Tent down and sleep on the Sectional until we got it up under control, haven't seen an Ant since... so dodged a bullet there!   Had the Fun Girl's Day Out, which was timely since it took the edge off stress just enough to Deal with this Morning's Crisis at 2:00 a.m. ... because the bigger Crisis do seem to hit at the craziest hours, right?!   I was awakened to The Young Prince holding Ivara, the Chameleon, in her Cage at the threshold to our Bedroom at 2:00 a.m. saying it was over Ninety Degrees Upstairs!   We've had a record heat spell of longest consecutive days over 116 degrees so wouldn't ya know an Air Conditioner would decide to go on the fritz in the wee hours!!!  *Le Sigh*

Lucky for us, the upside of having the Luxury of Villa Boheme' is that it has three separate Air Conditioning Units, one for Upstairs, and two for various parts of Downstairs, it's a ridiculously large Home with plenty of Room.   So we put he and Ivara up in the Guest Bedroom Downstairs while I Deal with the Air Conditioning Crisis.   Which particularly pissed me off since it's the EXACT SAME UNIT we JUST had repaired less than TWO MONTHS ago and spent a couple hundred bucks on with what the Warranty didn't cover!!!   We have a Home Warranty, and that's been a huge Blessing and important Investment, since New Build Homes are basically built like shit IMO and break down much more often than Historic Ones... which you'd at least expect to start breaking down around the Century mark!   I did not want the same inept Company sent out again so I opted to pay for a brand new Service Call Fee to have a different, hopefully more competent Technician from a different Company, sent out this time and with the request for a Senior Technician, since this was a repeat problem within the past sixty days!  The whole point of Home Warranties is NOT to have expensive out of pocket repairs after all!

I must say our Home Warranty Company has been decent and covered the vast majority of endless repairs this Fancy Home has required in just under Five freakin' Years!   Historic Bohemian Valhalla was over a Hundred Years old and didn't require this much Maintenance and outlay financially, just sayin'... I ain't used to this shit!  I sorely miss the Old Gal for a helluva lot of reasons, that being just one of many of them!   But I digress, we're not going THERE Today, with my Homesickness for da Hood and the Old Homestead.   That's the Past, this is the Present... I'm trying to just Deal with the Present while Living in the Moment.   So I call the Home Warranty people who hook me up with one of their Prime Air Conditioning Companies that had allegedly zero complaints.   That Company then calls me to Schedule the repairs... A WEEK from now... since, well, it's the Season and at least we aren't one of the numerous poor Souls who only have one Air Conditioner on the Home which is on the fritz and would thus be dying right about now!   God help those with only one on the Home and that has malfunctioned in the height of a record breaking Summer, we can stay Cool living Downstairs exclusively with two Units still functional.

Ivara was not Happy, this is yet another New Environment for her being transferred to, so we're back to square one with her Transition Period.  She's all kinds of Dark sulky stressed out colors right now and giving everyone the Swivel Stink Eye!  *LOL*   She's stress eating and devoured all of her Spotted Roaches... which I was OK with since I didn't want them living Downstairs with us too during the temporary relocation.  *Smiles*   The Worms are Upstairs in his Fridge so they didn't have to be relocated until repairs are done... I'm pretty sure it's about a million degrees Upstairs now.   The Young Prince asked if he might strip down and still do his Gaming up there if he promised to stay hydrated?!?  Lord Jesus, such is Gaming Addiction with these Young People... Heaven Forbid they miss the interaction with their Gaming Peers because it's a million degrees right now in the Room that has their Video Game Console and PC hooked up!    *LMAO*   Yes, but if I find you fainted up there or have a 911 incident, you have to come down and just go thru Gaming Withdrawal I says.   He's got his Hair up in Man Bun and is probably pretending he's doing Hot Yoga up there coz it's like a freakin' Sauna... whatever... you can't reason with a Man Child!

On a Positive note I Scored this Amazing ornate Asian resin Urn for a Song at our Antique Mall because it has some very slight condition issues.   It's got a lot going on in the way of carved graphics so I just Love it and the slight damage is almost indiscernible because it's so 'busy' visually.   I've bought a fair amount from this Vendor because they Source some really nice Asian Art pieces and their prices are always excellent.   This isn't one of their Vintage pieces but it was so cheap I didn't care and it will eventually go up in the Meditation Room.  Which, BTW my Friend and I were gonna start Painting... but now that it's a million degrees up there that Project is on Hold yet again for when it's Air Conditioned Space again!!!  *Le Sigh*   Ah well, I've procrastinated this long and the contents that will move up there are strewn all over Villa Boheme' right now, so what the Hell is another Week or so, right?!!?!?!   

Actually, I suspect I have too many Cool Zen pieces that I've accumulated for that Meditation Room so whenever it does get Done, I'll probably be Selling Off some Fab excess at the Antique Mall.   Do you ever do that my Friends, get carried away with a projected Space's Decor and end up with Too Much that you must then Edit and Purge?   I always seem to do that and then the Editing and Culling must begin as I Curate the Space to Just Enough instead of Too Much.  *Le Sigh*  It is a Sickness I rather Enjoy tho', so I'm not likely to alter too much the Quest for Cool stuff and the Thrill Of The Hunt.   I don't mind Selling Cool Zen pieces in my Antique Mall Spaces or being known for such Inventory, since it is my Essence to surround myself with such things at Home or at Work.  Often my Spaces are just an extension of Self and my various Loves and Aesthetic.  Well, except for the Collectible Toys I've been hawking of late, which are Selling excellently as we Sell Off the G-Kid Force's Childhood now that they've outgrown it all!   It's getting me thru the typically soft sales of Summer so I ain't complaining!!!   I'll gladly be Vintage and Collectible Toy Lady for the Season so long as it's making Bank!!!  *LMAO*

Actually Toys and Smalls are an Easy Sell... tho' I would PREFER to Sell only the highest Quality Good Stuff, that's a Harder Sell and I'd rather have the quick turn and make Money than be a Purist any day!  *Winks*   I mean, that's the POINT, right... not to just have a Showroom and Booth full of Cool great Quality shit that nobody is buying all that often... my Spaces are not a Museum or Warehouse!   It's a shame but Truthfully, that's what it's come to... the Antique Business ain't what it used to be... those days are over... and those stuck in the heyday of the Past are usually losing Money rather than making Money nowadays and barely hanging on for dear life.  Perhaps the Past heyday will Resurrect, it would be Nice, and some things will increase in Value if they Trend and people want them.   But things are only really worth what someone is willing to pay for them right NOW, that's Reality.   So sad to me when peeps come in to ask us if anyone wants to buy their Antiques and Collectibles they have inherited or Collected and Believe they will get full Retail or even Perceived Value which is no longer accurate and highly unlikely.

Those that overpaid during a heyday of any piece are unlikely not to take a loss now and accepting that can be a bitter pill to swallow.  Those that held on too long and didn't Sell when they could have maximized profit missed the window of opportunity that often closes up and passes them by.   Some things have remained stable or increased, but much more has taken huge hits in Value since the Era when Antiques and various Collectibles peaked in Value or were all the Rage.   Trends really help, ride a Trend and make Bank quickly off of it is usually the best advice I can give if you're a Seller.   If you're a Serious Buyer or Collector, buy before it Trends or when nobody else wants or likes it, or has no idea of Value yet, to get your Best Deals on what you Love.  If you are into Re-Sale, try to set the Trends and Merchandise or Stage items in such a way that it is most Appealing and people can Visualize it as their own Style.  You know you've been on to something when people start to Copy you or when the items now become Mass Produced!  *LOL*   Then move on to the next... Imitation being the Highest Form of Flattery, don't sweat the copycats... they only have to copy because they don't have a slew of original Ideas to draw upon or they really dig whatever you've done and want to emulate it if perhaps they can't afford yours.

Let's face it, not everyone CAN afford The Real Deal but almost anyone can afford a Knock-Off, that's just Fact.   I don't begrudge the Knock-Off for that reason, or those who hawk them... I've bought Knock-Offs too when The Real Deal was unfortunately out of reach financially but I really wanted something LIKE it.   The Imitation of anything has it's Purpose and Place in the Market.  Consummate Collectors will eventually Save Up or Trade Up for the Real Deal or very best that they can possibly afford... that's a Fact too.   Price Point after all fuels any Market... if your stuff ain't Selling... perhaps checking your Price Point could be explored.   Nobody wants to feel like they overpaid for anything... I haven't met even the Wealthiest Buyer than didn't want a Good Deal and wouldn't resent feeling price gouged or taken for a Sucker.   The End Of The Rainbow Customer sometimes exists, but it's Rare... the Rabid Fan that will pay anything for a particular Brand, even if it's gone into the stratosphere, is also a very narrow demographic of specific Buyer.   Part of my Zen Balance is in finding those things to DO that I Truly Love and feel Purposed to be Doing... Found Treasures still gives me that Rush and Balance to the Chaos that can be Life.



Here's to Keeping or Getting Back to Center and staying True to Self... And Living A Balanced Life... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It is such a shame you couldn't feed the ants to the reptile!

    1. OMG that's too Funny coz my Grandson told me he could put Ivara down there and she'd take care of the 'problem'... but since Jackson's Chameleons are not Native Species to AZ Desert I was concerned if Desert Ants might be toxic to her? So we didn't do it... but hilarious you'd mention it! LMAO

  2. Omg, yea, let the little bugger go loose to get those ants...LOL. OMG< I laughed so hard at this...I had the two boys...with all sorts of critters and fish and turtles and Ickies.

    1. I know, tempting to if I thought for a minute no Desert Bugs might be toxic to her, don't wanna risk it given the huge Investment she was... spendy Lady she was! *Ha ha ha*


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