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Sweet Salvage & The Myth Of Downsizing

I made my Monthly Pilgrimage on Opening Day to the SWEET SALVAGE Event with 'Where In The World' as the Theme.   My Imagery didn't turn out half bad this time, I think I just took my time and didn't rush thru trying to capture everything thru the Eye of my Lens so quickly, before it got Sold.  The results of slowing down to a more leisurely pace seemed to have paid off in more ways than one.   I got there late, but thankfully due to the heat and humidity, a lot of people did, so as not to suffer standing in line outside in it... and so there was still good parking to be had.  {Insert Sigh of relief!}

The backlog at the door as they opened was another piece of Serendipity since the Vintage European Grain Sacks I'd wanted were just inside the door in the first Vignette on my Left.  I might have missed them if I'd hurried thru the door so as not to bottleneck the entry myself upon entering.   So I scored my two Old Linen European Grain Sacks immediately, the one I'd seen in the FB Preview Post Imagery and another equally stunning one with stripes and monogrammed initials.   The price on them was outstanding, they are the huge bolster sized soft Linen with Boro mending from Europe.  I had intended to only buy one to stick with my modest budget, but at that price I could easily buy two... booyah!

I would have also liked to have sufficient budget to expand my Loving Cup Collection since there were many mighty fine specimens... alas, not within budget at all so I wasn't even tempted.   That one in the middle really wanted to come Home with me tho'... but the good quality Loving Cups now typically are no longer affordable for me.  So that Collection has stalled out considerably in recent years.   I did score my Phrenology Head, it just happened to be in my Friend Michelle's section and she just happened to ask what I'd come for?  So that was another piece of great Serendipity since everything I'd come for I had acquired within the first five minutes upon entering!  Now I could relax and focus on Photography and Coverage of the Event!

Don'tcha just Love it when things come together seamlessly like that?!  I also bought an inexpensive Cassawary Egg and a Gypsy Curtain Panel that my Talented Friend Minnie of VINTAGE MINNIE had Created.   The Panel had often been used as a Display and I just Loved it, so I was beyond excited to see it now for Sale and at a very good price.  There were two Panels and had budget been healthier I would have Scored both of them... the other one Sold right away too, not surprising.

So of coarse I have to Show Off my Haul and not just tell you about it... so here we go... winks... my Gypsy Curtain Panel which is Created from various patchwork of Burlap Sacks and edged with Brown Velvet and Grey Muslin with Grey Muslin Tiebacks.   I will probably embellish it with Antique Brooches and Old Lace Doilies once I hang it on one of the Inner Courtyard's Inside Windows.  This Home has a lot of Windows and Natural Light, but in the heat of Summer it's nice to have pretty Panels that either tieback during temperate Months or can be untied and pulled across during the brutally Hot ones.  Burlap and Drop Cloth Material hold up well against the Sun's rays and don't deteriorate quickly on the side that the Sun ravages like most materials would. 

Here's my big Egg... there had been a speckled one but alas someone snagged that one before I could find and get to that Vignette first.   I know that if I'm not fortunate enough to Win a VIP entrance before the doors open, that's always a risk no matter how early you arrive to get in line first.   You might be first in line and still lose out to the fortunate few who Win early VIP entrance, so it's always just a matter of who gets to it first.  That's why I never set my Heart to any particular thing and am fortunate not to really Need anything else, so if someone else gets it, no grudges held.  *Ha ha ha*  It's also made me lazier about arriving way early and enduring the discomfort of being in line in hopes to snag something I wanted... not a lot of point to... your Odds are about the same whether you do or you don't.

My Reproduction Phrenology Head, been wanting one of these for ages but most come in White rather than this nice Sepia... and the Real Deal ones are impossible to Find let alone Afford, so now Color me Happy!  *Winks*   If one day I Luck Out and Score a Real one, at a price I could swing, well, then I'll Trade Up or just have two, which is just a mere one away from calling it a Collection, right?!  *Smiles*


And here is the main thing I came for, the Vintage European Grain Sack on the Left... but since it was less expensive than I anticipated, I was able to purchase the one on the Right as well.   Getting harder to find these at decent prices since most I've seen lately are priced in the Stratosphere ever since they Trended.  But some Vendors still won't extort the consumer to ride a Trend, I'll personally boycott a Trend item if the prices just get ridiculously inflated, no Trend is worth being price gouged.  It is also why so many Knock-Offs have been Created and the average consumer will buy a Knock-Off over the Real Deal now.  Because Sadly, overly inflated pricing has killed the demand for Authentic items if nobody can hardly afford them!   I'm Glad that at The Sweet you can still find Quality items at Affordable prices, I commend them on that.

I'm not a Purist, but I do prefer to buy an Authentic Real Deal Vintage or Antique item over a Knock-Off any day, if I can afford it.  I'm not bashing the Re-Pop Market, it serves it's Purpose to make Affordable Reproductions of Trendy items available to everyone.  Once mass produced of coarse they can bring the price point way down... sometimes!  Other times a Name Brand can become mass produced and still try to command high prices just to ride on the Branding and Popularity of it... I won't and don't Buy Into that at all.  If it's mass produced now, which usually also means compromised in Quality of Materials and Workmanship, I want the price point to definitely reflect it.

These Old Grain Sacks are showing their wear and age, which to me gives them distinctive Character that can't adequately be replicated in a Re-Pop.   I've seen the faux Boro Mending Trend, strategically placed in mass produced items to get the 'Look', it's just not the same as the Real Deal from actual wear and tear.  It's like when all the faux Patina was all the rage on re-painted Furniture and then was just overdone or done badly, in places where the wear never would have been if Natural.   Or using methods that weren't very convincing and then just looked so fake and contrived that I wasn't at all a Fan.  But many peeps were a Fan of it all and so it rode it's wave of Popularity until everyone tired of it and went on to the next New Thing that became a Fad.

Are you of the ilk my Friends, that once something becomes a Fad you are LESS of a Fan, even if you liked it before it Trended?   When I see too much of something and it becomes overdone it loses it Appeal to me.  When everyone has one then I'd much prefer to have something else with distinction, but only if I really Like it and it attracts me on a visceral level.   The same with Trends, some of them I've really J'Adored and was deliriously Happy that a Style I was captivated with became easy to Source and therefore Style our Home with.   Some Trends I even Visually was drawn to and then found out just didn't or wouldn't Work in our Home.  So my Love Affair with it all was brief or I never even Decorated with it, just Admired it in the Homes of others whose Lifestyle and Aesthetic it fit better.

I am Fortunate AND Cursed that I have many Loves when it comes to Style and Decorating!   By that I mean that I'm quite prone to experimentation with various Styles or a Personally Preferred Blend of many or any.   I don't have a 'Signature Style' per se because I change my Mind a lot about what I want to surround myself with and change it up as often or infrequently as I want or need to.   I don't know that I'd want to be locked in to a 'Signature Style' that nobody expected me to ever change.   I think those in the Industry of Design and Fashion can have that dilemma sometimes, whether to alter their Line or Signature Style considerably, subtly or not at all?   Everyone goes thru metamorphosis as time marches on, the only constant IS Change actually, so you must embrace it to some degree or stagnate and become stuck in a rut.

Mebbe it is a Comfortable Rut or Time Warp you just Want to stay stuck in... I can be prone to that too sometimes, I've very much Enjoyed being Stuck in the Sixties Vibe and Head Space of the Aging Hippie.  *Winks*   But along with what I abide with that I don't want to Change, perhaps ever, I also Like to embrace some New things and Experience them too.  I do Like incorporating the New and mixing it with my Old.  Herein comes the next topic of this Post, the Myth of Downsizing.  I think all of us Over 50 Set have come to the place and terms to where we know we must downsize, cull, purge, curate and edit what we have accumulated over Time.  But it's also somewhat a Myth that we will accomplish it as a final Destination... it will usually become a potentially Lifelong Journey of sorts unless we stop being Consumers entirely.

Some Myths just become so Legendary you actually begin to Believe them.  I fully Believed that I would begin Editing and Purging to reach a final Destination at some point in time in the Future.   When I came to terms with the Fact this is a Myth for me, because my Journey is such that I do what I do... and more importantly Enjoy doing and don't want to stop doing.   I will continue to acquire, to go on the Thrill of the Hunt probably for a Lifetime, it's what I do... it's what I have always done... and I'm damned good at it if I do say so myself!  *Winks*   Yep, I'm a virtual Magnet for finding the Good Stuff and usually at a Bargain.   I've made a Practice of having an income flow off the re-sale of possessions after I tire of them or when it's most profitable to let them go.

That is a Recreational Pursuit and Hobby that I've thoroughly always Enjoyed the Process of, so why Stop?   I contemplated that recently with a Friend, who is also an avid Junquer and Keeper/Rescuer of the Past... would we... should we... just Stop?   Humnnn... in quiet contemplation I mulled this over as I thought about the Future necessary downsize of having less space potentially if we bought less and less of a Property to Live at.   I realized that one of the biggest inhibitions of downsizing too much in the realm of Real Estate was because I just don't want to get rid of so much of my stuff.  I'm just not at that Season of Life yet where I'm Ready to I guess?   I've gotten rid of a lot... I intend to get rid of a lot more... but not so much of it that I'd be anxious about it.

In the Current Purge I've had long time Friends and Family tell me perhaps I'm already getting rid of too much?   But my thought process is such that I know I could get more, it's not as if stuff isn't available out there in the Universe.  There is no shortage of stuff really... it's not running out. *Smiles*  So I don't have to be concerned that if I get rid of some of mine and profit from that, there would be no way to replace any of it.   There is no real Risk in downsizing what I'm Ready to get rid of right now... the only real Risk comes if I begin to regret whatever I Let Go of.   I do not have regrets of any kind right now and so I want to continue along that path of no regrets.   I don't want to Downsize so much that I've regret the outcome of that decision.   So I'm in no hurries to reach a Destination... I don't even really feel one exists... it's all a Journey that I'll just continue Enjoying.

There's a lot of Dreams and Pursuits that I did have to give up on as Life just happened and stuff happened to alter the course considerably.  But I don't really have to give up on my Thrill of the Hunt, no Need to.   I only have to continue to remain totally within a reasonably set budget, adhere to that, Sell Off when I want more Money or bring something in as a replacement.  I've set my Five-To-One Rule and often exceeded it, which is working for me.  There are a lot of things that I still want to do and I know that where ever I go, I'm usually also on the lookout for Cool Stuff when I'm there, it's just what I DO!  *Winks*

I was always that Kid who came Home with a Souvenir from every place I ever went or any Experience I ever had.   Every item had a Memory therefore attached to it and sometimes I formed Attachments to that Object because it evoked those Memories.  Other times I detached from the Object if I could make Bank off of it.  *LOL*  Yes, I Confess, I Sold Out and Sold Off a lot of Memory Items coz it wasn't like I didn't still HAVE my Memories, they were NOT the Object!   And I sure Liked the Money I made off of it to Fund more Experiences and more Memories from the Profits... so it was a Full Circle kinda thing that has always worked if I work it and been perpetuated.

Recently my Junquing Friend and I were out and about Junquing... she almost bought a Lovely Conch Shell.  I told her why Buy one, I have a Hoard of them from Years of Collecting Natural Objects, specifically a gigantic Conch Shell Collection that probably no Sane person should have so many of?!  *Winks*  I'll just let you have some, it's not as if I am running out of them anytime soon.  That's how it usually goes with me... and often I might just Sell Off some Collections after a time, when ever their time comes to exit my Life.  For Incurable Collectors I think the Collecting period is the most satisfying, when you are done with it and your Collection is complete, then you move on.

I do think the advent of the Internet has caused instant gratification in completing Collections tho'.  No longer do you have to wait a Lifetime to find and finish a Collection, you can almost have an instant one with finding and purchasing specific items online.   There is nothing now that you can't find or can't have... just google search it and instantly what is available right now across the Globe comes up for consideration.   That is both a Blessing and a Curse... for those who really need or want to finish a Collection and couldn't otherwise find that elusive piece, well, it's invaluable.  For those with little to no willpower it can be too much all at once.  No longer spread out over a Lifetime of seeking, you could get yourself into trouble by having too much all at once to be able to just buy at will instantly, at the push of a button for an online sale.

It has Educated the Buyers and the Sellers too, to find comps instantly.  However, that said, Bargains now are more difficult to be had since everyone knows what anything is worth just by searching info online.  You don't often run into the uninformed Seller nor Buyer anymore, if they've done their due diligence, it's just going to drive the market accordingly.   If someone doesn't know what they have, they can easily find out.   If you aren't sure of Value, look it up.   But that all changes constantly so you have to keep informed.  What might have Sold for a fortune in the Past might not now and vice versa... supply and demand... Trends and preferences, all dictate Value at any given time.  One thing I've learned in the re-sale market is, there is an Ideal time to Buy AND to Sell specific items... that Window of Opportunity can be brief and very specific.

Talk to anyone in the Business of Buying and Selling Vintage, Antique and Collectibles and you find that the highs and lows have been all over the place, depending on the product.   Some increase in Value, some decrease, some remain fairly constant... but it takes knowledge and keeping your finger on the pulse of the Market to gauge what is falling out of favor and what has gained in favor.   And if you're Buying exclusively for Re-Sale, don't overpay and expect to pass along your faux pas to the Customer to pay for your mistake!   If you paid too much and didn't make your Money on the Buy, you'll probably take a Hit and won't likely find the Buyer willing to take one for ya!  The other thing, if you're too in Love with your Merchandise, reflecting that with inflated pricing means you probably should have just kept it if your Love Affair were not over yet!  We're not Buying your Emotional Attachments or your Memories, just the item.  

So that's it for Today... more to come since I did Pathologically Picture Take for this Show and most of the Images turned out decent enough to Share and take you along Virtually!   And if you'd prefer to attend, you still have time since it will run thru the Weekend my Friends and fresh merchandise will be added daily!   This Post helped sustain me thru a full day of doing Laundry... ugh... I let it slide for way too long so have been at it from Sunup to Sundown!  So the little Bloggy Breaks have been sustaining me thru the drudgery!! 


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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