Saturday, July 28, 2018

Old Homes... A Love Affair

Why Yes... a part of me will always have a longing for an Old Historic Home... in almost any condition... it could be a wreck of a place... a Ruin... and I'd still see it's potential and Lust after it.  Very few still exist in their original state here in the Valley, very few frozen in time awaiting a proper Restoration rather than a gut job of a Flip or being razed and replaced by a developers greed.  Investors snapping up every Deal with ready Cash... with no regard to History... just profit.  When I have the distinct privilege of entering one left unmolested, I like to Imagine it's mine and savor every detail and it's Historic Charm.   Soon will any be left I Wonder?


Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I live in an old house. It's a rental. Have lived here for twenty years and love it very much. I fear that when we move out, owner will sell and new owner will tear down and up multiple flats as folks do in these here parts. I love lying on my couch or bed and looking at the plastering, old wall sconce fixtures, crown molding, wood floors with inset detail, and mission style fireplace. Are things falling apart? Yes. Still, I love it - and will take that over off-gassing (and off putting) newness any day. ZC

    1. I agree, there's just an Essence and Character that Historic Homes and Buildings have that can't be replicated adequately with a new build.


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