Saturday, July 21, 2018

Obsessions Triggered

So it happened way earlier than usual so I wasn't expecting it... an Obsession Triggered!   A Delightful one that I eagerly look forward to annually actually, so the sooner the better in my World!   I traipses in to a Michaels Craft Store to buy something specific and they had begun to already put out the Halloween 2018 Merchandise!  *Squeals of Delight!*  It completely threw me and I wandered thru the isles in my Halloween induced Trance, soaking in all that is going to be Halloween Decor options for this Season from that Retailer.  I completely forgot what I'd come in for and walked out without it, recalling only after I got all the way Home without it!  *LMAO*

That is what an Obsession Triggered can do to ya!  In fact, I had to Blog about it, so we'll get back to the regularly scheduled Programming later, I apologize, but I'm a Woman Obsessed now!  *Winks*   You see, while most of you would cringe at the Holiday Decor being paraded out way too early... Months in advance... and want it all to be over with quickly because you've overdosed on it being too much for too long... it is our Drug, those of us who J'Adore the Holidays and the Ambiance and Atmosphere, the feelings it evokes!   I am worse than any Child when it comes to my Favorite Holidays, I completely and utterly revel in them and would extend them all for as long as humanly possible!

I don't know Why that is, my Family growing up didn't revel in the Holidays nor even Decorate that extensively for any of them like I do.   They Celebrated and Decorated for Christmas the most, Halloween more like an Afterthought, tho' they were Delighted to see the Children in Costume and happily hand out the Candies for Trick-Or-Treaters.   They weren't the stingy type to turn off the porch light and pretend they weren't Home, even after they'd raised their Family.  But even with Christmas, we didn't put the Tree up very much in advance and it came down quickly.   Like most people I know they weren't Obsessed with the Decorating and the Creation of Atmosphere saturated with Holiday Magic and Enchantment.  I on the other hand am very much immersed in Holiday Celebrating and Decorating.  I tend to be an Extreme Decorator during the Holidays in fact!

The Man, our Grown Children and The G-Kid Force are not similarly afflicted and so whatever I have clearly isn't contagious!  *LMAO*   They all don't mind that I'm over the top about all of it, but if it were left up to them we might not even have Decorations, they're just not that Into it.   That's Okay, I don't really force anyone to be AS Into it all as I am when the Holidays roll around and when the Shops begin to parade out the Merchandise.   My Family knows I will be Obsessed in visiting each and every Shop or Event that will have Displays out tho'.   In fact, I'll visit often while it is out because for some unfathomable reason, I just LIKE it a lot, so am rather like a Kid in a Candy Shop walking those isles loaded with Holiday Decor being hawked.

And it's not even that I buy a lot of it every Season, I don't.  In fact, my Holiday Decor Purge has been my most extensive during this time of Culling possessions.   They Sell very well, Vintage Holiday Decor from any previous Season that is usually Retired after a single Season.   Vintage Holiday Decor from earlier times Sells extremely well if you can manage to even Source it... if you don't already have your stash you're ready to Let Go of!   Vintage Halloween is very scarce and spendy whenever you can Source it.   Back in da day they just didn't Decorate so much for it and so the Decor isn't common nor plentiful.   Even the Vintage Costumes were never meant to be preserved and so few still exist or do exist in decent condition for avid Collectors to Cherish!

Because I am a purveyor of the Macabre I am not as inclined to Collect the cutesy stuff or Whimsical Halloween as much as the Weird and Wonderful or Scarier and Darker Decor.   As a person who is equally Obsessed by Oddities and Curiosities, it just melds very well with my overall Aesthetic to have my Halloween Treasures Displayed more than just Seasonally as well.   My Addams Family Values permeates most aspects of my Life and surroundings so Halloween is a Holiday that just has an Essence I connect to.   For Spiritual Reasons I connect to Christmas and the Reason for that Season.  For Halloween it is more visceral why I like it so much.  I always Liked to be scared as a Kid, Horror Movies were, and still are, some of my Favorites!

Not much really shocks me in Real Life and I roll with Crisis since it has been pretty much a constant for a lot of years while dealing with illness and disability, with Caregiving and Extreme Parenting.   So my senses can be dulled as far as Feeling things... it takes a jolt to actually make me Feel Scared and not just react to whatever happens, no matter how stressful, just by rote and force of habit of dealing with a lot all of the time.   When you enjoy Sensory pleasures and yet you're on Auto Pilot a lot out of sheer necessity, the extreme stuff you do Enjoy just can awaken you and make you Feel something.  I'm not opposed to Feeling something... I just don't very much anymore.  The Happiness stirred up when the Holidays roll around and I can lose myself in the Magic, the Enchantment, the Fantasy and Imagination of it all is intoxicating and I might add, highly Addictive!

I don't mind this Addiction to the Holidays tho' since it harms no-one and my Obsessions with it are just for Fun and temporary.   Eventually everything is taken down for another year and I have to wait in eager anticipation for the next Season to roll around and be rolled out in all it's Glory!   Sure, the Commercialization of the Holidays is very lucrative, Halloween even surpassing Christmas in what the average Consumer spends on it now, but I'm Okay with all that.   The stimulation of the Economy is necessary and I don't begrudge anyone making a buck, I don't personally know anybody that is opposed to making a buck of their own.  Some just go into Hater or Self-Righteous Mode when it isn't them profiting from something making a buck tho', which isn't something I can understand.  I Wish everyone Prosperity and Economic Success, makes Life easier and provides more Options.

You can be Spiritual and still Enjoy the Holidays, even Halloween.  If for Religious legalistic reasons you have opposition to any of it then by all means don't Celebrate any of it.  I'm Okay and Respectful with that too so long as you don't get all Preachy and Self-Righteous about it with the rest of us... Gak!   That is probably more off-putting to most folks against what you stand for actually... so it's certainly not a Draw or winning anyone over.   If anyone gets Fanatical about stuff I can roll with it so long as they keep their Fanaticism about whatever it is mostly to themselves and just Enjoy their own Journey on the Path they've freely chosen.   I am Fanatical about Celebrating my Holidays in my own way, so I won't presume to Judge anyone about what they do or don't do during any Holiday... to each their own is my Mantra.   Return the favor tho' by not being Judgmental or overly pious about anyone doing things differently. Just because it may be different doesn't necessarily make it Wrong or Right... just Different.

Nobody HAS to Celebrate any Holiday if they wish to just avoid it... as for me, I thoroughly Enjoy Celebrating all of mine to the max!  *Winks*   I know our HOA here in Subdivision Hell recently voted in new Members who apparently make or change the Rules at their whim.  They came out with this ridiculously thick booklet on the Restrictions and what is now allowed... or not allowed... including for Holidays!  Lord Jesus, sounds like they are trying to Kill the Holidays and the Personal expression of it on everyone's Private Property... that irritates me no end.  I will push the boundaries myself on what Civil Liberties and Religious or Holiday Expression I can Legally exert without their attempts to dictate it.  This is America and it's not their job to tell us what we can or cannot Celebrate and how we express it.   Even Cities have run into complications when trying to inhibit the expression of Holiday or Holy Day Celebrations by forbidding things they just didn't Like or want to see and had no Legal grounds to inhibit.

I am not attempting a Rebellion, since who needs the added Drama, Life is complicated enough... just don't get oppressive about how I do Life or I will react accordingly.   I look forward to my Holidays and my Holy Days too much to have some control freaks trying to dictate their Standards or Belief Systems by forcing it upon the rest of us involuntarily.   Do what you do and leave others to do what they do... don't try to ruin or destroy someone else's Cherished Traditions and Rituals by trying to bully anyone into forcing yours, or the lack of yours, upon them.  I happen to really Cherish my Traditions and my Rituals enough to fight for them, tooth and nail.   I don't however insist that everyone participate in mine... and I want the Option and Freedom not to participate in anyone else's if I don't want to.   I don't even insist that my Family fully participate if they don't have a connection to any of it, their own Walk is something they must Walk Out on their own eventually.  I laid a Foundation, they must now build upon it once they've Grown Up.

You do always Hope that the Traditions and Rituals don't die out with you and there will be some continuity of them in one form or another.   Future Generations however will have to dictate how that plays out.   I see a lot of things Changing in the way things are Celebrated even during my own Lifetime and I'm sure they'll continue to Evolve, to Morph and to be done a different kind of way into the Future.    I'm just Happy in the here and now to have my Obsessions Triggered every Season when the Appearance of a Holiday I Love is evident.   I didn't expect Halloween in July but I have to Confess that I was really thrilled it crept into Summer.   I Hope that isn't indicative that it will have been banished and pushed aside before the actual Holiday arrives?!   Sometimes the Holiday Merchandise has such a Rush of consumption that it Sells Out before I'm really ready to decide whether or not I want to Buy anything New for this Season!?

I do know that the Christmas Decor and the Halloween Decor tend to co-exist together in Retail settings now and when one comes out the other does simultaneously.    So Yes, there were some Christmas isles already too at Michaels... and since it is a Craft Store I Get that a lot of Crafters HAVE to begin Creating their own Decor way in advance in order for it to be ready and used for the Holidays in time.   Every year of coarse I contemplate the Creation of some Velvet Pumpkins, I have all of the necessary supplies including Pumpkin Stems from last Seasons Pumpkin Patches.  They preserve quite well, almost indefinitely if you keep them out of the elements.  I probably have more than I'll ever make actual Fabric Pumpkins with and so I've Shared some in the Past with other Artisans who Create Holiday Pumpkins.

But it is not as if we've got a shortage of Fabric Pumpkins either at Villa Boheme', I just Love my extensive Collection of them.   I typically utilize them year round to Display Vintage Brooches rather than hiding those away in Jewelry Boxes unseen and underappreciated.   I Curate the Collection every year and get rid of some and Keep the very Favorites... until they're replaced with other Favorites.  Tho' some may be kept indefinitely since I really won't ever fall out of favor with a select few... both the Jewelry and the Fabric Pumpkins.   I don't know if your Holiday Obsessions will be Triggered soon my Friends... just sayin', for those Kindred Spirits that are all about the Holidays, you don't have to wait so long this year apparently... so may the Revelry begin!!!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I completely understand. For me, it's notepads, notebooks, journals and such. I haven't seen a blank journal I don't want to take home. When my Piano Man and I are in bookshop or craft store or wherever they might sale something pretty or unusual where words can find a home, I just tell him, "Pull me away!" People stare and smile at the joke. Ha! If they only knew... that I'm totally serious. They are just soooo pretty! And as alluring as your decorations.


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