Sunday, July 8, 2018

Narrowly Avoiding Disaster

We narrowly avoided disaster the day before The Young Prince was to get his Coveted Chameleon at Petsmart.  He asked if we could stop by to visit his Chameleon since we were in the area and he's on pins and needles about it being a mere day away from his Dad being able to get it for him.   It was gone... yep SOLD... my Heart sank and then moved up into my throat, as I watched him in a Panic and near tears frantically checking all the Tanks in case they'd moved Broody Boy Chameleon... nope... GONE!   Awwww, shit... my Maternal Heart ached for him, but my Logical Mind knew that now I'm instantly in Caregiver damage control mode and heightened alert!  Because when you have a Seriously Mentally Ill Child who suffers from Clinical Depression and Suicidal Ideology, who is not medicated anymore, something like this could trigger them to bottom out completely, send them over the edge and be EVERYTHING in the Moment!   I did not particularly want to be on Suicide watch or be nervous about a quiet self harm incident, if he got so despondent about not getting THE Chameleon he'd bonded with for the past Month and now would never have or know if it went to a Good Home?!

Luckily I think fast on my feet, having had to run numerous Caregiver damage control episodes, over the span of two Generations of Extreme Parenting of the SMI Child, loads of experience is a critical lifesaver during these mini Crisis!   There is a Petco just a few blocks away, I'd never been to one of those, but since he'd already been to every Petsmart known to Man in the Valley and didn't like any other Reptilian Beings they offered to compensate for The Dark Broody One he wasn't now getting... I gave it a shot!   I couldn't be happier that we did, he was delighted too, having never been to one we had no idea how much Friendlier and more knowledgeable their Staff was!  How much better Cared for their Reptiles were and how much nicer and more appropriate the Habitat environments they kept them in!  Plus the variety was exceptional and prices were cheaper!   They had two kinds of Chameleon this day, usually they have three, and the Manager, who was a Wonderful Young Man who owns and Loves Reptiles, happily let my Grandson handle several and answered every question with the Passion of someone who clearly Loves what he's Selling!  He said they check their Animals Hourly and strive to handle them often enough to make them comfortable with people, it showed!  Petsmart's Staff can be surly and act inconvenienced to provide Customer Service, their Animals didn't look as Healthy nor as Happy and well adjusted.  I had suspected that the Broody Chameleon at Petsmart was desperately unhappy and not as well Cared for or acclimated to handling... I'm Glad he got sprung, poor thing!

But I had been concerned he might have been mistreated or neglected to where he might have been more aggressive?   The Chameleons my Grandson handled at Petco were all Females and very Friendly to everyone, each was in lovely Positive Color Mood and handled very well.  Of coarse the much more expensive Jackson's Chameleon Lady one Charmed him with her Charisma and exceptional Beauty more, she really liked him and cuddled up to him.  *LOL*  Yeah, I already knew Gramma would have to make up the difference in how much more spendy she was to the original Veiled Chameleon and do a Chameleon Upgrade. *Smiles* They were Sold Out of the Panther Chameleon, most Colorful but also even more spendy, so just as well!  *Winks*   But I was so damned relieved she made him all but forget about his disappointment and get excited about owning her or one of the others... that it didn't matter, well worth the Investment!  She actually was more Colorful and her personality was such that she didn't worry me as much, she's six months old so still young enough to get used to her Humans.  They have three Veiled Females just in case she Sells by Today.   He has done all his research to know that these aren't Pets you handle a lot and that require an advanced amount of Care, the easy Care Reptiles didn't interest him as much, too bad, they're way cheaper Lizards!  *Ha ha ha*   I kinda had a fondness, which surprised the Hell out of me, for a very Cheap Lizard that was so Whimsically Adorable and loved being stroked behind his ears!  His expression was hilarious when you did it, he seemed to actually Smile, close his Eyes, tilt his Head and bask in the personalized attention!  *LMAO* 

Anyway, The Young Prince said he didn't like him... sorry Adorable Cheap Lizard, you didn't look Chill enough, you appeared too energetic and 'needy'!  *LOL*  He looks like he'd just get pissed off if you didn't stroke him and mebbe bite you, my Grandson said, he could be right, we moved on to the Chill Chameleons, which don't require personalized 'attention' and seemed Calmer and more Laid Back.  *Smiles*   I'll be glad once whatever Reptile he chooses is bought and Home, this has been an arduous process once he and his Dad had discussed a Chameleon as a Pet for his 18th Birthday pressy and then tried to get me on board with the idea!   When someone who doesn't live with us makes a suggestion for a Living Gift I get a bit upset, they may mean well, but if it's Alive I'd like to be the one to initiate the discussion coz Kids get excited immediately and then if you have to say No, you are now the Villain!   Not to mention whatever is under this roof now becomes my responsibility by default if the Child struggles with the Care or expense of the Pet.  Any Pet is a greater responsibility than I am up to anymore, Caregiving for three people with Special Needs is more than enough to keep Alive, Healthy and Happy around here Thank You very much!  *Winks*   The Cat, Miss Priss was a Rescue Pet that Adopted us years ago and showed up preggy and Needy... I vowed she was the LAST... gotta be Careful what you vow!   *LOL*   Every Cat has been a Rescue Pet who Adopted us and just showed up and never left, I'm such a 'Mark' when it comes to Needing a Home and not getting turned away!  *Le Sigh*  Glad affluent Subdivision Hell has no strays or abandoned and neglected Pets... Whew, coz The Hood was teeming with 'em!

So, very shortly I shall be a Great-Grandmother again, but this time of a Gt. Grand Reptile... who knew?  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Well, I should be Grateful his first Baby isn't a Human one... coz this Old Lady is Parented Out after several consecutive Decades of non-stop and rather extreme Parenting and Caregiving lemme tell ya!   At least this Being will just like to be left alone and glanced at now and again by me, thrown a few Crickets or Meal Worms, I'm Good with that level of Involvement at this stage of the Game. *LOL*  I was Glad to hear that Chameleons really aren't that 'into' being handled and would much prefer a more aloof regimen of Care on an emotional level... I can provide that!  *Winks*   Listen, it wants to be left alone... I wanna be left alone... we have so much more in common on a very Basic Level!  *Smiles*  Just leave me in my preferred Habitat and don't bother me too much, I totally 'Get It', I really do and so I can Respect that for any other Being, even a Reptilian one!  As The G-Kid Force is Maturing and both now becoming less Childlike or Needy, our bond is easier too.   I guess I'm one of those 'Parents' that will Joyfully Celebrate finally having an Empty Nest one day!  It will have been a very, very, very long time coming and so I'm going to Rejoice whenever it finally happens and it's gonna be one kick ass Party lemme tell ya my Friends!   Not that I didn't J'Adore every Child I've ever Raised, I have, but Freedom and having the Luxury of a little more self-indulgence is indeed a Wonderful thing too!  *Winks* 


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I am glad to read that you were quickly able to find a replacement pet for your grandson and all went well.

    My son brought a chameleon from college, then a larger lizard, and then in his senior year, a cat. We kept the cat, but made him take the amphibians.

    1. Yeah, if the Grandson ever leaves home, the Reptile will go with him... ha ha ha.

  2. My youngest wants snakes! Fortunately here they have to look after a different reptile for two years prior. We had our name down for a bearded dragon but he lost interest. Phew! Dodged a bullet. I did say there was no way we were having a snake in the future in my house!
    They don't sell chameleons here so I don't even know what they look like.
    You are one generous Gramma.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I just Posted a Post with pixs of the new Great-Grand Chameleon Ivara... from what I now know about Chameleons, there are three species available in our State... the Veiled, the Jackson's and the Panther. Veiled are the most common and cheapest, but can be aggressive, the Jackson's is an Upgrade and spendier but more Chill in personality and what he got, the Panther is the Luxury Model of Chameleons, very spendy and thankfully out of stock that day. *Whew!*


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