Monday, July 9, 2018

Meet My New Great-Grand-Chameleon Ivara

So Today you get to meet my new Great-Grand-Chameleon Ivara, she's a Jackson's Chameleon, which meant she was a considerable Chameleon 'Upgrade' from the Veiled Chameleon and thus is a very Fancy Lady!  *Smiles*  She's rather camera shy and wouldn't turn around for me, but this does show off some of her amazing coloration... she's really done quite the Color Show for us in her first day at Villa Boheme' and settled right in nicely!   She consumed way more Crickets than I expected, I think she's going to be a High Maintenance Gal... well, why wouldn't she be any different than the rest of us Gals in the Family, right?!  *Winks*

When she's napping like this is when I can get the best frames of her, though not always in ideal focus.  Since the Tantric Yoga Style contortions I have to try to hold, in order to capture a candid shot of her inside her habitat, are quite the sideshow in and of themselves... and I'm just not that steady in holding the pose or the camera during the photo shoots!   *Smiles*  She's apparently sleeping off her considerable gorge on Crickets.   Every Image of her we got different coloration and patterns, she changes her exterior appearance as often as Princess T!  *LOL*  I'm really warming up to her, tho' not so much her living cuisine, so for me to feed her she better learn to eat Chinese Style with Chopsticks!

The Young Prince spent most of the first day chasing escaped Crickets around his Room!  *LMAO*  He was so exhausted by about the second feeding that he asked if we could go out and buy some Meal Worms Today to supplement her diet with?!  *Bwahahaha!*  They will be kept in his Fridge in his Kitchen Upstairs, since I drew the line at putting them in ours!  *Ewwwww!*  They didn't gross me out as much as I thought they would, so long as they're laying still and not very animated while freshly Chilled.  We did learn immediately however, not to put Crickets AND Meal Worms together for a meal inside the habitat, since the Crickets were hauling off and eating the Meal Worms!   Dammit!   This is why we should have bought them their Orange Cubes to eat, is what the Young Prince lamented... shit, now I'm feeding a Chameleon, Crickets AND Meal Worms... this is becoming quite the Food Pyramid!

I put up with some Middle Aged Man Drama from his Dad the day of the purchase.  *Le Sigh*  To be fair, it was very Hot, about 114 degrees, so he was very cranky and we both had all the Kiddos in tow!  So quite the excitable Grandchild entourage from Ages of a few Months up thru almost 18... all the Children were behaving tho'!  *Smiles*  I have enough Old Man Drama at Home, so it was a good thing he was dropping quite a chunk of change that day for his Son's upcoming 18th Birthday, so that I didn't pop off!  *Winks*   I really kept quiet thru the Man Drama, maintained my Calm and behaved myself... no easy feat for moi... Man Drama of any kind sets me off like freakin' dynamite!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   He exaggerated and claimed he could have bought his Son a Car for what the Chameleon and it's paraphernalia was costing... REALLY... and what kind of piece of shit hooptie Car could ya get for about two hundred thirty bucks pray tell... give me a break!  *LMAO*  I think The Young Prince actually did say something like that, since he wasn't having his Special long anticipated day spoiled by any Middle Aged Man Drama either!  *Winks*

Sometimes Parents can be a bit Clueless as the Generation Gaps widen... since I was told that his Dad had thought that rather than the Chameleon Gift expense, perhaps his Son would have rather wanted to go Clubbing with him when turning 18!?!   Okay, so I confess I couldn't stop laughing about that absurd Fantasy alternate Reality... because, seriously, what 18 Year Old wants to go Clubbing with a Middle Aged Parent!?!  *LMAO!!!*  Yeah, that would be about as Fun as going Clubbing with you Gramma, the Young Prince quipped wryly... no offense, he added... none taken, I'm in touch with Reality enough to know that was an absolutely absurd Idea!   Not to mention, he's only turning 18, so it's not like he's even legal drinking age yet, he's Gay so it's not as if he'd want to be picking up Girls at some Club either... what was his Dad thinking... or gonna do, take him to a Gay Club that doesn't serve alcohol?!  *Sorry, I am almost peeing myself with the hilarious absurdity of it all!*

Anyway, it all went down OK, we were in and out in record time before any of the Children got as fussy as his Dad!  *Smiles*  Plus it was Great seeing the other Grands, the Young Prince's Little Brother and new Baby Sister, who just get Cuter and more Precious every day... I'm completely biased about that of coarse!  It was good spending time with his Dad's Fiance', who is a Wonderful Young Woman and we get along fabulously... so us Gals and the Kiddos were having Fun anyway!  *Winks*   Along with the Chameleon Upgrade I also agreed to Bankroll the Chameleon Cuisine... his little Brother was thinking it was way Cool that Gramma Dawn was buying Bugs!  *Bwahahahaha!*   The Younger Grandson is really into Tropical Fish right now and owns some, so he really enjoyed the incredible selection at Petco, they have everything from Salt Water and Fresh Water specimens to large Turtles.

Ivara traveled well and never got stressed out like we expected, it all seemed to be a new Adventure to her and she rolled with it exceptionally well!   While The Young Prince was putting her Habitat together he tasked his Sister and I with babysitting her while she was put onto a piece of Driftwood {pictured on bottom of Habitat here} on his Bed.   She probably won't move, she'll probably be fearful, anxious and just stay put he says.  Oh yeah, sure... she made a beeline right for me... moving way quicker than I ever thought Chameleons do... aren't they supposed to be slow moving like a freakin' Sloth?!    There was no hesitancy, in a heartbeat, her pivoting Eyeballs riveted ahead and directly on me, she climbs up my arm and heads for my Dreadlocks, which I suppose remind her of her Climbing Ropes in the Habitats she's used to??!?!  *Bwahahaha!*  Shit, hurry up and get her OFF me before she gets to my Dreads or we might never get her out of my Hair I wails!  *Arghhh!*   I had this Imagery in my Head of me going to the ER to get a damned Chameleon extracted from my Dreadlocks!   She's got LOTS of tiny Clawed Fingers and such incredible strength on those spindly little Legs and vice grip Hands I was actually surprised!  The G-Kid Force were laughing hysterically but coaxed her off just in time, before she got to my Hair!  *Whew!*

Now, the only other thing I'm Dealing with is the Green Eyed Monster of Jealousy from these other two Girls... who are rather envious of all the added Attention the New Addition to the Family is getting!  And that Ivara, well, she's been my new Muse for Photography to Share, since about every few hours her Proud Papa, The Young Prince, is insisting I come up and look at her NOW, she's looking different than BEFORE... and take some more pixs Gramma... like any Proud New Parent would!  Not to be outdone... Hey, look at us, Princess T insists, as she and Miss Priss enter, Stage Right, into the Library as I'm compiling this Blog Post.  Okay, I recognize Jealousy and the desperate Bid for more Attention and Center Stage in the Spotlight when I see it... so I picks up the Camera and captured the Kodak Moment of them too, to add to the Post to Appease 'em all!  *Winks*


Blessings, Love and Peace from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love how Ivara curls up into a perfect spiral.

    1. I know, she's about as Cute as a Reptile can possibly be! I like that Chameleons seem quite Chill in their ways and personality.

  2. This is hilarious! I can just picture the dreads moment. Ha ha!
    We fed our quails meal worms and they weren't t too bad. I even kept them in the main fridge!
    That is a lovely enclosure.
    And Miss Priss and Princess T are gorgeous too.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yeah, the Meal Worms aren't too bad, I've picked up worse... ha ha ha... and the thought of the Chameleon hanging of me Dreads in hindsight is hilarious, what a sight and perfect Blog Fodder that would be... if only I was certain we could get her out of my hair without incident? And... without Chameleon poop... ewwwww. *LMAO*

  3. Cool Chameleon! Just a word of warning, since it's a female...if they're anything like Iguanas, you have to be sure their "eggs" don't get impacted. My son had an Iguana which he raised from a wee baby, and it had to have emergency vet care to have the eggs removed. She came out of it okay, but apparently, it's something that can happen with lizards that are raised as pets (their eggs don't get fertilized). They can be very cool pets too, despite what some may think. You'll love having Ivara around!

  4. What an adventure! But with happy endings! Happy birthday to your grandson and welcome to ivara!


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