Friday, July 13, 2018

Lazy Days Of Summer And Dealing With Bad News

Yeah, we knew it was Friday the 13th but we're not Superstitious about THAT, we are intent on having a Good Day!  With it being Summer, high triple digit temperatures and Monsoon Season, meaning high humidity and Monster Haboob Storms as well, getting out and about is as challenging as some places are in extreme Winter!   Our Zoo Membership is soon expiring, so each Morning we've set out to experience it while we still can.  Thankfully there are many indoor exhibits to Cool off in, but it is rather like being in the Sauna at the Gym if one is outside experiencing it!  So long walks there in Sauna like conditions has replaced having to buy a Gym Membership!  *LOL*    You see, my last Diabetic Checkup recently at the Doc didn't go so well and MORE exercise was suggested... along with yet another injection med... so now I'm up to 2-3 shots per day... Splendid!

I had been so optimistic that this Checkup would go better since I'd brought some of my numbers lower every now and again with this new Nutritarian eating Plan for over the past Month... no such luck!  *Le Sigh*   It's probably not anything you're doing or not doing was the consensus of the Doc and Diabetic Counselors, your Pancreas is just crapping out... Swell... so I left rather despondent and morose, almost in tears that day.  So it took me picking myself back up, dusting myself off and just keeping on keeping on.  How many times after all has our Family had ultra grim prognosis by Western Medical professionals and just refused to Receive it and just kept on Living against incredible Odds allegedly not in our Favor?!?

So Fuck It, I just will keep doing what Feels like the Right thing in my gut to do for Self Care... Enjoy Life... continue with my new Dietary changes... and stick with their suggested regimens Religiously.   Tenacity and relentless Will to Live goes a long way judging by how many of my Ancestors and extended Family outlived alleged 'expiration dates' Docs gave em and just kept on truckin'!  *Winks*   I think Mom's Older Brother, my Uncle Syd in Wales, is numerous decades beyond the Terminal grim prognosis they gave him way back in the 80's and now he's well into his 80's and still going strong!   I think he's outlived several of those Docs that told him he had mere Weeks to Live over 30 Years ago!  *LOL*   I know Mom was supposed to die in the 1970's and simply refused to Receive any of it and Lived fully until her mid 80's... she left this side of Time and Eternity more on her own terms and not on some grim Medical Prognosis!

So that's where I'm at right now, thought I got inside my own Head for a Minute directly after the Doc Appointment, which was rather an Emotionally draining one, then realized I just wasn't ready to accept defeat or Receive any grim news.   So what's the Plan Doc... and they gave me yet another one, since all the other ones simply have not worked even tho' I worked them to death and have my Med regimen changed so many times now that it's confusing what the Hell we're doing NOW??!?  So many Changes that my Memory Care Issues are Challenged Seriously with it all at this Season of Life?!?   I Hate when Med regimens keep altering, everyone in the Family has been thru that and with this Crew having all their Special Needs Medically it's rather like being an Alchemist of sorts... since I never got training to be a Pharmacist, Doc or Shrink... I NEED to transform or Create something workable through a seemingly Magical Process around here!  *LMAO*

Now the Anxiety levels of The Force are heightened and especially The Young Prince keeps asking me if I'm Okay?   As if I'm going to Croak at any minute... and they dog me about having my Puppy Tag on me at all times... you know, the Medical Alert Tag you gotta have once your Condition becomes something that might require an Emergency Intervention by complete Strangers?!?  We had it made at Petco since it was way cheaper than ordering one via the Senior Health Products companies, which exploit the Elderly and our steady decline.  You want one in the shape of a Bone or with Bling I was asked as The Young Prince worked the kiosk where it's engraved as it sits in it's little Cassette thingy?!  The Force think it is hysterical I'm now wearing or carrying a Puppy Tag!  *Smiles*  NO... just a Plain Stainless Steel Military Dog Tag looking one will do... but I did choose a nice fancy but easily legible Font... so it's not a terrible 'Look'!  *Winks*

As we were looking at the Habitats for the Big Jungle Cats I have to Confess some Envy because I'd certainly dig this Environment in our Back Yard, you know?  *Bwahahahaha!*   The tiered faux Rock with Waterfalls and Pond with Jungle like Plants everywhere just looks so relaxing and like a Staycation Resort... well, sans the Leopards and Panthers of coarse.  *Winks*   They crept up behind the Kiddos when I was photographing The G-Kid Force, I thought they might do a Photo Bomb and scare the shit out of my Posing duo, which would have been hysterical!  *LMAO*  Actually I know they were stalking the Kids until they realized, shit, just out of reach, dammit... and they looked so tasty too!  *Ha ha ha*   Every time a Toddler or Small Kid walked up to the exhibit the Big Cats showed considerable Interest... and the Mommies were cooing, Oh Look, he LIKES you!    Yeah, he'd LIKE to EAT you The Young Prince would whisper under his breath and then both of mine would look at each other, Smile that sinister macabre Grin and we'd all crack up... you know, being the Addams Family sort that we just are!  *Winks*

I'm glad you always told us the Truth about the Wildlife Gramma, because every time we see some Idiot that gets too close to the dangerous Animals we're sure they were the ones whose Mommies told them, Oh look, he LIKES you!?  *Bwahahahaha!*   It is true, when I'm hearing some of the stupid shit Parents are telling their impressionable Youngsters around Wildlife, it's a Wonder any of them make it to Adulthood if they spend any time out in Nature... honestly!!!?!  Of coarse, sometimes I Wonder how some of the Parents made it to Adulthood... coz you can't fix Stupid!   One of our pet peeves at any Zoo or Wildlife Sanctuary are the Families who clearly have no respect for Nature or act ignorantly around the Animals and have the buck wild Child tormenting the poor Creatures and the allegedly 'responsible' Adults say or do nothing about it!   We feel it is vitally important for Adults to Teach Good Stewardship of our Wildlife and Natural Resources to the next Generations, so it is preserved for Generations to come.

So even tho' it was very Hot and Humid, the Zoo this Morning was Fun and we got a lot of good exercise in and enjoyed all of the Wildlife and Marine Life there.  This Zoo is very close to our Home so I'll probably renew the Membership in the Fall when we'll begin going more often again when the weather isn't as extreme.   For now, at Home, we've got our own mini Reptile Exhibit with Ivara and The Young Prince is fretting over her and spoiling her like he's the Father of a Newborn Child!  *LOL*   Will you Babysit her for me Tomorrow Gramma while I clean out her Habitat?   Shit, last time I Babysat Ivara while he was putting her Habitat together she made a beeline for me and my Dreads... so Note to Self:  Put your damned Locs up so she can't get to them this time!?!  *LOL*

So, I'll be lookin' a bit like Vintage Coolio Tomorrow... The Force think it's hilarious when I wear my Locs up and they're sticking out all crazy!  *Smiles*  The liberating part of having Dreadlocks is, you can wear them in crazy Styles and totally Roll with it... so there's never a Bad Hair Day... EVER!   Today I actually had them Up... tho' not quite this high... because the Humidity was such that I just didn't Care or want them Down... Comfort is the Name of the Game when Monsoon Season hits in the height of Summer around here!

Which is precisely Why I want one of these environments around here in the Back Yard one day... well, without the Cage... The Force is Mature enough now we don't need extreme measures to keep them corralled!  *LOL*   Though a top Mesh like that would be nice with hanging Vines all over across it for Privacy and Shade!

And now some Proud Gramma Grandchild Imagery for the rest of the Post, since one of The G-Kid Force's younger Sisters, who lives in Mexico, just Shared recent pixs of her new Hair Color!   She reminds me so much of our Daughter at that Age, which is Eleven for this Grandchild... since all of the Kiddos she had look like she Cloned them... and this one changes Hair Color about as often as her Mama used to and her Big Brother does!  *Bwahahahaha!*   Our Daughter had so many different Hair Colors we kinda forgot what her Natural Color even was?!? *Smiles*

Like The G-Kid Force, the rest of the Siblings all have luxuriously thick heads of Hair that grows amazingly fast.   And they too are growing up amazingly fast, almost at the speed of Light it seems!  It won't be long before almost all of our Grandchildren are Young Adults, there's only a couple now that are still very Young... most are already Grown or almost Adults already!   WOW... sometimes when we reflect upon that it makes The Man and I realize we're becoming The Ancients!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*   By the time all your Kids are Middle Aged and their Kids are now Young Adults it kinda throws you into this Weird Time Warp!

Old Age is a Privilege not afforded to many and I'm thoroughly enjoying the Journey into Old Age personally and Thankful to have attained it... however, my Friend and I were recently talking about how we didn't Feel like those Little Old Grannies you see all around.   We see these decrepit looking Old People walking around with much Younger Grandchildren than ours and we just don't Feel any kind of Connection to THAT Season yet.   Do you suppose those are the Great Grandparents I asked my Friend once?   Well, you're a Great Grandparent already she says, so I dunno... mebbe so... mebbe not... some people just look way older than they perhaps are ya think?   Perhaps... hard to tell... I've met folks I thought had Years on me and thought were of my own Parents Generation only to find out some were Younger than I was!   And I've met the sorts who are truly Ageless and with such Youthful Spirit they'll likely never Grow and Act or Look Old appearing really. 

But Time is marching on... and whether you Feel it in your Spirit or in your Bones hardly matters so long as you're Living Life as Fully as you possibly can.  I think the Quality of one's Life is way more important than the Quantity of it actually.   Are you Living a Quality Life my Friends?   What could you be doing, what Head space will it require, to Live a better Quality Life we should be asking ourselves daily?   That's why I thoroughly Enjoy spending time around Younger Generations and not limiting myself to just hanging around my Peers, the Young have an Energy and Zest for Life that is just contagious, generally Positive and Uplifting!   They See with Fresh Eyes everything around them!  They want to Experience as much as they possibly can.   Sometimes that Zest and Energy, that Positive Outlook can be Lost to the Aging Process if we don't Guard against it.

Watch how the Young Skip... Smile or Laugh often and just be Silly... and toss their Hair with wild abandon... when was the last time you remember doing that my Friends?   If you cannot remember perhaps it's time to do it again... to recall what it Feels like... regardless of whether anyone is looking or judging!   The Lazy Days of Summer and Dealing with Bad News is the juxtaposition that just can be Life... it can be Wonderful and Awful in rapid succession.   So just try harder to focus upon all that is Good about it and you want to experience more Fully in the Living of it my Friends.


With Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wonderful philosophy in the face of bad news.
    Your spirit is ageless. I can't believe you are a great grandma!
    We had our kids so late we may never be grandparents. So we have all our future generations in our lovely kids. Who were a miracle in themselves.
    Having kids late certainly keeps you young!
    It's only when I look in the mirror I see my age. I recenly found I was recovering better from a big yoga session than someone ten years younger. Yay me!
    I love your zoo. We are going to get a year's membership soon too.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Perhaps it is good that eyesight even after lasik isn't what it used to be, so when I look in the mirror, I really don't notice my Age so much... ha ha ha.

  2. Yep, I agree that age is just a number and it shouldn’t define you. I am OK looking in my mirror, but those pictures tell another story. Maybe it is the lighting.

    1. I know, the ultimate reality check is those photographs! LOL

  3. I'm concerned about your health, but I trust you to do all the right things.

    1. Yes, I am doing all the right things but the Docs have got me concerned as well, that perhaps I don't 'feel' as vulnerable as I could be? I'm guardedly optimistic that I can Heal my body with good nutrition and continued exercise and positive exposure to those things that feed the Soul. After all, I am a Creation in my 6th Decade of existence so I don't expect everything to be in it's prime anymore. Winks


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