Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I'm Freakin' Cold... NOT...

So, she got ready for Meeting The 7th Grade Teachers... wearing a Hoodie that says "I'm Freakin' COLD" and it's 117 Outside!   She refused to dress Weather appropriate, I choose my Battles wisely, with this Child particularly... whatever... the Teachers can think what they may!  *LOL*  It had been so Hot and Humid Upstairs before the Air Conditioning Guy got it fixed this Afternoon that she'd had her Hair in Indian Braids all day... so it was mad wavy when she took them out.   I thought for SURE she'd Freak Out and melt down about having a Bad Hair Day right before this Teacher Ordeal thingy, Thankfully she didn't.  Whew, dodged a bullet there... she's prone to OCD Appearance Panic and Anxiety induced Drama over any trifles usually!   I've probably got more Anxiety about this Ordeal of Meeting the New Teachers than she has now... is it wrong that I feel like I need to Drink first?!  *LMAO*

Do I look Pretty she asked when she sashayed in to show me what she was intent on wearing and The clearly Quirky Look she was going for?   Absolutely I says... the Kid would look Pretty in a Potato Sack and with her Head shaved... I know, I'm totally Biased about all my Grandchildren, as are all Proud Grandparents!  *Winks*   Actually I am glad she has the Confidence to go by the beat of her own Drum and just be the Wednesday Addams Child she's always been, regardless of how anyone judges.   We just have to rectify that utterance of feeling and saying she's 'Stupid' thing she's been saying too much lately.  I don't know if it's a Label she affixed to herself or someone convinced her of, but it's totally False and I don't want her Believing that bullshit.  Not everyone is an Academic Overachiever, but that doesn't always indicate superior Intelligence anyway.   I've met some Intellectuals who couldn't react with Common Sense in Real Life situations or fall totally apart in a Crisis.  This Kiddo has Survived and endured more Crisis in her short Life than most people would experience in a full Lifetime... she'll be just Fine, regardless of what any Report Card says to the contrary. 


Proud Gramma Dawn... The Bohemian

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