Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th Of July

Well, I managed to Get Over having my Epic and Dramatic Pout about the PV Property. *Smiles*  Yes, after sleeping on it, my practical, logical Brain prevailed and analyzed every pro and con about buying and selling, or trying to downsize another 50% to make another epic move.  Once the Emotional excitement subsided enough I could be rational rather than reckless, Sanity was restored.  Real Estate transactions are something I take dead serious, I always want to make money, not lose money or break even in haste just to make it happen!  Uprooting my Family based on decisions they Trust me to make for the Good of ALL is a weighty responsibility, so I'd want to get it Right for a 'Forever Home'!

The Let Down was of coarse epic, since every ounce of my Being wanted it, so as to Still the Restlessness I have always felt living here, which is uncomfortable and causes inner turmoil constantly.   I want to quell it one day, so that I can just stay put for as long as I should or need to.  With a Peace and to continue growing where I'm currently planted.  For now there is a quiet Resignation replacing a Peace and it will just have to do.  I'm not entirely miserable here since I Love the actual House itself, but in Real Estate Location is EVERYTHING!  Some think that means purely from an Investment standpoint, but it's much larger than that, since Life is larger than Money, or should be if you've got your priorities straight.

I've always prioritized People first... then Money... then Things.  I think your own Moral Clarity and Compass has to be sorted out early on, I'm Thankful mine has been.   And that brings me to Today... the 4th of July... and I want to Wish all of you a Happy one with many fond Memories.  But I also want to talk about Patriotism and Love of Country while keeping it 100%.  Not so as to stir up controversy or polarize issues further, God knows we've got way too much of that nonsense going on already my Friends and I'm Heart sick to death of it!   We're a very Patriotic Family, generations of our Loved Ones have Served in our Military and most made it a long Career and were willing to make incredible Sacrifices for the Love of Country and what the Red, White and Blue should stand for.

The Man likes to quip that he Loves his Country and was Proud to Serve it for 39 Years of Honorable and highly Decorated Military Service, but he doesn't always Trust his Government.   I hear that from so many Veterans that it's rather interesting as an Observation, complete Patriotism and Love of Country, the willingness to give all if necessary... and yet not always being able to Trust one's Government... those Leading us!   Vigorous support of one's Country doesn't always mean that the Elected Officials are making decisions you HAVE to be in complete Agreement of, in fact, I think it would be dangerous to blindly be led by Fools or those with unclear or questionable motives and agendas.  I think this is where many of us find ourselves Today, deeply Patriotic and Loving Country, but not necessarily Proud of what is playing out in it at the present time and the World is Witnessing and questioning also!

I suppose for our Family we have a different dynamic than some, in that, while many ARE American born... and even some are indigenous First Peoples... many other Loved Ones were Foreign born and came to this Country as Immigrants or were Children born overseas to American G.I.'s Serving abroad at the time.  Several other Loved Ones were born and are actively living in their respective Countries outside of the United States and are likely to remain Foreign Nationals deeply Proud and Patriotic of their respective Homelands too.   Some even were born here and Immigrated to other Countries and are what we'd call Ex-Pats who might permanently live abroad by choice in a Host Country they've grown to Love too.  So we are a very International Family spread out across the United States and several other Countries and thus it gives us perhaps a broader perspective beyond borders.

So, our Family has Loved Ones and Lifelong Friends who are here, there and everywhere... who come from a multitude of Countries, backgrounds and ethnic groups of various descents and cultures.   You might wonder why I didn't use the term 'Race'?   Because, I Believe wholeheartedly there is only ONE 'Race', and we're ALL of it, the Human Race!  Of which, clearly, there are many wonderful varieties, like any other Species, but of which on a biological level, are the SAME in more ways than they probably are different.  I had a Geneticist tell me that the DNA won't show a 'Race' per se, as people understand that term to mean and often 'Identify' with, merely a common demographic of the Earth where one's ancestral roots probably came from.   

Just like Cat or Dog DNA won't tell you which 'Breed', as we've labeled and Identify them, just the Species being what it is, and the likely  ancestral roots it probably came from. Which could then identify Ancestry more clearly in how it might Appear superficially, on the exterior visuals.   That Scientific Fact lined up completely with what Dear Old Dad always told me and he was no Scientist or great Scholar.  Just a Simple, but intelligent Man, who believed all Human Beings had Value and we should ditch the superficial Labels indicating exterior visuals, which cause so much division and often outright Hatred and Bias.   My Dad didn't have much formal education, due to the Era and demographic he was 'assigned' at Birth, but he was so Wise and such a deep thinker that I valued his Sage Advice my entire Life.  I miss having those deep discussions with him we had that seemed to solve so many problems of the Universe.  *Smiles*

My Mom was very well Educated in her Country of origin, she and I could have those Intellectual discussions from Scholarly standpoints.   She always told me however, that Intelligence had absolutely nothing to do with the level of Education one has attained!  There are many Educated Fools... and Wise Illiterates... when any individual opens their mouth, which they are, Wise or Fool, is typically evident.  Out of the abundance of the Heart the Mouth speaks in spite of itself and any deceptions or tactics used to give an illusion otherwise!   Mom's own Father was illiterate but could speak three languages fluently and had the Sage Wisdom of my Dad... Gran-Gran wanted his Children to attain the highest level of Education he might have been denied... as did my Dad.  Both Dad and Gran-Gran just happened to Marry very well Educated Women of Different Cultures than their own.  So the blend was quite Wonderful in that it gave many perspectives to draw upon from totally different Life filters experienced and Rich Cultures that were diverse.

In these troubled times I freely and openly Confess that I haven't been very Proud lately of the way our Country is behaving internally nor towards the International Community at large.   I Pray that the collateral damage already done can be repaired and Unity restored, Relations with our Allies restored, Trust in our Government shored up more than it has been.   I personally have Loved Country with all of my Heart, but have not Trusted our Government and those Leading it for a very, very long time... it all seems too disingenuous no matter which Politicians are in Power.  I Wish that were not so, I'd like to see more integrity and Honor among those choosing to Lead.  Along with the Hope that they really DO have the Good of ALL in Mind and not just themselves and their privileged Associates.   I don't like Civil unrest, I don't like alienation between our Nation and those Allies that have shown themselves Historically to be Allies and not Enemies! 

I don't want our Nation to become so arrogant or deluded that we think we have no Enemies or will not make some more by our collective Behavior towards the International Community, that would be Naive and Stupid!   Not to mention dangerous... and since we're all raising Families and have Loved Ones, I don't think anyone, anywhere, in any Country actually, wants to have to Live out Life in dangerous, unstable and uncertain environments or having Leaders cocking everything up!   I opt for Peace and for Security, but I also know every Country has Enemies that would seek to destroy our ways of Life and instill their own instead.   Mankind Historically has been a Warlike Race, our Species is without a doubt, the most dangerous on Planet Earth!   There is no apex Predator, no matter how apparently Ruthless and scary, that is as vicious and absolutely Ruthless and Cold-Hearted as a Human Being can be!   So we have a responsibility to exercise our Humanity and Stewardship of this Earth we ALL occupy, in Positive, enriching ways, rather than Negative, destructive ones!   We should be in Unity to decide how Best that can be done and to Solve our most pressing Problems?!?

I do not personally have all the Sage Answers to Solve the World's most pressing Problems, Greater Minds than mine would have to be exercised to come up with the real viable Solutions and I Want desperately to Trust that they WILL!?  And not to Feel as though they're sabotaging the Good and the Well Being of the Average Person nor Sacrificing us at their Altars to do it for their own Gain and Profits!?   I do know enough that if you are not part of the Solution though you become part of the Problem, and so I'll continue to strive to become a Solution oriented Individual who does my part, however minuscule a part I can contribute to the Good of ALL.   The only One I REALLY have complete Trust and Faith in is my God, may He Guide those who have the authority to make a difference and promote Positive Changes for the Good of us ALL!  So on this most Patriotic of Holidays may we reflect upon what kind of an America we REALLY want to BE?!?   Because it certainly doesn't resemble the one that ever existed before... right, wrong or indifferent... it just does NOT!  So it will become something entirely different... how Good or how Bad that will be is entirely up to us... the General Population of this Country!

Happy 4th of July my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. My heart hurts for you Dawn! To want to leave your area so badly and then find something perfect and right where you want to be is almost to much to bare! Could you hire moving people to do it all with the profit you might get out of the Villa? Could you put your extras in a storage unit until you got it sold at Brass Armadillo or private sale? Could the Princess handle it? Sending up Prayers for you and your family!

    1. I could probably do all of that but it would be so sacrificial in so many ways that the Timing just doesn't seem Right even tho' the Desire is there. Making a hasty move is just not wise and buying on 'contingency' basis is something most Sellers aren't comfortable with since so much can, and often does, fall apart in the Process. If I had six months to prep this place for a Listing I probably couldn't, so 30 days or so would be completely unrealistic. *LOL* I do feel when everything lines up right then the Timing will be when it should happen, right now just doesn't feel like the Timing is possible, let alone practical.


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