Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dreadlock Product ~ Spiralocks

Whenever I find a good Dreadlock Product I like to Support it.  Today I received my Spiralocks order from Australia.   They had enclosed a complimentary Spiralock in a smaller size, which was a lovely unexpected Surprise!  I just Love this Product and you can find them on Facebook and Etsy if you'd like to order some.

Not only does the Product look and work well, but it is supporting Fair Trade with the Talented and Proud, yet impoverished, Women in Gunu Village who Create them from various Exotic Fabrics.  I Love it when Cottage Industries benefit people in remote areas and preserve their dignity and showcase the Talents of the people of the regions.  These Women are able to improve life in their Village with the income generated from the sales, and Teach other Women how to Create them to make a Living from the Craft, so it's a Win-Win for both Customer, Company and Artisan.

There are several styles, lengths and Fabrics to choose from, whatever stage your Locs are in from Baby Locs to more Mature Dreads the Product can accommodate you.  I will definitely be buying more to get some Variety.  It is so difficult, once your Dreads thicken, to find adequate Hair Ties that will actually fit around them.  Mine had reached the stage where the store bought Ligas just weren't large enough to fit around them anymore.  Sometimes I tie my Locs up with other Locs, but some Hair Styles just require a Hair Tie that will not only work, but look attractive, Spiralocks do the trick and they are easy peasy to use!

This was my unexpected Complimentary one and I just Loved the Fabric, it is shorter than the one I ordered so I can use this when I don't want to put all my Locs up in a Ponytail or Bun.  The Videos on the FB site give instructional tutorials on how to use Spiralocks for different Styling options.  One thing I have particularly enjoyed about having Dreadlocks is the variety of Styling options I now have for my Hair and how Maintenance Free it now is!  Before Dreads it was so High Maintenance and restricted due to the texture and how thin my hair used to be... now my possibilities seem only restricted by my Imagination and I have Hair continuously getting thicker and so easy to Care for!

Here is the one I ordered in an Exotic Tribal Trim Fabric, which was also pictured in the first Image in a bundle.   This one is long enough that my Locs can get twice as thick in another year and it will still go around all of them.  But they have even longer ones for the very Mature Dreadhead's Locs, no matter how luxuriously thick.   They are easy to install in your Hair and keep it more comfortable than store bought Hair Ties, which can really pull on Dreadlocks creating weight and tension that isn't comfortable.  As you can see, in just barely over a Year, my Locs are now so thick I can't fit my Hand around them anymore... for someone who used to have Thick Hair Envy all her Life I cannot tell you how Wonderful that Feels!   The Man obliged me by taking this Image since my contortions of doing adequate Selfies of the side or back of my Head was a Joke!  *LOL*

I now get daily Compliments on my Hair and am now an avid proponent of getting Dreadlocks if you've been thinking about it or have been on the fence about whether to or not?   I really like the way the Spiralocks fit and look, now that it's Summertime and our triple digit temps are way up there, having my Locs up is nice.  Tho' I will tell you something I hadn't expected, when freshly washed and still wet, Dreadlocks are like having Natural Air Cooling on your Head, who knew?!!?!  *Smiles*   They are heavy when wet tho' and as they get thicker and longer, I'm kinda Wondering if that will make Swimming no longer an option, lest the weight of them wet might potentially drown me?!?  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

Just for Fun, here's one of the feeble attempts of a side and back of Head Selfie... which required more Tantric Yoga Poses... ha ha ha... so that's enough exercise for Today!  *Winks*   I do Hope all of you will Support Indie Shops and Cottage Industries across the World, Small Business is the backbone of almost every Culture and Country... and our Support of them so that they can continue to have a measure of Success is vital.  Poverty and the effects of it in isolated Villages is something that Cottage Industries can attempt to improve or eliminate, while allowing the indigenous populations to remain and live in their respective Beloved Homelands and Rural Villages.  I want to Thank the Talented Women that Created my Spiralocks.  I just Love them and will wear them Proudly and be Supportive of the Business offering them and employing these Indigenous People of Gunu Village, Naviti Island, Fiji


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Ooh Dawn. Isn't your hair looking wonderful!
    Thanks for the update photos. I find this all so fascinating. Discovering a whole new world!
    Are they wire inside?
    You can always wear a massive swim cap to prevent drowning. Ha ha!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. You're hilarious, I can see me with massive swim cap, like a buoy bobbing around in the water! *LOL* Yes, they are wire inside, which is why you coil them back up when not in use to extend the life of them. The fabrics used are a wide variety and they make several styles so it's like an accessory to enhance wardrobe too. I liked that it is providing work for indigenous Women in remote Islands where there is no real work to improve quality of life, so that they can continue to live in their ancestral communities rather than having mass exodus to cities and a disconnect from their people.

  2. I can't get over how thick your hair is! And those spiralocs are wonderful! Kudos to you for finding them and promoting them. May those women live and create in good health and prosperity.

    1. Oh I so agree, wonderful that the Women can improve the quality of Life in their ancestral villages and not have to disconnect from their people in order to find a way to make a living. Yes, isn't it amazing how quickly my hair got THICK?!? I began with such thin slow growing hair just barely a year ago, now it's thick, healthier and grows like a weed, four inches of growth in a year!


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