Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Frenzied Procrastinator... Or Calm Down Gramma!

I own that I'm a terrible procrastinator, I put shit off that really doesn't even take that long to do when I finally get around to tackling it, usually in a frenzy.  Yes, I'm the Frenzied Procrastinator that will leave something undone for an inordinate amount of time and then suddenly be whipped into a frenzy about getting it done like my very life depended upon it!   The G-Kid Force think this is disturbingly insane, they're probably right, and the Young Prince always tells me to Calm Down!!!   I can't, once I'm on the roll of finally tackling all this shit I've put off, I'm driven and whipped into an unstoppable frenzy about confronting and dealing with it.   FINALLY... you know, after letting it just sit, not being done, and bothering me immensely all that time even, for like Forever!  *LOL*

And usually there will have been a Trigger... you know, to light the Fire under my ass to move forward and actually DO something about what shouldn't have been left undone for so long in the first place.   I don't know why I need some Trigger... because daily it bothers me when anything is not getting done, but that doesn't mean I JUST DO IT... even tho' Nike would suggest that's the best option, you know, over the torment of NOT just doing it!  *Winks*   So a Lifelong Friend is going to need to use our Guest Room for a few days... and tho' we've known each other Forever... and she knows what our Home looks like and isn't bothered by it one iota, that was Today's Trigger!   I was like the Tasmanian Devil and once the Guest Room was ready to receive her I couldn't just Stop, oh shit No I couldn't just Stop... even with The Force following me around asking me to!  *LMAO*

So, that meant they became my unwitting Recruits, not a Volunteer Force of Minions mind you, once I'm on my roll, well, you're collateral damage if you're standing close enough to be Helpful!   You better run while you still can, but they didn't, since I was up a Ladder of Death by then... and they know my Vertigo and fears are Epic once I'm two rungs up anything off the ground!  *Smiles*  You're going to fall and break a hip and then we're all doomed, The Young Prince deadpanned in a serious tone!  Let me go up there instead Gramma and you just hand me what you want put on those ridiculously high shelves in the Guest Room Closet that have been empty for almost four years now!  It didn't matter that there was enough room on the Clothing Rack for anything my Friend might wanna hang up in there... now those two ridiculously high empty shelves were bothering me!   This is how OCD, Bipolar Mania and Hyperactivity work in case you aren't aware or aren't similarly afflicted!?  *Smiles*

Plus, the Pillow Hoard that I can't seem to get rid of, because every Gorgeous Vintage Belgian Velvet or Hand Made Gypsy Bohemian Style Pillow I ever saw I seemed to have bought and become Attached to... now Needed somewhere to BE other than the floor of said Closet!  *LMAO*   I used to rotate said Pillows around the house all of the time.  You know, when I had Time to do shit like that, which I don't anymore, but I still hold onto the Hoard as if one day I just might again play Fancy Pillow Roulette while Decorating??!  *Le Sigh*   You should get rid of some of these Gramma and Sell them, Princess T said in her logical Professional Organizer Tone.  So I chose about a half dozen, to pacify her... oh and so as not to feel like a Class Four Hoarder, to hawk at the Antique Mall.   *Winks*

  Lately she's been whipped up into her Professional Organizer frenzy again and got up at 5:00 a.m. Yesterday to Voluntarily Organize ALL of the Kitchen Cabinets for me!!!   They look fantastic, now she's on to her Bedroom Closet... yeah, clearly the Poor Kid has got 'it' worse than me, that OCD, Bipolar Manic and Frenzied Procrastinator Gene!  It must intensify over Generations?!!!!??!  *LOL*  She also can go from not giving a shit how things aren't getting done, even if it REALLY DOES bother her internally, but not enough externally to be mobilized into Action... to suddenly having a sense of intense urgency that they simply MUST get done, RIGHT NOW... CHOP-CHOP!   So living with the two of us is a lesson in each day being a brand New Adventure!  *Smiles*  The Man no longer even tries to stand on the tracks when I'm wheels off the rails careening towards housekeeping Madness.   But The Young Prince is always concerned I'll overdo it and perhaps drop dead in The Process I guess?

You know all this isn't NECESSARY he implored... she was only here visiting Yesterday so she knows how it already looked Gramma, right?   You need to just STOP!   That doesn't matter I says, I didn't even slow down my frantic pace of doing everything all at once!  By now I had two loads of Laundry going, Guest Room squared away, Informal Diningroom Table cleared of all clutter... so it could actually be sat at and eat a meal around... and my eyeballs were darting around at what else NEEDED to suddenly get done!?   He sighed, you're Manic right now Gramma, you know the Crash is coming and I just want you to Calm Down... why don't you go take a Shower?   I WAS smelling like Stress Sweat by then, foul odor that is, so Thanks, now you've got me fixating upon how Funky I am... still in my PJ's at 1:00 p.m. and did I eat Breakfast or not I'm suddenly Wondering?  Racing Thoughts are hard to quell and reach a place of Calm, so perhaps a Shower IS a good Idea right about now, huh?  *Ya Think?!  LMAO*

My Friend called just before I jumped in the Shower, we laughed about the Insanity of the Trigger her impending stay has stirred up, she's just like me so we 'Get It', no apologies necessary, we do have a twisted warped sense of Humor about our Issues.  *Winks*   I only didn't get the Mint on your Pillow yet, I quipped... well, then, that drops your YELP Review down a Star she jokes, I expected a Five Star Resort Experience!   Well, there's still Time, The Man might want to go to Olive Garden for Father's Day Dinner, so we'll remember to bring Home the complimentary After Dinner Mints that we usually leave behind I says.  I'm NOT joking, they'll be sitting upon her Pillow when she gets here... coz when you fall down this here Rabbit Hole, anything is possible, and we've dreamed a host of the Impossible up before Breakfast.   Well... if we remembered to even HAVE Breakfast... I'm just not Sure???!!!?!?!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... where things have finally Calmed Down to a level of Sanity... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Ha! Ha! This is soooo relatable! I totally get the trigger thing and find it very useful. In fact sometimes I invite people over to make me clean!
    I hope you had a happy time with or without the mint. She sounds like the perfect friend.
    xo Jazzy Jack

  2. Yes, Triggers are quite the motivator aren't they? winks In many ways it is a very good thing!

  3. My mom and I both have this, lol.


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