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Sweet Salvage ~ More Summer Lovin' Event And Living Mi Vida Loca

Having my Friend from out of town and my Grand-Daughter attending the Event with me this Month was Fun, usually now I attend solo and just run into people I know while there.   It makes for a more enriching Girl's Day Out to have someone else along to spend the entire day out with.  I'd like to say it keeps me more accountable about purchases, but that wouldn't be true.   Whoever is along is more likely to talk me into something than out of it!  *LOL*

But we can Share a whole lot more Imaginings that is for sure... like how Awesome buying something like this deconstructed Chair would be, if we were just decorating for the Visuals and not the practicality of Home Living.  Being practical often cramps and overrides my Imaginings of the Ideal Visual of any room we actually have to LIVE in.  *Ha ha ha*

I do think that if you have strong Artistic and Creative leanings practicality often takes a back seat to the Ideal Visual.  So you have to learn to pull back and override the Ideal Vision when decorating the Home... you know... where PEOPLE actually have to LIVE and have Functional Spaces!  *LMAO*   That is one bonus of Villa Boheme' being ridiculously enormous, I could indulge my Fantasies in some spaces we rarely need or have to actually use!  *Whew!*

So it probably comes as no Surprise that the very least Functional rooms of our Home and the ones we hardly ever USE are my Favorites!  Because they sure do look Fantastical and are my Fantasy decorated Spaces!  *LOL*   The Force and The Man, when giving a tour to Friends or Family visiting for the first time, know that the Visitor is also likely to comment about those Spaces being their Favorite.   So they will joke that it's Fantastical and Enchanting because it's the Space I decorated with nobody using it in Mind!   *Bwahahahaha!*

Well, isn't that True, come on... when you can just concentrate on making something LOOK Fantastic, like the Shops do, it doesn't HAVE to be practical nor even Functional.   It just has to Appeal to the Senses in it's overall Visual being rather a Fantasy Space where Creativity reigned Supreme.   If I lived alone, I'm pretty sure my entire Home would not be at all Functional and leaning more towards Living The Dream of uninhibited Fantasy Decorating!  So it's probably good I have a Family so I don't fall too far down my own Rabbit Hole!  *Winks*

That might also explain why just about every Friend or Family member visiting has always said it is like a Fantasy Shop where they want to just pick Treasures out to take Home with them!  *Smiles*   I've liked to do that over the years too, when I've reached Critical Mass, let Family or Friends choose something Special they've clearly admired and Loved, as a Gift.  It makes me Happy, when I know I have to Cull the Hoard of Lovelies, to know any of it is going to another Good Home where it will be equally Cherished!   Selling it and making Bank is also Awesome, I ain't gonna lie... so it's been my long term Investment of sorts over the years too!  *Ha ha ha*

Hey, as a retired AVP of Major Banks, lemme tell ya that the returns on my Investment have been a much higher yield on Selling Off my Treasures than having had that money in the Bank... just sayin'!   Interest rates on Savings and Investment vehicles have sucked for years or been too risky for my liking to get the returns I desire.   So I'd rather buy the Good Stuff, thoroughly Enjoy it for years, then make a healthy profit off it later when it needs to go.  You'll only see decent Interest Rates that benefit a Lender and I'm not Down with making them rich on my Dime.

And my take on Brokers is that they're called that for good reason... {winks}... nuff said.   The buying and selling of assets is something I'd rather rely upon my own Judgment, Instinct and Experience for, met too many who went broke Trusting their Brokers... who lived up to the name of 'Broker' being quite accurate.  If I have offended any Brokers in the Creation of this Blog Post, my disclaimer will be... IF you have happened to make your Clients much Richer, I applaud you.  Coz that should have been your Job and you clearly earned whatever they paid you then.  I would just have a problem paying someone to protect my assets who fails miserably.

So, now that we've hopefully avoided any Broker Drama who might be visiting Today... Smiles... let us move on to how I'm handling my assets lately.   I find that after Retirement you just have to be madly Creative about how you find supplemental streams of income.   Full Time Caregiving of Loved Ones and/or raising some of your Grandchildren is a Noble thing to be doing, but it sure doesn't have a good Retirement Plan compared to having an actual paying Career!  *LOL*

My visiting Friend and I were discussing this since she just took an early Retirement and will likely be like the rest of us in Retirement, needing Supplemental Income and thus not COMPLETELY Retired from trying to earn money.  *Smiles*  Ironically we found an appropriate Sign for that discussion we'd just had, which I should have bought but didn't, and said, "I THOUGHT I WANTED A JOB BUT IT JUST TURNS OUT I WANTED A PAYCHECK!"   After both having very long, illustrious and successful Careers... it's True that a Job is way different in earning potential, regardless of part time or full time, humbling even.  But it is still a Paycheck and we kinda like and miss those!  *Winks*

For me of coarse the unpaid Caregiving has to take a priority, so my Creativity has to be stretched considerably on how to work my hustle to earn much needed supplemental income.   By the time I get the last Grandchild raised I'd be re-entering the Work Force in my Seventies anyway... and The Man's Care would still be an Issue.   So, it's highly unlikely yours truly will be seeking that 3rd Career to Retire from.   It may be unlikely I'd even be able to devote myself to a Job, however humble or simple the task or the salary, due to Caregiving remaining a necessary priority.   So... that brings me to my Favorite stream of supplemental income, finding Lost Treasures and the re-sale of them!

Now, I find in all the years I've been doing it since forced early Retirement prompted the necessity of it, that it's not stable enough income to rely upon.  So I'm Thankful I'm not doing it for an actual Living and applaud those who work tirelessly to make it a Living and not a mere Hobby to supplement either Retirement or a Primary Career or Job Income they may have too.    But I do find that those of us who have a Passion for Collecting and Rescuing Lost Treasures are a breed all our own.   We'd probably still do it even if we didn't Profit much, if at all, from doing it.

So I liken it more to being similar to the Volunteer and Ministry Work I did for decades without thought to the monetary aspect... I did it all because my Passion and Love for it didn't require a paycheck.   That's when you KNOW you are moving in Purpose and in what your Heart's Desire is leaning towards, when you'd do it even for no compensation whatsoever.   So if you receive any compensation then that's just gravy... and who doesn't like gravy, right?  *Winks*

And here's the Magical part for me, anytime I've been moving in Purpose and what my Heart has led me to do and followed it Obediently... Blessings come even tho' I didn't require them nor always even expect them to!   Biblically speaking, Obedience being better than Sacrifice, I think perhaps it's due to Divine Law, my best Guess, I just know it's how it's always been for me anyway.  And often I've felt an intense Purpose in the Rescue and Seeking of the Lost Treasures I've accumulated and been Passionate about the Saving and the Seeking of.

Sometimes I don't Need them, but they seem to Need me, to go on to the next Journey they will go upon, to find their Forever Homes in the possession of those who Appreciate them like I do.   And they've been Good to me in that they've always made me Money when they leave... or Happiness and Joy in the Giving of when they've been Gifted and not Sold.   With Joy, Happiness and having ample Money always being a Good Thing, I've Merrily continued the Pursuit of it all!  *Ha ha ha*

Now onto the limitations I set for myself while in Pursuit... if what would bring me Happiness or Joy isn't conducive to providing Happiness or Joy to those I Care about, I just refrain out of Respect and Consideration, or limit my indulgence of it.   It's not all about me... and personally I find it hard to Respect anyone who does think it's all about them all of the time, it's just selfish and inconsiderate.   I also ensure I stay within Budget when making any purchase and always... always... always... make my Money on the Buy.  If you overpaid you will probably never make a Return on that Investment.   If you are enraptured by it enough to overpay, it better be a Keeper and so you don't Care at what Cost you got it.

Have I ever overpaid for something?  Well, that's entirely subjective too, because some things I thought at the time I paid top dollar for and as it turns out it's gained in value sufficiently that if I wanted to sell it {usually don't tho'} I'd make Money.   Some things do increase in Value that you just didn't buy with that end result in Mind during the Purchase.   Many of my OOAK Designer pieces or Art have done that over the years.   If you buy from a fav Unknown Artist or Unknown Master and then they become Well Known and Popular, you probably got their Creations on the low end before it went to the Stratosphere after they make it Big or become a Brand.  It's Nice to know they're worth ever so much more, but usually I know it's a Keeper for me unless I was in dire straits and hadda Sell em off!

Lemme tell ya that many previously Unknowns who become Known remember their Early Clients who Supported them when they started out, and reciprocate with Loyalty to the long standing Clients.   But even if they don't, it's Wonderful to see anyone Make It Big and be Known and Respected for their Art and their Amazing Talent.   It's always Sad to me that many Unknown Masters never got the Recognition they rightly Deserved for how Amazing a Talent they possessed!   I Wish every Talented Creative Genius got due Recognition and Profited from their Creations!

My Friend has always been very elusive when it comes to being photographed and I Respect that Wish not to pose for being in front of the lens.  But I didn't realize I'd accidentally captured her as background, barely in Frame, in this shot of a Vignette in the Warehouse!   It is difficult, when people are milling around, to absolutely ensure nobody is accidentally captured in Frame, but I do try, since I'm Sharing via Social Media and want to Respect the Privacy of Shoppers.  I have ditched many a great shot if some Stranger was accidentally captured in frame and facing the camera's angle, exposing their identity.

You know how earlier I Shared that I receive unexpected Blessings?  Well, if you recall I purchased one of my Friend Kenny's Antique Estate Sale Persian Rugs at the Event.   I got a good Deal from him but had hesitated since it was still more than I had intended to budget for spending right now during a financially lean Month.  Well, a Blessing dovetailed on that purchase, as it typically does by pure Serendipity and Favor!  The very day AFTER I bought Kenny's Amazing Antique Persian Rug he had given me a Special price on, I Scored an even larger one for the same Room {which will take several overlapping Rugs to cover the Space} for less than Ten Bucks my Friends!  *Booyah and a hearty Hallelujah!*

So here's my under Ten Dollar Antique Persian Rug Runner, which of coarse has more of a Drama filled Story... natch!  *Winks*  And is a Testimony of how sturdy and resilient these Old Rugs really were made.  I buy it for under Ten Bucks and didn't have time to get it out of the back seat, where it was rolled up in my Truck, before The Son had a transportation Emergency Downtown that I had to respond to Today.  I went into the City to help him out and asked him, since we were together, if he'd check my Truck for anything I might Need too.  He aired up my Tires, which were low and making the Idiot Lights go off on the dashboard, put new Windshield Washer Fluid {which was out} and Antifreeze {which was way low} in for me, and proceeded to wanna lay the Gallon of Antifreeze that was left on it's side under the back seat.  I told him I didn't want it laying down lest it leak, insisting, put it upright behind the Rug instead, it would be secure enough 'til I got Home.  We argued about it a bit, now that he's a Grown Man he tends to argue... well... like a Grown Man.  *LOL*  And you know how that goes when they think us Women know less about Man Stuff involving Tools and Vehicle Maintenance shit?!  *Ha ha ha*

Also... you know how even your Adult Children of both genders argue with you about what they think they know better about... becoz Seriously WE clearly know nothing?  *LOL*  Mom, the way you drive it will tip over anyway, better to lay it under here, see... the top is still secure and tight, it won't leak he insists... as he lays it on it's side regardless of my protests.   Famous last words... by the time I got to the Bank I noticed a small pool of Antifreeze under my Truck near the back door, but thought it was coming out from underneath, probably overflow from us just refilling the Fluid?  I called The Son to ask if that's 'Normal'?  Yeah Mom, it's probably Hot enough it's overflowing some, it'll be alright, don't worry.  OK, I don't worry... I goes Home and proceeds to unload my Persian Rug now... only it's WET!!!   WTF... I feel the Truck Carpet and it's SOAKING WET... oh Shit, immediately I realize the whole Gallon of Antifreeze had leaked out onto both and was what had been running out the door and puddling under the vehicle from the INSIDE!   It leaked onto The Young Prince's $300 Headset too, which was stashed under the seat... double Shit!    So I'm hosing said Rug down, now a just under $20 Investment, since the Antifreeze Loss was about Ten Bucks so doubled the Cost... Le Sigh!   As you can clearly see tho', after a good Gypsy Wash in the Driveway, it seems none the worse for wear and should dry by Tomorrow in this 108 degree Heat we're having... I don't know about the back seat carpet of the Truck tho', which I couldn't hose out and might remain having a toxic spill Forever?!!?!

Thank God it wasn't the Rug I bought from Kenny and paid considerably more for or I might have had a Stroke about it and been completely discombobulated and gone Mental?!  *LOL*   After busting The Son's balls about the incident, because you KNOW I hadda make THAT call, just so I could say I was Right and lay a Guilt Trip on him, coz that's what Moms do... LMAO... I was Over It.  I mean, you hafta be, it was accidental and I should have gone with MY gut instinct and held my ground... which is what I usually do when I'm NOT having an argument about something when it's 108 freakin' degrees outside and we're sweating bullets!  *Smiles*  The Young Prince had to then be convinced that something Toxic spilling all over his expensive Headset probably would dry and not harm him if he wears them again IF they still work?   I'm guessing at that of coarse and making up the Story as I go, for his sake, since what are ya gonna tell a 17 Year Old when he realizes his Beloved Headset got exposed to the Antifreeze his Uncle insisted wouldn't leak and laid on it's side next to said Headset underneath the Seat?  *Winks*   Otherwise we'd have a Sibling Like Feud going on about ruined expensive Headset, since they were Raised together and behave more like Big Brother, Little Brother rather than Uncle and Nephew! So it's easier to make up a Good Story than to Mediate that shit and Drama... or outlay for another Headset I and The Son can't really afford!  *LMAO*

My Friend's stay with us at Villa Boheme' is now over, we had a grand time having her with us and doing lotsa Girl Stuff together.   I had thought Today might be more Chill than it turned out, but I did have a nice Luncheon with The Son in the City and before the Antifreeze mishap.  His Birthday is coming up very soon, but he'll be at a Concert that day which he won tickets for from a local Radio Station, so we Celebrated early while we both were in Downtown Phoenix meeting up.  His Schedule and mine are usually difficult to coordinate anyway, so we always try to do something Special when the Stars, Moon and Sun line up in such a way that we can get together... even if a Crisis or Emergency is the reason.   Even when Life hands you Lemons, making Lemonade and sitting back to Enjoy it is always the best and most Chill option.  His mini Transportation Issue was easily resolved with my Help, and I'm just glad that now his Birthday Plans for attending the Concert aren't wrecked either.  The very last thing you want or Need is a Transportation Issue not resolved in the Arizona Summertime lemme tell ya!

Now for a bit more Small Talk about some of the Treasures at the Event that I thought were Awesome but not within Budget.  Fancy Cast Iron Urns... Love 'em, have them on my Wish List for eventually Gracing the exterior of Villa Boheme' one day... so I'm always Lusting after the best ones that Get Away because Timing isn't right yet!  Dammit!  *Winks*   There's nothing that looks more Classically Villa or Manse Opulent than The Perfect Vintage or Antique Garden Urn!   On the Canvas of my Imagination every Classic Villa or Manse has them out front or in the Courtyards... ALWAYS!    It's almost Standard Decor for the Upscale Home don'tcha think?  *Smiles*

I eventually want one like this... which is a Magnificent Specimen of the Ideal Antique Urn I Imagine one day owning... a Pair of them would be even better of coarse each side of the Entryway into Villa Boheme'!  *Swooning*   I would Feel like a very Fancy Lady with Urns at the Entrance.  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*  I'm not even certain what I'd put IN them, just that I want them eventually and thus will one day possess one or more of them.   They never come Cheap and are even difficult to Source, so my only concern is that when I have the funds, will I be able to find and Source the Urn(s)??!?!!   We will just have to wait and see?

One of the things I particularly like about the Summer Show is that it always has merchandise to pay Homage to Patriotism and the 4th of July coming up.   I Love seeing Patriotic Decor even tho' typically I've never owned much Red, White and Blue to actually Decorate for the Holiday very well and so we just don't.    These Adorable Hand Stitched Flag Folk Art pieces were Cute.   I used to Decorate my Retail Spaces at the Antique Mall with Red, White and Blue Patriotism about a Month before the Holiday but I found it just didn't Sell well and then I was stuck with a lot of Patriotic Inventory for another year.   I don't think it's necessarily because people aren't Patriotic as it is that Decorating with Patriotic Specific Decor is rather limiting and not as Commercialized as other Holidays like Halloween and Christmas.   So the offerings are usually sparse and I applaud The Sweet with always giving everyone a hearty Patriotic Inspired variety of merchandise that is absent almost everywhere else.

It does make me Want to Decorate for the 4th of July more and Inspire me to at least give a nod to Patriotic Decorating in June and early July!  *Smiles*   Some years I've even been sufficiently Inspired to DO it and not just languish and stall at Wanting to do it... ha ha ha ha ha!   This year I have to Confess I never got around to it... Hell, I haven't even gotten around to Decorating the Meditation Room and painting the Wall in it yet, which I thought I would while my Friend was here staying with us a Week!   We did however, get the boxed Cube Shelving up the Stairs ready to be put together once the Wall is painted.   Between she, The Young Prince and I, we managed to get both boxes up there without anyone dropping dead from the effort it took!  *LOL*   Our stairs are steep and have a landing which makes angling furniture to get it up there a real pain in the ass and logistically challenging!   So two Senior Women and a Gay Teen Male are probably not the best options for moving heavy furnishings up there... but ya gotta work with what ya got!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

My Friend did say that while she's still in Arizona she's determined to Help me get that Meditation Room up and running so we can Chill up there and drink Wine and have Mehndi Parties, even if we don't do Yoga or Meditate much.  *LMAO*   The Young Prince is still practicing the Art of Henna and I stocked him up with enough of it for Mehndi thruout the Summer.   He'll soon be teaching his Little Sister how to do Henna too, both are Madly Creative Beings and draw Freehand expertly, so I'm looking forward to some Beautifully Creative Free Mehndi for Life.  *Winks*   At the Event I Loved the Whimsy of my Friend Kenny's Bear Head in an Artsy Canoe... lots of Wonderful Taxidermy at great prices abounded, alas, I came Home with none of it... Boo Hoo!

All of the Taxidermy are extremely Old Antique Specimens that would have been long dead now even if they'd never been Hunted, so it's not as if anyone went out recently and Hunted them.   So please, no Animal Rights Activist comments if you feel some kind of way about Taxidermy!   My sentiments about the Antique Specimens is that it's the only way we can Preserve the way certain Species looked from those Eras and compare them to Modern animals of the same Species.  It is very Interesting actually to see the subtle differences that perhaps a Hundred years made in a Species evolution and appearance or size. 

Even tho' I never Need to buy another Pillow in this Lifetime, since I have a virtual Hoard of them already, I always Appreciate the Beautiful Pillow Creations at the Events.   This Feed Sack and Ticking Fabric Pillow was so Cute, Loved the Graphics!   I am a Hopelessly Incurable Collector and Pillow Addict, I can't say I'll never, ever buy another... so what I do now is Trade Up and Sell Off some I have to justify any new Pillow purchases and fund them.  *Smiles*   I already have some Pillows for Sale in my Showroom and more are coming soon!

The indomitable Princess T keeps me quite accountable lately about what comes in or is going out and must go out.   She's been steadily and progressively purging all of her Toys and Collections from Childhood, which are Selling briskly in my Booth #317 at the Antique Mall, BRASS ARMADILLO WEST!   She's actually outselling me now in what merchandise is selling strongly... I may hafta become Vintage and Collectible Toy Lady, who knows?  *LOL*   She has Inspired me to expand my horizons when it comes to Sourcing Inventory that should have stronger Sales than just what I like and Collect.

Doing Me exclusively at Home is one thing, but in a Retail setting, sometimes you can profit more from an eclectic assortment of Vintage, Antique and Collectible items and that wasn't something I was embracing very well for a while.   But like I said, I Like making Money... and so I'm adapting and improvising to shore up any soft sale Months and people just dig Vintage, Antique and Collectible Toys so much they Sell all year long!   Who knew?  It's not My Thing to Collect and so I guess I never explored the mass Appeal of it and how profitable it could be.

I am now being prompted by Princess T to make a Grocery Store run... while I was out Helping her Uncle she made Lists of everything we seemed to be out of... or almost out of.   That Kid loves to be Organized and Efficient... which is handy while living out in the boonies of Rural Subdivision Hell because I don't notice until we ARE out of something and someone is complaining about it!  *LOL*   What can I say, I'm a True City Girl used to every Modern Convenience and I Miss that the most actually, being near everything and anything we might Need or Want and the Convenience of a Walk Score!   *LOL*   Out here it's damned near an Epic Road Trip to get a Gallon of Milk and so I'll be out of a Laundry List of shit before I even want to make the trek to Grocery Shop for it all, otherwise it's too expensive to drive that far for an item and they can all just do without!!!   *Smiles*

But apparently The Princess informed me we are out of all Milk, even her Lactose Free variety, AND Butter {I'm still not having Dairy so I barely noticed... ha ha ha}... plus Tylenol and everyone seems to have a Killer Headache all of a sudden!  *Bwahahahaha!*   Okay, if they're gonna all be that Dramatic I suppose I should end this now and go on the Pilgrimage to the Grocery Store with my Personal Shopper in tow, since she insists she has to come along so I don't forget anything critical... LMAO!!!   Trying to Chill around the Villa is really an exercise in futility...  my Friend was Right, we NEED to get that Meditation Room finished and stock it up with plenty of Wine to take the Edge off our Vida Locas... *Winks*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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