Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Lovin' ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part II

During this Month's Event I was very torn between The Vintage Industrial Style merchandise and the Beach Cottage Style Organic merchandise of Nature.  One I decorate with all of the time, the other I adore too, but strangely don't decorate with as much and kinda want to infuse some elements of into our Home.   With limited funds for indulging in some Retail Therapy, I opted to concentrate on the latter, even tho' Imagery and Styling like this are more inclined to tempt me to decorate our Home with!

Not even remotely considering another fabulous Vintage Suitcase or Vintage Industrial Style 'anything' was difficult when so much was offered up at one Event tho', I ain't gonna lie!   The Kilim Pillow was my only Purchase that was more aligned to what I typically buy and feather our Nest with.   It was just too Amazing to leave behind and buy another Organic Natural 'anything' in it's place!  *LOL*

Yep, anyone coveting the Vintage Industrial Inventory was safe from competition from me this Event... you may never get another chance like that so I Hope you took full advantage of it?!  *Winks*   If you Needed a Vintage Dress Form, Industrial Furniture, Industrial Lighting or a Vintage Suitcase, you were safe this time around from having to get to it before I did!  *Smiles*

In fact, tho' we got there way early to get good parking in the Shade, so we could just sit in the Truck socializing and not standing in line in the Sun or intense Heat of a June Morning, my Friend and I sat there chillin' and were the very last ones thru the doors when they opened at 10:00 a.m.!  *What!!?!?!* It's True, I had absolutely no sense of Urgency this Month to beeline to anything in particular to Score it, nor to try to Photograph and Cover it here in the Land Of Blog before any of you Early Birds ravaged the Vignettes and bought it! 

Mebbe it's the Nutritarian Diet either creating a more Zen Me or diminishing my Body Strength for lack of Meat and Dairy, I dunno?!?  *Bwahahahaha!*   All I do know is that I was way more Chill this Month than I usually am.  And that's an across the board Chill lately in anything and everything I'm doing, including Blogging.   It's kinda been an "I'll get around to it whenever I get around to it... mebbe Later..." Mindset going on!   I'm sleepy a lot, so my Mind and Body have slowed down enough I actually can and do fall asleep so easily right now... no racing thoughts, no running around 'til I drop!   I did wanna drop a dime on this Awesome Military Vintage Blanket my Friend Kenny had, but it was outside of the dreaded Budget, so it stayed there and I didn't really Care.

You see, usually it WOULD bother me somewhat when I find something Awesome that I'd really like to possess and I just can't... I'd CARE.   I'd mebbe even scheme and plan a way to make it happen... but in my New Zen Chill State of Mind and way of Being, didn't Care, Let it Go... and that ambivalence was rather liberating... Caring LESS!   Now, that doesn't necessarily mean I don't Care at all lately, it's just not as Intense as my Caring about everything and anything typically is!   The Man and The Force have noticed my Intensity is considerably diminished... they have all asked if I'm Okay?   Actually I AM Okay, I'm just not Intense and the only thing I can attribute that to is my Dietary changes and the Shift it has caused that is clearly noticeable!

I didn't get this Awesome Sea Glass looking Bottle Vase either... picked it up and then set it back down... the regret is only slight, not gnawing at me like it typically would about non-buyer remorse!   If I go back Tomorrow, which I just might, I'll see if it's still there and get it, if not, well... que sera sera... totally Chill about it either way! *Smiles*   Usually I find it hard to Nap at Home, even tho' I DO Need Naps now most days... due to the Season of Life and the million and one things I gotta do or get done.   But Lately I can Nap at the drop of a hat... I can fall right into a Deep Sleep and not Care how long I've been out like a light regardless of what has or hasn't gotten done!   I'm not even Thinking about any of it actually, not a Racing Thought of ANY of it spinning around in my Head like a Hamster on a Wheel running at full tilt!

Usually that's how my Mind just Naturally has always worked, at full tilt and constantly racing until exhaustion shuts it down to go dormant a Minute!  *LOL*  I had thought this Dietary change rich in Fresh Veggies and Fruits would give me more Clarity of Thought, instead it has worked just the opposite and kinda Calmed it all down and dulled it, in a rather Restful way, so it doesn't Feel Negative anyway.   The Sleepy part is tough though since I could fall asleep right now and almost did during The Man's back to back VA Appointments, I could barely stay awake and I Needed to!   Normally I'd be in a heightened alert State of Caregiver Advocacy since... well... it's the freakin' VA, what can I say!?  *Bwahahaha!*


Even when the wait for his turn to do Labs took forever, well... all Morning anyway... I stayed totally Chill... and barely awake!  *Ha ha ha*   And when we got the bad news from his Dentist that he's not at all a candidate for the Dental Implants, due to severe atrophy of his now extremely eggshell fragile gums which would shatter, and high risk of rejection of any implants, my response was Calm and level in a very Zen way!   The Dentist and his Staff were Wonderful, which always Helps, and they're going to send him Civilian to get the very best custom Dentures in Hopes he will be able to wear them if they fit well and not choke on them like the old ones?!   I was totally Okay with the only option we have, it's better than no teeth at all, which he's dealt with for the past six plus years since his catastrophic accident and brain injury.

I'm hopeful that teeth will give him better digestion, better nutrition options, better health and less choking on foods than what we've been dealing with so long now!?!   Dentures is less invasive than Dental Implants too so his Anxiety level diminished tho' he's got Anxiety about whether he'll have the constant choking his Old Dentures caused, which is why he could never wear them again after the accident and long brain injury rehabilitation period.   Of coarse when I think about how he learned to swallow and eat on his own again, and all the other natural functions he had to re-learn after the catastrophic injuries of his body and brain... learning how to wear Dentures again is just a progression of his continued recovery.

And tho' typically I refrain from putting my Political or Religious viewpoints out there, since everyone else already has their own and are unlikely to be swayed by anyone else REALLY... in light of the current sickening situation happening to vulnerable Children being separated from Parents... I'd just like to get a bunch of these T-Shirts made and wear them daily for a while, to express my personal sentiments about how I view ALL Human Beings.  It is what I Wish, Hope and Pray many other Human Beings can finally grasp the Reality of and embrace... that Earth is the Birth Place and HOME of us ALL... our Race is HUMAN... and if Politics don't promote Freedom for ALL and Religion doesn't promote Love to ALL, what Good are they to Humanity AT ALL?!!!?!?!?


Blessings, Love and Peace from the Arizona Desert... where I'm just Chillin' in spite of higher and higher triple digit Temps... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Just a bit of info: a friend was falling asleep everywhere at the drop of a hat. And kinda groggy all the time. On a ventilator from carbon dioxide right now. His wife finally took him in. He had not been diagnosed with sleep apnea, however, he had it and thats what was making him sleepy all the time. Not enough oxygen.

    1. Thanks for the info, I know I have sleep apnea so I'll ask my Doctor about what I can do to ensure sufficient oxygen intake.

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