Thursday, June 21, 2018

Rust & Roses ~ Pre-Summer Closing Sale ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Lovin' Event

RUST & ROSES will be Closing for the Summer so 'til the end of the Month they're having a big 20% Off Sale... so of coarse we hadda hit it!  *Winks*

Scored myself this Awesome Antique Necklace Display Rack to hold my Bling!  I don't like to hide my Jewelry away, so prefer to display them for easy use and visual enjoyment upon Antique Displays around the house.

It was nice to have my visiting Friend along for my Girl's Day Out and I'm glad she was back in Arizona in time for this Month's Events.

Including this Month's SWEET SALVAGE Event with the appropriate Theme of 'Summer Lovin'.   There were so many Organic Elements which was right in line with the Decor I want for the Meditation Room so I picked up these two enormous Sea Sponges.

And this gigantic Brain Coral specimen!   I love that it has a natural indentation in the center that I can put Tiny Treasures in.

I also got this Beautiful Large Kilim Pillow for the Meditation Room.

And this Awesome Decor Book 'Extraordinary Interiors' by Rockett St. George which is just My Style of Decorating!!!

Every page is Swoon Worthy Styling and Furnishings to Die For... I particularly Lust after this enormous Antique Apothecary Cabinet!

And of coarse so many of the Rooms have the Black, Deep Indigo or Charcoal Grey Walls that I J'Adore or the Exposed Old Brick.

Well my Friends, I'm tired and will be Sharing more of the visuals in Future Posts of my Girl's Day Outing.  Haven't been Online much due to having a Friend Visiting and staying with us... so not certain how long before I finish up Covering our Shopping Adventures... so stay tuned!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Love all of it, the first picture reminded me of my studio, full of patina and rust!!!

    1. Well... that is the very BEST things for any Space to be full of, right?! Winks


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