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I Lust...

So before Villa Boheme' was bought there was this Historic 1930's Craftsman 1400+ sf Bungalow in the City that I desperately wanted and could have afford, but it was too small for the entire Family.  Not to mention it was in the Heart of Downtown where The Man simply would never, ever live and the Schools are crappy, so it was not meant to be.   Flippers bought it long after I bought this and transformed it Idyllically, it's back up for sale now at a price point I could never afford, but I Lust!!!   OMG do I Lust after how it turned out now, even way better than it was before since it's Transformation is the Vision I have for The Forever Home of my Dreamscapes!   In fact, if I could afford it and had less Family to house, I'd ask how much more for just keeping it 'As Is' since the Staging is great and I'd just bring in my absolute Fav Stuff that would make it my own and put my stamp upon it, then get rid of the rest!   *LOL*   Well... perhaps in another Lifetime...  So I'm just Sharing it Today because I can't help myself... Enjoy...

They painted the Original Wood Cabinetry, I don't actually mind tho', it turned out Classy and I actually like it better than before.   New Countertops and new Apron Farmhouse Sink, all floors in the Home refinished of the Original Hardwoods.

All new Appliances and they added this Storage Wall of Cabinetry which I really like and made good use of a very small Kitchen and Bistro Dining Area's limited Space.

They turned the Basement into a Wine Cellar, I Loved this Transformation even tho' I'm not a Wine aficionado, I'm still totally diggin' the Vibe and would stock it with various other refreshments and Books to read.   Nice quiet Space to listen to Music and just Chill.

The other side of the Transformed Basement Space.

I'm glad they left the original Fireplace alone and just changed the color palette of the Home, which was Mauve, yep, the original exterior was a bold Purple... far side of Jewel Tones and Artsy for sure!  *LOL*  I'm much preferring the subtle and soothing hues of Charcoal, Greys and White... which is a palette I happen to totally dig so long as it's kept tasteful and not overdone.  Most flippers now are trying too hard to be Trendy, overdoing the Greys and thus making the flipped Homes look Institutional and Sterile.  Whoever did this flip clearly knew what they were doing and had Style and Good Taste.

They also didn't buy a Historic Home, gut the whole damned place and rob it of all it's Historical Charm and important Craftsman Details, Thank God!!!   These have done a well balanced job of Modernizing without obliterating the History of the Home!   I like that they left the Built-Ins that are important and accented the Details that those of us in Love with Historic Homes so Desire!

In a Perfect World where all of The G-Kid Force grow up and move out on their own... and I can flip this Villa for a tidy sum out in Affluent Subdivision Hell... AND convince The Man that The Inner City is not The Devil... we'd Live here Happily Ever After and more importantly FOREVER!  Since we would have ditched the Real Devils like the HOA and NO CONVENIENCES AND LIFESTYLE WHATSOEVER anywhere for Miles and Miles!   *LMAO*

I lingered way too long over this Listing... The Young Prince came up behind me and simply said, THAT'S YOUR Dream Home, huh Gramma?   Yes, indeed... something like this... and this in particular actually, you'd be Right child!   It looks expensive and like they made it MORE expensive tho'... Right again.  He remembered how it used to look since we did go look at it during the Original Listing... in what seems like an eternity ago and a Lifetime away.

He knows it would only be owning a Home like this one that would EVER make me Get Over having to give up my Historic Homestead, Old Bohemian Valhalla, and FINALLY have Closure and a Peace about what had to be done for the sake of all.

I don't regret doing what had to be done for the sake of all... I'd do it again in a Heartbeat, since my Loved Ones are infinitely more important than any Beloved Home ever could be.   But giving up anything Beloved that you thought would be Forever is indeed difficult and a Process, I'm still going thru that Process even almost four years later.  And sometimes I don't know I CAN get over losing what I Loved and having to Sell it off to finalize The Adoptions and take care of Personal Business after The Man's Catastrophic Accident and enormous Medical Bills?   I like to Imagine one day I can... and one day I will Feel like a Home IS the Forever One again?  Heartache and Homesickness persists even tho' Villa Boheme' is an Amazing Home.

Here is the Original Bathroom updated.   Old Home Bathrooms are usually quite small and usually not in the best shape so this did need a complete Restoration and I like what they Salvaged and what they added and changed about it.

I Loved that they exposed some of the Original Old Brick Walls, I J'Adore exposed Old Brick Walls!!!!!!!   Since they did it in Bedroom No. 2 rather than the Master Bedroom I would probably use this room as the Master for myself.   This was only a 2 Bedroom Home, which is why it was way too small for our current Family of four.    Even getting rid of 75% of my possessions to downsize enough, you still have to be able to fit all the people in the Fam, you know?  *Bwahahahaha!* 

I Loved that this Home had a shitload of Windows and Natural Light.  I'm glad the flippers didn't change any of that!   Even tho' they reconfigured numerous Spaces and did an Ahhhhhmazing job of that upgrade to floor plan.

Due to the Home being Circa 1930 it had lacked some Modern features that Modern Families just Want and actually often Need.  Having lived in an unrestored and partially restored Historic Home for Decades, I can tell you what a difference that makes.  One thing I have Enjoyed at Villa Boheme' is Modern Conveniences IN the Home which we did without for a very, very, long time!  At Old Bohemian Valhalla it was like living in the 1920's since the Home was 99% Original... living like I'm in the 21st Century has been rather nice!  *LOL*

The best addition which surely added Value too, was adding that 2nd Bathroom that was not Original to the Home!    It was worth whatever Space they Sacrificed to get it in there and I just Love what they did in here!   The Spa-like Shower!!!   The Subway Tiles and frosting the Windows for Natural Light in the Shower!

The double Sinks and more exposed Old Brick Wall there that you can see in the Mirror's reflection!!!  *Swooning*

And I'm totally diggin' that Amazing Black oversized Honeycomb Tile floor!!!   The Home had no Tiled floors before, everything was Hardwood, but this was a very nice accent to the 2nd Bathroom and Styling of the Space.

They also Sacrificed some Space to put in a large Walk-In Closet with Windows for Natural Light... LOVE IT!

I thought perhaps I had kept some Images of the Original color of the Exterior and Interior from the Previous Listing and perhaps I did but I cannot find them in my Archived Photos, sorry.   But, the changes were not only profound, but way better inside and out!!!   They didn't do hardly anything to the exterior Yards and that's OK since it would be a blank slate for you to Customize your Garden.  In the front I'd probably have a low wall with wrought iron accents installed around it since... it's the Inner City... and Privacy.   I'd put fancy Pavers down, large Fancy Pots with Plants and perhaps a fancy wrought iron Gazebo or Pergola to sit out in and under.  People in Historic Neighborhoods sit out front or have meals on the Porch and actually Socialize with their Neighbors... the wrap around Original Porch is Grand for these activities on this Historic Home!

The Back Yard is quite large and has a Storage Shed, with plenty of room to put the Party Package of whatever you Dreamed Up for back there.  I'd install a Swimming Hole Style Pool, Outdoor Fireplace, Fire Pit to sit around, Bar-B-Que Built-Ins and another large Pergola to sit out under and Entertain.   So... that's it for Today's Daydreaming my Friends!  *Winks*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I love most of what they've done, but am not wild about the colors. Just think of how impossible it would have been to do all that work while living in it! But it is nice to dream...


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