Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Holy Cat's Pajamas Batman!

You might be wondering, "What the Hell am I looking at!??!!", or think some Drunken Photography was going on at Villa Boheme'?!!??  *Smiles*  Lemme tell ya the hilarious Story.   Have you ever had a Friend that you thought was so Different from you and then realized you were so much more Alike than you ever realized and in a Surreal way... same Tribe?   Well, the BFF who is staying with us, is like that... and the most powerful Testimony happened the first Night, as we went into our rooms and changed into our Pajamas.  Only to realize when we came out that we were wearing THE EXACT SAME Weird Print Pajama Bottoms in a Turquoise, Pink and Black Leopard Print!!!   Holy Cat's Pajamas Batman, I mean, what are the Odds!??!?!  *LMAO*  The only difference, she had on a Turquoise Tee and I had on a Pink one.    We laughed about it... but that's what I'm talking about... very Different and yet Alike in the most unexpected ways!  The Man and The Force are like... OMG... Episode from the Twilight Zone... they're strangely Clones from another Planet!   Mostly becoz both of the Grands have always rolled their eyes and told me, about these very same Pajama Pants, "Who wears that Gramma!?!", coz they think the Print is so hideous it should never have appealed to anyone!  *LOL*  

So even tho' The Friend and I are Yin and Yang in very profound ways, in many other ways we're eerily Similar and embrace the glorious mess that we both are!  *Smiles*   The visit is going very well and we're enjoying Hosting her in our Home and catching up on Girl Time doing the things that we like, that are peculiar to us and perhaps nobody else we know.  That's another thing, have you ever liked doing something peculiar that you enjoy but not very many people probably would, so when you find someone who also digs it, then it becomes a very bonding experience?   There are a lot of very Simple things that I thoroughly enjoy doing that I know are probably Weird by the enjoyable activity Standards of most people.   When someone else also thoroughly enjoys doing those same Simple activities, the ritual of doing it together can be very satisfying.   I am a person of Ritual, for whatever reason, my Rituals are very calming and soothing to me, to my very Spirit, regardless of what the Ritual may be.  

The Young Prince is currently actively seeking full time employment, I think once he has the routine of a Job, it will really help him to overcome a lot of the insecurities of transitioning from having been a Full Time Student, to getting out into the Real World and Work Force.   That's often an unnerving Space to hold while you're transitioning into Adulthood from Childhood.   He's one to be eager to get to Work and earn a paycheck, gaining some independence and experience.  He's done Volunteer Work for over six years off and on, so it helps that he'd gotten himself out there as a Volunteer first.  If you can Work with excellence doing something as a Volunteer and a Service to others without pay, then when you have the added benefit and incentive of monetary compensation, that's just an added Bonus, because your Work Ethic was previously established during your Voluntary Service experiences.   But he's 17 so I told him nobody expects him to know everything already at such a tender age, it's all a learning curve and being adequately Trained and Mentored.   He always wants to do a good job and it's important to him that he's considered an asset and not a liability... that's also a good thing.   Too many people don't Care about what they do or how they do it or even if they do it.

I am rather in a transition period myself, as is my Friend staying with us, every Season of Life brings with it some transitory phases you work through.   What is going to be the next step, the next vision or goal you have for the Future, what do you really want to be doing in the Present to improve Life?   Things like that... and the questions, along with the answers, can evolve as you Mature, as you Grown, as you Change... since the only Constant IS Change really.  I've been pondering what I want to be doing as the Grandkids I'm raising get older, grow up and develop their own independence, freeing me up to pursue my own agenda?   Having a Life apart from Parenting Children is a transition period, I never went thru it at the Normal Time Frames, since I have concurrently and consecutively raised two different Generations of Children... my own and then a couple of our Grandchildren.   The Son, our Youngest, wasn't entirely grown into Adulthood and out of the house when The Young Prince was born and the raising of a Grandchild began, so we've never been Empty Nesters yet!   Granted, we probably won't be Empty Nesters for perhaps six years or more when Princess T is finally grown up, but Older Children don't require the same level of Care as Younger ones did.

And The Man's level of Care has diminished as his Brain Injury has Healed and made him less dependent than when the catastrophic injury first happened and I had to do everything for him and couldn't leave him alone at all.   So I'm anticipating, at some point in the Future, that perhaps my Caregiver Duties will diminish sufficiently that I can actually pursue some of my own Dreams, Goals and Pursuits apart from the full time Caregiving of Loved Ones?   Yes, it's a lofty Goal a long time coming... and that in many ways I was always rather afraid to express the Possibility of, just in case I jinxed it and then it would never, ever happen!?!    I like to at least Imagine that it can and actually will happen at some point in the Future, it keeps me going forward in a Hopeful way so that I continue to make Plans for the Future that are very different than what I can... or can't... do right now.   So, it's been a good thing to have a Lifelong Friend transitioning along with me and brainstorming some of the things we'd like to Pursue... to attain... and to map out what the Ideal Future would LOOK like, FEEL like, BE like?!?!?!?

Here's to the Dream, the Daydreams and the Possibilities my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

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