Thursday, June 7, 2018

Henna Class... Hair Re-do... Extreme Sickness

So as you can see, I've been MIA for a few days, been Dealing with an extremely sick Child... The Young Prince.  Will regale you with our most recent Medical Crisis and ensuing Drama in sequential order during this Post.  Just know that as of Today he's still recovering slowly but surely, Youth has it's perks at Healing from extreme Sickness much better, they're resilient and strong!  He had his Henna Class scheduled, which he had been looking forward to for weeks, that Morning he didn't feel good but didn't want to cancel his Class so he Soldiered on.   This is his first attempt on a Live Model... me... a very ambitious Mandala... which I knew would be a challenge due to the symmetry but he's a Go Big or Go Home type of Artist!   And Gramma would have worn that piece Proudly even if it had been a total F**k Up so I told him to Go For It!  *LOL*

He only had a mere Hour for the Class, with Training and Practicing, his first attempt on flat surface was pretty damned good, but a simple design and not like working on a Real Live Person.   Not to mention, he felt it wasteful to do Mehndi on paper and then just wipe it off wasting it, he was eager for a Real Live Model that would Show Off his efforts and his Artwork!  *Winks*   So, you know I'm always Down for Body Art, plus I'd paid for the Class so what the Hell, might as well come Home Arted Up, right?!  *Winks*  He didn't wanna do something equally simple on me tho' I thought this had been really good, so I let him choose his design.   He decided he wanted to do something freehand, more challenging design-wise and just run with it.  His Instructor was dubious even tho' Gramma was a willing Victim Volunteer... your Gramma is giving you a real Gift by Trusting you enough, even tho' you're brand new and this is your 2nd Mehndi ever AND a Mandala... so, Okay, no problem.  

 Shit, what she didn't know is that in the very early 80's I got a Bad Tattoo by a Biker Gal acquaintance named Terry, who was learning to be a Tattoo Artist! Back when Females just weren't welcome in that Industry and couldn't get Male Artists to be Apprentice Mentors for them.  So us Feminists supported them whole-heartedly in their endeavors to break into a Male Dominated Industry and offered up our skin!  Which Terry's practice Art was freakin' permanent, and Henna is temporary, so it's not as if I'd have to live with this one forever!  *LOL*   A part of me was glad the Kid isn't learning to be a Tattoo Artist and wanting to practice on me, I ain't gonna lie!   I'm not as Game for shit as I was in my Free Spirited emboldened Youth!  *Smiles*  He has to learn not only to be good but to apply Henna with speed... a skilled Artisan can do the complex pieces in about six minutes... I think this took him closer to twenty, he was wanting to get it right, Bless his Heart, so I'd be Happy with it!    We assessed it's flaws with constructive criticism, since his Instructor and I wanted him to see where he could improve... he was very humble and realistic about his work.

Due to me paying for his Class, plus enough Henna to freeze and use all Summer long, practicing and teaching his Little Sister how to apply it too, to keep them both busy all Summer, and ergo get Gramma Mehndi for Life when two Kiddos get skilled at it {winks}... the Instructor told Princess T that Gramma had earned enough Customer Loyalty Points for her to get a Free Mehndi piece done.   So while my Friend visiting from Texas and I trawled the Shop looking at the Awesome Merchandise, Princess T was getting Arted Up too!  She chose a Mandala as well... you know, so we'd match like Twin-sies!  *Winks*   This also kept her very Happy, since it had been all about her Big Brother this day and she was kinda mopey about that.  Her countenance showed that she was Feeling rather marginalized and shoved out of the spotlight and off center stage, where all Tween Divas want to be all of the time.  *Smiles*

However, my usual Vougeing Diva Princess refused to be Photographed this day, she's suddenly developed this Anti-Paparazzi stance about being Photographed by Pathological Picture Takers.  *LMAO*   She sighs, rolls her eyes and does the Spoiled Actress aversion tactics and I'm just not that fast anymore to snap off a frame before the Hand is up... but at least it had finished Mehndi on it!  *LOL*  She would allow me to Photograph just The Hand... so if you only now see various body parts rather than a whole Princess in Future Posts, you'll know what's going on!   She will be the very evasive and uncooperative Muse from now on as I respect that phase... or until she snaps out of it when she realizes how relentless and tenacious a Pathological Picture Taker her Gramma really is!?  *Smiles*

So even after our Paste fell off the stain is very deep and lovely, so we're totally diggin' our Body Art.   My Friend wasn't Game enough to do it this time, but she's warming up to wearing Mehndi, I think we will eventually make her a Convert since she already has permanent Tattoos!?  *Smiles*  The Young Prince asked to be taken Home early after his Class, still not feeling Well at all and didn't really wanna do The Mall Thing... this should have been my first Clue that he was tanking healthwise considerably!!!   Princess T had a headache from the Anxiety of too many people at The Mall, tho' it was midweek it was busier than usual and neither Child likes people... or crowds of them in particular... so I didn't actually feel things were soon going to go way Left with one of them healthwise!!!

The Young Prince had also gotten his Hair Re-Do, changing the Color again and having the sides and back shaved off.  He still has way more Hair than most people even with 3/4 of it gone!   This is really just a very long Mohawk believe it or not... he has just that much freakin' Hair and I have serious Hair envy about that!  *LOL*  He's had to wait a while to get this done being that in May everything under the Sun went wrong with the house and my Teeth so there was no discretionary cash for a Do!   Patience not being one of his particular Virtues either, this meant he was incessantly asking me when in June could he finally get his Hair done if we could get our Stylist John to hook him up with a Deal on it?   Which John always does and so I can't complain, he's been doing the Family Hair now for three Generations and is like part of the extended Family.

After I dropped the Kiddos back off at Home to rest and try to Feel better, my Friend and I went back out to finish our Day Out together.   We hadn't been out very long before I got the Emergency Call from Home from his Little Sister saying I better get Home right away because her Brother was crying and saying he felt like he might be dying and she'd had to help him down the stairs because he felt like he was going to pass out and he looked dreadful!  He's all pale and sweaty Gramma, he says his Chest Hurts and he's short of breath and he is having trouble swallowing and his throat looks very swollen now!!!   Crap!!!   I had her put Grandpa on the Phone and said I'd hurry Home.  The Man didn't feel we needed to call 911 if I could get Home right away and take him to the nearest Urgent Care, since his Pediatrician's Office was now closed for the day.  Even tho' The Man has brain damage, he used to be a Paramedic and a Field Medic at various Military Career intervals between being a Sniper and working on F-16's... so I Trust his judgment about assessing Med Emergencies.

The Young Prince is prone to Panic and Anxiety Attacks too, and is rather Young for Heart Attack symptoms, but you just never know about those things, I err on the side of Caution.  I rushed him to the Urgent Care... they immediately assessed him and then they called 911 and insisted he be taken to a Level One Trauma Center immediately by Ambulance!!!!!!!   Holy Shit, now I felt like I might have a Panic and Anxiety Attack... and that just intensified his Chest Pain since now he really did think he might be dying for reals?!?!?!   So that I wouldn't be stranded at the Hospital they were taking him to if I hadda leave my vehicle at Urgent Care, they let me drive to the Hospital rather than insist I come in the Ambulance with him even tho' he's still a Minor.  Phew, I thought I might have to get my Friend back out to retrieve me otherwise, this day was going downhill fast!   Spent literally all Night in ER... with numerous Tests, all of which came back negative tho' they felt he had some kind of Viral Infection of Unknown Origin.  So... no Strep, Mono, Meningitis, Heart Attack... just highly elevated Heart Rate and a temp of 102.

They hydrated him, gave him Meds in the I.V. and sent him Home saying if he didn't improve in 48 hours to come back to the ER and they'd likely Hospitalize him.   Both myself and The Young Prince couldn't help but think how fortuitous it was that this happened now and not after August 9th when he turns 18 and might likely lose his Adoption Court appointed Insurance if I cannot get it extended??!?!??   Adding up in my Head how much just this Emergency likely cost {Urgent Care, Fire Truck, Paramedics, Ambulance Ride, Level One Trauma ER, Meds and Treatment}... and the fact this is a Child with a Lifetime Disability and chronic Health and Mental Health Issues, that is a daunting Black Cloud hanging over our Heads constantly.   He has no job and couldn't even get thru School due to the extent of his Disability, so there are barriers to Educational and Employment opportunities that might exist his entire Life.  When you Parent a chronically ill or seriously Disabled Child it is a huge Worry about the level of Care and availability of Affordable Insurance that can be offered to them?  That won't Bankrupt you in the process of Caring for them well beyond the Magical Age of 18!  What will they qualify for and how hard will it be to get?!  He does not qualify to be on his Grandpa's Insurance and I have no separate Insurance since I have no Career/Job anymore.

So while I might still have some Money left I treated Self to Lobsterfest Special at Red Lobster since the Commercials made me do it... and Caribbean Rock Lobster won't be in Season very long... and coupled with yummy Mango Salsa, Coconut Jumbo Shrimp, Wild Rice Pilaf and grilled Asparagus, it made me completely forget about, for a moment, that in less than a couple Month's now, I'll have to address all of those pending issues about The Young Prince and his Medical Insurance Needs... Le Sigh.   This ain't my first Rodeo of Dealing with those Systems and the Adult Disabled Child lemme tell ya... it hasn't improved thru the two Generations I've been extreme Parenting and Caregiving either.

PS: While at the ER with him, Princess T fell down the Stairs at Home and broke her brand new Phone, which was in her back pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But Thank God, at least she was OK, landed on her bony butt on the way down from top to bottom, sore ankle but nothing more, the Phone fared worse, not even a Month old and trashed now... but it could have been way worse and a 2nd critical Emergency!  The Man didn't even let me kick my shoes off from getting Home from the ER before he spilled the beans on her Accident!!!  Oy vey... I can't leave these one's alone for a moment without Crisis piling up like cordwood!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Lordy...and the battle continues...soldier on!

  2. Oh My! Oh My! Oh My! What a strong woman you are! I Know! You have no choice! God Bless You!!!!

    1. Thanks my Friend, your encouragement and kind words is always a Spirit booster!

  3. Wow! I am glad everybody is more or less okay and I hope that mondala is a reminder that everything moves in cycles and has a wholeness to it.


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