Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Found Treasures ~ Father's Day ~ Nutritarian Plan

I've been up to a lot in recent days, which means I've been MIA from The Land Of Blog and haven't been Online at all.  It's all been Good, I've had a great measure of Success while Goodwill Hunting and finding Awesome Treasures to Keep and to Sell in my Booth at the Antique Mall.

I got this lovely Seed Beed Antique Victorian Purse for only Ten Bucks, it's got condition issues but will still look lovely in a Shadowbox Display.  Given it's advanced Age and fragility, I think being manhandled in a Thrift Shop had caused the majority of the damage actually, tho' they had saved all the loose Beads.

I'm glad I rescued it before any more damage was done, since the majority of the Scene of the expertly done Beadwork is still very much intact.  Even in poor condition these Sell for a lot of money in Antique Shops, so it was an incredible Bargain that I just couldn't pass up.

If I had to guess at it's Age I'd say between very late 1800's to very early 1900's Era.   The Seed Beeds are incredibly tiny so the hand work on the Beading is magnificent!

In a different Thrift Shop I found a Trifecta of Old Rosaries for just a couple of bucks apiece.   This is Rosary No. 1.

And this ornate Silver Buckle, also for just a couple bucks!  It looks to be Sterling.

Rosary No. 2... I have Collected Vintage and Antique Rosaries for many years, they are some of my oldest Collections and I don't buy many anymore.  Unless they are an incredible Bargain, which these were so I couldn't resist.

Rosary No. 3... all three of these are older and good quality Rosaries.

I also got the huge Nun's Crucifix at the same Thrift Shop at an incredible bargain.   But the two Antique Tibetan Religious Brooches were Scored at my Antique Mall during the 25% Off Father's Day Weekend Sale!!!

I had been admiring the two of them for quite some time and so when the Locked Case 25% Off Sale came around I HAD to take the opportunity to Score them at such a nice discount!   They were already priced quite reasonably, so that just made them more affordable with the hefty discount!   The smaller one is my Favorite.

But the larger one is lovely too and both seem to have been made by the same Artisan.

Now on to what I Scored at incredible discounts and will be hawking in my Booth soon!  *Winks*   This 1971 Crissy Doll still in her Original Box!!!

This 1940's-1950's Era Harmotone Child's Musical Toy Saxophone still in it's Original Box Case... Love the Vintage Graphics on the inside of the Case!

This is one thing I Wish I could have Scored but couldn't afford, my Friend Michael has a Vintage Industrial Spotlight from the Old Northern Theater.  *Swooning*

Now on to other Activities... took The Man out to Red Lobster for his Father's Day Luncheon since they were having Lobsterfest.

So this was breaking slightly from Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Nutritarian Diet for Diabetics that I've been on, since I'm supposed to refrain from Meats and Dairy for six weeks initially, but it was Father's Day and he wasn't enjoying all this while I ate a freakin' Salad or somethin'... so... just sayin' I indulged in some Seafood with grilled Asparagus! 

I'd like to think I was Channeling Jennifer Beals on our Lobsterfest Date... you know... sans the Looks, the Body and the Sexy Tux... Bwahahahahahaha!!!

But I could dine on my Lobster like this while gazing at The Man across the table... and see if I could make him laugh!  And embarrass all the very Old, very Proper People sitting around us staring at us when they thought we weren't looking, as if we were the Entertainment... since this location is near a big Retirement Community so we must have been the Youngest people in the Joint even tho' we're in our Sixties!   Look at that Old Biker and his Dreadlocked Henna Tattooed Old Lady... oh my tisk tisk!!!  *LMAO*

The Nutritarian Diabetic Diet Thing has been going very well at Home actually, I'm eating lots of 'fake' Vegan Type Foods and they've actually been very tasty and surprisingly satisfying.   I had a Vegan Breakfast Burrito that had fake Vegan Eggs {don't ask, they smell weird but taste good}, fake non-dairy Cheddar Cheese {melted and tasted like real Cheese}, fake Vegan Chorizo {actually tastes like real Chorizo surprisingly enough} and Tortillas made from Potato Flour {good but not as flexible and don't hold up real well so you have to eat fast, LOL}!!!   As well as finding things in compliance when I eat out... except for the slight hints of Dairy I've done without Meats and it's been not so bad even when I'm cooking real Meat for the Family.

My fav Vietnamese Restaurants all have Vegetarian options of all my fav foods and Soups so it's just been a matter of choosing those over the Meat options, same great flavor and fresh ingredients.

The Ginger Lemongrass Pho was delish!

Soups and Salads are unlimited on the Diet so I've been having lots of those, Love this Kale Potato Soup.   It helps that right now I've got a BFF as a Guest for the Week in our Home and she's Vegetarian, so I'm not eating my Dietary restrictions alone for this first Week.   She's telling me which brands of fake Meat Substitutes are her favs and so far they've all been very tasty!  We had the best Vegan Veggie Burgers Today and Yesterday we had some fab Falafel Sammies.   Veggies and Fruits are unlimited if Fresh, Beans unlimited, Whole Grains and dense Veggies and Nuts in moderation... so there's plenty of variety and taste, I don't feel deprived at all and feel very full all of the time.  My Diabetic numbers are already improving and I'm sure to lose weight.

So I did get the Mint on the Pillow for my visiting BFF as a lark, a Sonic Mint and later some Olive Garden Chocolate After Dinner Mints...  Bwahahahahaha!!!

We set up the Guest Bedroom and Guest Bathroom to receive her and she said our YELP Review will have Five Stars for accommodations now!  *LMAO*   She spent all day, literally ALL DAY, helping me package and price Collectible Toy Inventory for my Booth at the Antique Mall, so we got tons accomplished.  It helps so much to have Staff working off their Room and Board I told her!  *Smiles*   Actually I think she and I had more Fun playing with the Dollhouse Accessories and Furnishings while packaging them than Princess T ever had while owning them!  Princess T kept shaking her head every time she walked by and saw us obsessing about what would go best in each bag!?!   I mean, we were doing freakin' Themes with the shit as be bagged and tagged it!!!  Yeah, my Good Friends are as OCD and Weird as Moi, that's why we have had Lifetime Friendships!!!  *Bwahahahaha!*   


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Ooh could I come and stay at your hotel? It looks fabulous, with the tray of goodies!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. We could have a little sideline going couldn't we Jack? *Winks* If you ever make it out to the Arizona Desert tho' you simply MUST stop by!

  2. Great finds. I have not been here in ages, had to get a new computer. I've missed your posts.

    1. Congrats on the new Computer, I go thru Blog Withdrawal when ever mine has been down so I totally get missing everyone's Posts and keeping up with The Land Of Blog's various adventures and the great Community of peeps we have here... Welcome Back!

  3. I wonder how many prayers were said on those rosary beads? All the food talk and photos makes me hungry. Yum.

    1. I know, the Rosary Collection always makes me Wonder that very same thing, and I feel that the very Essence of the fervent Prayers of others lingers on each Bead... which makes them all the more Precious to me. The new Dietary changes have been easier than I anticipated but only because everything has looked so good, tasted so good and the substitutions have been effortless.


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