Friday, June 15, 2018

Dreadlock Cuffs

I Love accessorizing, one of the things I Love about having Dreadlocks is that I can accessorize them with a variety of Fun Products!   Scouring Online sites that Sell Dreadlock accessories has been Fun, they're usually very inexpensive even tho' few Companies really target the Dreadlock wearing Community as Customers.   Every Company I've dealt with has been Amazing and their Products have exceeded my expectations.   My Dreadlock Fabric Cuffs were coming from a Chinese Company so I did expect International shipping delays, Customs delays possibly, slow boat from China and all that, so no hurries, no worries.   They finally arrived and were postmarked Thailand, the variety and quality were way better than I expected given how cheaply they cost and that Shipping was Free!   They were just inexpensive Fun little accessories I wanted to try out so I didn't Care really and kept my expectations low, a Joy and a Bonus that the Product actually exceeded my modest expectations!  

They fit nicely on my Micro-Dreads, which are getting way fatter with Age, but the Cuffs are Fabric Trim and most stretch so I expect to get some mileage out of them.   If you had very fat Dreads I'm not so sure tho' if this would be your Ideal Product?   I had Hoped that the sizing would be more diminutive and was relieved I can already wear all of the Cuffs on the multitude of sizes my Dreadlocks now have become.  Yes, the Dreads Mature at different rates and seem to be Individuals just like us, so some stay leaner and some get fatter... they Age differently and quite individually!  *LOL*   I have one I call Big Fatty because it's getting quite a bit bulkier even tho' it's location made that rather a surprise, who knew?   Some that started out being the skinnier ones are now fatter at the new growth sections that were not Crocheted, but formed Naturally, than others that started out thicker.   Growth too surprised me, some grow exponentially faster than others!   Wild new hair is sprouting everywhere and locking in... or NOT... as it will... if I have Time I coax it to a certain Dread hoping for a Loc-Up, it's like playing Matchmaker tho', sometimes it Takes and forms a Union, sometimes it doesn't!  *Smiles*

Another oddity, my Senior hair was making a fierce appearance before Dreads, now only a couple Dreads are more Silver and the majority is getting Darker!  I think that not overworking or over-processing your hairs makes a definite difference and a Change, all of my Change has been for the better so I couldn't be Happier with my decision as Time goes on.   My hair is getting noticeably thicker and heavier, it holds accessories so well that I'm thoroughly reveling in dressing them up!  *Smiles*   Yes, I could have probably made my own Fabric Dread Cuffs quite easily, but with arthritis, the easier and more logical route, when they're so Cheap to buy, was just to have them made by nimbler hands than mine!   Plus it was rather like Christmas, since you don't get the exact Cuffs pictured and yours will be randomly selected and different, so that was part of the Fun and the Surprise when you get them!

Several Online Companies sell them, I used Seller auss32 on Ebay and my Cuffs were 15 for only $4.99 with Free Shipping.   The bottom pix is the one I saw when I placed my Order and I feel the selection I received was equally a nice variety of Fabrics and sizes that I liked a lot.   Actually, I think I liked what I received even better than the Sample photo Cuffs.   I am a Hoarder of Vintage Trims so I happen to have an affinity for nice Fabric Trim.   The exotic Trim Fabrics is exactly my Style and I'm going to have Fun wearing them.  I would think you could slip these over small Braids as well as a Fun accessory.  I'll give them a double Thumbs Up Product Rating!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. How cool! And fascinating about the colour.
    You are really selling the dreads to me! I am currently growing my hair out. My fringe is to the end of my nose and my hair is what others would call a short cut, so still quite a ways to go!
    So glad you're having such a fun experience.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. You can begin Dreads even with short hair, you'd be amazed how fast they grow out! My hair never seemed to grow before Dreads, now it grows like buggery!


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