Monday, June 11, 2018

Anything That Doesn't Kill You Only Makes You Develope Coping Skills That Aren't Healthy

Well lately I seem to be an expensive Statuary bargain magnet... as I Scored this ahhhhhmazing expensive Lladro Nude while Goodwill Hunting for under Seven Bucks on Senior discount day!!!    I saw her first and went for her, but a couple of Young Men noticed my focus, which I couldn't contain myself so wasn't low key and discreet enough, and had snatched her from my outstretched grasp... as they were younger and quicker, dammit!  They picked her up and carried her around, googling her worth on their Smart Phones, clearly they had no idea what she was, since they had ignored her on the shelf in front of them 'til I went for her!  I practically stalked them 'til they set her back down!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*  Putting my Gypsy Mojo out there as I circled like a Vulture Willing them to set her down and just walk away!  *LOL and Whew*  Yeah, I'm sure I was that creepy Weird Older Lady they didn't want fixating upon them or making Voodoo Dolls at Home of them later... Winks!!!

She has a slight condition issue, a missing thumb, but higher quality Lladro can be professionally restored.   This one retails for between $700-$900 so since I'm only into her for about $7 I could eventually get an estimate on restoration.   She is called Lladro Renovatio and she will grace the Meditation Room as a Bookend.  I don't Collect Lladro since most don't interest me, but I have always admired their Nudes, this is my first one.   I particularly like her Artistic Symbolic meaning:

Life is full of stages. One ends and another begins. Almost without realizing it, we go through different stages in life. When one ends, another begins. The changes teach us to reach goals that seemed impossible. Excitement over a new path makes hope spring again each day. The ivy that covers the rock, a symbol of immortality, recalls that renewal is the key to enjoying life.

I don't happen to mind that she is imperfect either, the slight damage does not detract from her overall Beauty and is hardly noticeable, since she's rather morphing out of the Ivy Wall anyway.   I've tried to refrain from very much Retail Therapy lately since we're going thru a major purge of possessions right now and I'm not keen on adding to mine unless I find something Killer like this.   I don't really need to source Inventory for my Spaces at the Antique Mall since Summertime is slow.  Mostly Collectible Toys are what's Selling and Princess T has stocked me up with that as she purges her possessions from Childhood Collections she and her Brother have now outgrown Collecting earnestly.  The Toys are selling quite well, Kids spend money all year round, so it's not as Seasonal as most other Collectibles, Vintage and Antiques that Adults would acquire.   So I'm probably gonna be Collectible Toy Lady for the Summer, to weather otherwise soft sales, who knew?!  *LMAO*

I have found a few other bargain Treasures, a couple Ostrich Eggs for only a buck apiece, an Cassowary Egg for six bucks, a Vintage Trophy Deer Antler Mount for Thirty, a Cambodian Buddha for two bucks, and outstretched cupped Hands Sculpture Votive Holder for six bucks.  I also found some Vintage Wedgwood at incredible bargains and will sell those in my Showroom.  Wedgwood always makes me think of my Mom, she Collected it all of her Adult Life and absolutely Loved it.  When she was still living I used to give her any Wedgwood I could source at a bargain to add to her massive Collection.  I miss doing that a lot, but still pick it up to re-sell, since it just makes me feel good to rescue it and find it the appropriate Home it will be appreciated in and where it's Collectible Value is recognized.  I have only ever kept a few pieces of the Black Wedgwood, which is my fav hue of it, my Brother has Mom's extensive Collection of the classic Jasper Blue and Sage Green.  One of the pieces I scored today was the Dark Royal Blue and was a limited edition piece for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.   I'm glad Mom taught me about The Good Stuff coz even if I don't Collect it I at least recognize it and it's Value when I see it at a bargain!

Lately I've noticed that my Blog Background has completely gone away and I really, really Loved my Blog Background from Shabby Blogs, which now is a site defunct apparently???!!!!   *Pouting Petulantly*   I'm a creature of habit and when I like something I am unlikely to change it until I absolutely have to!  But, now I've forgotten how to add or change a Blog Background and am timid about messing anything up to where I don't like it and too much changes and perhaps I couldn't get it back to how it was?!   I've found some freebie backgrounds I would be satisfied with, but am reluctant to try to install them lest they change the general layout which I don't want to change at all!?!   I used to be very bold in experimentation with my Blog in the early years, not so much now as I've forgotten most of what I know about setting it all up, been a long time since I did, with The Young Prince's assistance when he was a mere Nine years old!   Yep, at the tender age of Nine he set up my Blog, the little Internet Prodigy that he is!  *Ha ha ha*   Now that he's 17 he sighs heavily anytime I want I.T. Service, he's lost his infinite Childlike Patience he used to have with Gramma and Technology!   When a 9 year old explained it I could understand it and wrap my Head around it you see!  *LMAO*

My other minor problem lately, Miss Priss now thinks she's a semi-indoor Cat! Now that she's semi-retired as a Working Cat, with far less to do at The New Property than she had to do for Work at the Old Historic Acreage, she's become fat, sassy and very demanding!   She's shedding like crazy with Summer coming on so has been relegated to a particular Blanket on the new Leather Sectional. So that she's not dumping hair everywhere nor sinking her claws into my butter soft Leather Sectional Sofa or coughing up hairballs all over the house!   This is what she does when she's been caught sneaking off said Sectional and Blanket... she'll immediately slink away and jump back up there and roll over pretending as if she never left!  You KNOW I saw you Miss Priss, right?!?   WHAT???!?   What did you think you just saw human?!?!   I've clearly been here this relaxed all of the time and NOT slinking off trying to find my Young Human!!!  *Winks*    Yes, Princess T is her Human and like Miss Priss' Kitten so when she's not in sight sometimes the Cat goes looking for her and the scent ultimately leads her upstairs to Princess T's room.  Where, if Princess T is NOT there, she'll sometimes spend several minutes yowling up a storm loudly until it drives The Young Prince crazy and he brings her back downstairs where she belongs!  And if she catches sight of me, The Enforcer, she'll beeline to where she should have been, as fast as a Blue Ass Fly and give me this sheepish look!  Busted!!!   *Smiles*

Sometimes I think, why didn't I get Fish... lovely Discus preferably?  And then I remember, oh yeah, coz they don't catch and kill Mice, Rats, Snakes, Scorpions, and poisonous Spiders... so ya gotta Love a Desert Working Cat, even if she's in semi-retirement!!!


Blessings, Love and Peace from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. LOL, this whole post cracked me up---and the Lladro is a score, simply because it's beautiful from every angle, thumbless or not. Grins....and well...secret ....the cat will win, wink!


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