Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Unplugged From Modern Life

We unplugged the Fridge Tuesday Morning in preparation for the repairs and installation of a replacement part sometime on Friday.   Four days without a Fridge we thought would be rather a Big Deal, since you get accustomed to Modern Life and being unplugged from any of it seems a bit intimidating and rather a hardship.  We bought the blocks of Dry Ice, very spendy, along with forty pounds of Cubed Ice and filled every Cooler we had on hand with the contents of the Fridge and Freezer.  Thankfully it all fit and seems to be keeping cool enough to weather being Fridgeless.   So as not to be fixated on being Fridgeless, I busied myself with gleaning Shared Imagery Family and Friends had put online.  Like this lovely one of a Grand-Daughter, one of the Younger Siblings of The G-Kid Force.  I needed distraction so as not to think about not having a working Fridge you see!  *LOL*

You see, we like Fresh foods and most of what is Fresh is kept in the Fridge, so for the duration of it not being plugged in, we're trying to just utilize what's in the Coolers.  What's in the Coolers was mostly from the Freezer, since we'd intentionally used up most of the Fridge contents earlier so we'd have enough room in the Coolers for everything.  I had regaled you with my ancient Freezer contents, I'm not very good at Freezer rotations, I should just use the Freezer for Ice and Frozen Desserts that would be used up quickly!  *LOL*  I think I will be re-assessing Freezer content use once the Fridge is fixed and plugged back in.   Because right now what we're eating up isn't exactly Gourmet... after pitching most of the Freezer's ancient contents there wasn't a lot of selections left.

I had in fact bought some of the weirdest frozen foods on the face of the Planet!  Sometimes those small frozen Exotic personal Dinners in a Box look Interesting enough to try.  If I don't totally forget about them there in the Freezer I will experiment with tasting them, often they're more Interesting and tasty looking on the Box's imagery than they really are.   So, why do I buy them?  Because I'm always considering dietary alternatives for single portion controlled servings, that might assist me in the weight loss goal and stabilizing the dreadful Diabetic situation that can't seem to be kept in check or controlled! Of coarse the Family will never, ever eat the Boxed thingies, they know they'll likely taste vile or barely tolerable.  I can't seem to Learn this Fact enough to quit buying them, but I'm gonna try!  *LMAO*  But while the Fridge is on the fritz and unplugged, handy excuse to eat out more, right?  *Winks*  So last Night after Work I went to 'Appleby's' for the half price Appetizers... Boneless Hot Wings and Won Ton Tacos... Nom Nom!!!

The good thing about needing distractions so I won't think about something else and become fixated upon it, is I get a lot more done!  *LOL*  So while I have rooms filled with Coolers holding the contents of our Fridge, the Fridge pulled out away from the Wall and sitting practically in the middle of the Kitchen with it's doors and drawers pulled open... and Inventory to Price and try to find room for in my spaces at the Antique Mall stacked seemingly everywhere else... I'm spending more time Outside doing Yard Work and plowing thru the Hoarded Garages Project!    That way I don't have to look and be confronted with the Chaos that is the interior of our Home right now and have it drive me completely Mad!!!  *Smiles*   Mebbe some people are okay with a Chaotic messy Home, I'm not one of those people!  Even tho' our Home is often Chaotic and messy, I don't like it being that way and strive to keep it somewhat in Order and tidy.  If I can't, I have to get out and away from it for a time, so I've been pruning the living daylights out of overgrown back yard plants in recent days!

I can't bear to throw away any of the Blooms from the trimmed branches and so I've had mini bouquets everywhere to Salvage the Blooms and Enjoy them.  This plant went berserk under my Care and got huge, The Son told me I'm supposed to trim it aggressively, so now I am, to get it from not taking over the back yard or upsetting neighbors!   Subdivision Hell is not like having Acreage at all, where Plants can just grow Naturally Mature and Age Gracefully, Neighbors here will have mini meltdowns if any Plant or Tree encroaches their space.  Therefore most Plants are not even a quarter as Mature looking as ours, even tho' all the Homes are the same age and were built within a year of each other.  Most Subdivision Hell residents keep all of their Plants and Trees trimmed within an inch of their poor unfortunate lives!   Thus many have lost a lot of Landscaping when the poor things finally just give up the Ghost and give up trying to Live!   Most neighbors have decade old Homes around here with Landscaping that looks like it's just a year or two old... stunted, over pruned or just replaced numerous times.


I've also been tackling the Hoarded Garages more since the weather cooled off considerably and is in the 80's most days for quite a stretch of the day.  So I can actually be out there working with the Garage Door open and without having heat stroke or spontaneously combusting!  *Smiles*   I found an Old Camera from years ago, still had a Memory Card with some pixs taken years ago... like the next two images!   I actually own this Boudoir Doll, bought from my Friend Myko, who hasn't been a Vendor at our Mall now for years and lives in Seattle now.   The lower pix is also of an Altered Art Doll Created by a Vendor that left the Mall years ago, I miss both Vendors, they had the Coolest Treasures!   I kept finding all kinds of Forgotten things in the Hoarded Garages, the Middle of which is now clearing out nicely.   The Parameter around the Walls has been done first, I left the Middle for last.  Since it was just cluttered and disorganized, not really as much actual Work to plow thru as the Storage Towers of Boxes and Crates against the Walls had been.  I've hung up Old Canvas School Maps, made some Vignettes around the Parameter Walls, which now have Old Milk Crates stacked three high turned sideways, for visible and reasonable Storage and Displays.

I'm still at a point where more of what is in the Hoarded Garages is leaving Villa Boheme' one way or another when I can get it out of here.  It is either being Priced and Sold Off at the Antique Mall... or Donated to Charity Shops.  So I've got Banana Boxes filled and stacked awaiting disposition for either Inventory or Donation.  Right now that means some rooms inside the house have those Boxes laying around, it only doesn't make me Crazy because I know it's just temporary and they'll soon be out the door!  It does however, bother me... so I try not to look at it too much while it has to remain.  Mostly because Pricing and finding room in my two remaining spaces at the Mall takes time.   And making a Donation run to the nearest Charity Shop is a bit of a road trip while we're out here in the boonies with nothing really close by.   Tomorrow the Disabled Veterans are making a pick-up of Donations of Clothing in the neighborhood, but I'm not exactly purging Closets at the moment so that doesn't help me one iota and they were very specific about what to Donate!

At least in this room I've banished most Inventory and Donation items so I can come in here and work on the Computer or Read without having Anxiety about too much clutter or mess being around me.    I have a little impromptu Vignette on the floor behind me that are items which will go to the Meditation Room when I begin that Project tho'.   It looks Pretty enough I don't mind it being there even tho' none of it belongs there!  *LOL*   Yes, my OCD is showing... and this is why necessary distractions keep my Head on straight so I don't go right over the edge with my Obsessions and Compulsions!  *Winks*   I could you know... and I've never taken Meds for my Issues like that, I've just Managed them Naturally all my life with what I've found that works for me.  I probably should have been one of those Medicated Children, but in my day they didn't even know what to call what I had... so I was just described by Teachers and other Adults alike as 'Busy'.  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Even over six decades later it is very difficult for me to be Still physically or to stop my Mind from racing so I keep 'Busy' almost all of the time until I drop from sheer exhaustion, either physical, mental or both!  *Smiles*

And so this is why being Unplugged from Modern Life can be a bit disconcerting to me, my routine gets interrupted and I have more fixation upon what is different about that than usual!   The Young Prince has been the Gate Keeper of my Sanity, if I've put too many hours into the Hoarded Garages or the Yard Work he'll quietly come in and say, "Gramma... you should Stop now!"  He knows the Chaos and mess around the house is bugging me and so I've tried to stay on it to keep it manageable enough that I can still live here while it's all being dealt with!  *Ha ha ha*   Today was the last full day of School that Princess T had and Tomorrow will be a half day and the last day of School!  I'm Thankful School is over, now we can Sleep In and do what we want during the Summer Break.   When you're a Grandparent raising Children you perhaps look forward to School being out even more than regular age Parents.  Because dammit, how can I properly Enjoy MY Second Childhood and Life, when THEY are still requiring me to help a Special Needs Kiddo try to get thru School!?  And have me try to figure out this Modern Educational Process, that I swear I never had back in da day, when I was being Schooled!?!?!?!  *Le Sigh*  So The Princess and I are rather Rejoicing together about Tomorrow being the END for a while! *Happy Dance and Whew, I think we might have actually made it thru 6th Grade Hallelujah?!*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh I understand the messy avoidance! I would find that so difficult. But congrats on managing so well and finding constructive ways to avoid.
    Also congrats to you and Princess T for making it through primary school!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Jack, and yes, Today was last day of School... yay!!!


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