Friday, May 11, 2018

The Haul

A new Goodwill location opened up Today in our Old Neighborhood and of coarse The Man and I couldn't resist attending the Grand Opening even tho' we knew it would be Madness!  *Smiles*   Grand Openings of any new Thrift Shop location promises some really good stuff to entice the public and give a good first impression.   It didn't disappoint, immediately I Scored this hand carved Wooden Balinese winged Dragon Spirit Guardian Statue for less than Twelve bucks.  In Balinese Culture it is believed that a flying Guardian placed in one's Home or Sacred Space will drive away Evil Spirits and protect the premises from harm.

I also Scored this Octagonal Antique Gothic Pedestal Cabinet, which is perfect for holding any Iconic Statuary piece to Showcase it beautifully.  It reminded me of a European piece that would have come out of an old Church and probably had a large Statue of a Saint sitting upon it?  It's not going to sit in the Hallway like this, since it will eventually go Upstairs in the Meditation Room, but it's quite heavy, so for now it got photographed exactly where The Young Prince brought it in from the Truck.  He hates when I buy heavy shit and ask him to be my Sherpa!  *LOL*

It has really nice Hardware on each side and used to Lock, but it didn't still have the Key, there is a Porcelain Knob on the door and shelving inside.  I'm going to check some of my Antique Skeleton Keys and see if one will perhaps work, you never know?   The Wood has beautiful grain and rich patina, looking to be Tiger Oak perhaps?   Online most that came close to looking similar to this were 19th Century and French in origin.   This I Scored for less than Twenty Five bucks.

I actually have a matching hand-carved Balinese Wooden Dragon Spirit Guardian Mask for Sale right now in one of my Booths because I'm editing and curating what hangs on our Walls.   But I'm keeping this Statue since I will have a place for it... and if the Mask doesn't Sell, I can always bring it back Home and hang it in the same Room as this will occupy.  *Winks*

I like how Colorful and Theatrical Balinese Art is... I know it's supposed to be scary to ward off Evil Spirits and protect the Home, but it just also makes me Smile, which is a bonus.   The irony is nobody was paying this piece any attention until I put it in my cart and then everyone that walked by commented on what a great Score it was and how Lovely... it's as if it had been invisible sitting upon the shelf??!  *LOL*

It has one slight condition issue, missing Tail, but I don't mind since the tails are typically long and I want to place this against a Wall so the Tail would have gotten in the way of desired placement.   The Base has some cracks in the Wood which is not uncommon at all and not considered a condition issue really with these Carved Icons and especially if they have some Age.  I suspect this one is a Modern piece since the Colors are still so vivid and these are still being made in Bali.

This piece is interesting because it has backpack straps on the back of it and appears to be Asian in it's features.  Perhaps some kind of Teaching Tool for  Massage Therapy, Acupuncture or Martial Arts???  It's very soft rubber and feels skinlike, I have no idea why it has shoulder straps like a backpack except to perhaps make it easy to carry to a Class daily?  Underneath had a Student's Name and 'Passed' Stamped, so whoever owned it passed her Class.  *LOL*  I'm going to use it for Hat and Jewelry Display, got it for under Fifteen bucks.  I also got the No. 3 Galvanized Tin Basket for storage for a couple bucks.

So this piece is a Spinal Vertebrae Teaching Tool that I Scored from a Vendor Friend who is a Nurse and gave me a good Deal on it to add to my Cabinet Of Curiosities.  Being in the Medical Profession herself she also thinks these kinds of things are Cool and Medical Practices pay quite a bit for these, they are very well made and anatomically correct.   We negotiated a price of Forty-Five, I know what a Deal she let me have it for since retail they Sell for about $185.  This is a great addition to my Cabinet of Curiosity Oddities and Weird & Wonderful stuff.

This adorable little Vase I Scored for Thirty-Five Cents, I just Loved the Glaze on it, which is iridescent metallic hues.

And last but certainly not least I Scored this Antique Photo Album with Stand for a mere Fifty Cents... yep, just half a dollar because the little Drawer was missing, the Velvet was very worn and someone had taken all of the Antique Photographs out of it... Booyah!!!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Congrats! Especially on the wooden Balinese winged dragon spirit guardian statue. Wow. You'll never have to worry about evil spirits again.

    1. I know, big Bonus of it now occupying New Villa Boheme' huh? winks

  2. Great finds....I love the velvet photo case....and your little pot----such lovely mottled glaze, I would have snagged that for even more.


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