Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Aftermath

My very expensive Dental Work was in a word... EXPENSIVE!!!  As in very... and having to finance my Teeth like buying a Car expensive, tho' at 0% Interest for 18 mos. same as Cash and with a substantial Military Discount, so the Retired Bank Executive in me could live with the outlay and terms!  *LOL*   I really like New Dental Office, they didn't lay any Guilt trips on me for avoiding the Dentist for Decades due to lack of Insurance and Fear... I'm guessing it's not all that unusual nor uncommon for them to hear actually!?  *Smiles*  The Staff, every one of them, was Wonderful and at the top of their Game, so they made a painful experience tolerable and less stressful.

And I'm on soft foods for a couple days after the deep cleaning, while my Gums hurt like Hell, so I feel rather like a Newborn Infant right now. I go back Thursday for the Crown replacement on the one troublesome Tooth I went in for, since I knew it was kaput and finally deteriorating.  I got 30 years out of that old Crown so the Dentist was duly impressed, apparently they normally last for 5-7... the other three ancient Crowns are Thankfully holding up for now.  Hopefully until I pay off the thousands this already is costing me?!  They commended me for the excellent Care I've taken of my Teeth in all the years of not being able to afford regular professional Cleaning and Dental Work.   But now that I'm Diabetic and know they Finance reasonably I can become a Regular, you know, like I'm supposed to.  Diabetes jacks everything up no matter how much Care you take of yourself.

And the School Strike continues and since most Young Working Parents have no idea what they're going to do with their Kiddos out here in the boonies, where there's absolutely nothing for them to do and no place to take them, I've got a Posse of Tween Girls that spent the day and had an Over-Nighter with Princess T.  And I got one of those ominous Threat Letters from the School saying my Kiddo had missed too much School now and due to the 'unexcused' absences it could affect her Grades and catch me Charges... you know, because of THE STRIKE and fact they're not even there to receive her... WTF!?!??!!  She'd missed the day before said Strike with the Tooth Extraction and I'd brought in the Medical/Dental Paperwork to substantiate the absence, so she actually has NO 'unexcused' absences... except for them denying her an Education right now by closing the Schools for the Strike for God knows how long, which is completely beyond any Parent's control! 

After the Emergency IEP Meeting, where they had to address all the F's she had due to them disqualifying her for Special Ed Services when she was finally pulling A's, and restoring said Services immediately at my insistence, she already has all A's and B's again now that she's receiving necessary Resources for her Special Needs!  *Whew!*  So she's in a tizzy about if they'll punish her for being out while they're on Strike with Threats that it could affect her Grades and put me in Jail?!   I told her that The School and I will have The Come To Jesus Meeting when School finally resumes about said Threat Letter, so not to worry... all will be Well or Gramma will be on the Warpath!  *Winks*  She still thinks she'd be better off Home Schooled... and she and Friends often discuss it... so apparently she's not the only Kiddo who has lost confidence completely in receiving an adequate Education in Public Schools clearly in Crisis!

Most Working Parents cannot Home School... most Grandparents raising their Grandkids have been out of School so long it's unlikely Home Schooling would be anything we could or would do, given our limitations and level of general exhaustion of still raising Kiddos at an advanced Season of Life.  I'm usually Clueless about what they're Teaching Kiddos nowadays, it's nothing like when we were in School and we only serve to hinder them when we try to help them with such things as Homework done as we remember it.   And frankly, my Old Memory ain't what it used to be, remembering what I had for Breakfast can be a Challenge by Mid-Day, so asking me what a 6th Graders Homework should be to get it correct, forget about it!  *LOL*  I'm as lost as a Jurassic Park Dinosaur set loose in the Modern Educational System!  *Winks*

The Man was nervous about having this many bored Tween Girls running around in the house for extended periods of time, he asked if perhaps he could spend the Night somewhere else?  *LMAO*   I was taking pain meds and napping most of the day so I thought they were being pretty Good, of coarse I was probably in deep REM Extra Strength Tylenol Sleep to avoid my pain, so they could have been reeking havoc and Chaos for all I knew!?   *Smiles*   However, in actuality they were Good and even went to Bed at a decent time, I guess... all I know is that by 5:00 a.m. when I woke up and my Teeth and Gums finally weren't hurting so bad, nobody was awake in the house.  *LOL*  So I cooked some creamy grits topped them with a blob of butter and now I'm Blogging while there is still Peace and Quiet in the Valley.  *Ha ha ha*

My Diabetic Numbers responded immediately to the Deep Cleaning and Antibiotics applied to my Gums tho', almost to normal range, even tho' I can barely eat or drink anything, which was a worry.  I've got to make an Emergency Grocery Store pilgrimage for a better variety of Soft Foods since I wasn't anticipating the Infant Diet I'd be on for a few days.  I have Work Tonight so I Hope that Infant Diet will sustain me, since I'm feeling hungry pretty much constantly right now, it doesn't give one a feeling of fullness or being the least bit satiated.  After all Dental Work is done I'm sure everything will settle down and a normal diet will be possible pretty quickly so I'm trying not to be a big baby about it.   Being Hangry is after all not a very pleasant State of Being.  *Smiles*

We already had Fridge Guy out here to look at Ice-Maker problem and Door Handle problem, luckily Home Warranty covers the almost $600 in repairs to Ice-Maker and he said he'll word it so that handle gets fixed gratis, Bless his Heart.  He said Samsung has a Design flaw in their Ice-Makers so this happens to them all the time, so at least I know it was nothing we did. Note to Self: If we ever replace this Fridge, avoid Samsung and go back to Kitchenaide, which was always our personal Fridge of choice and lasts decades without incident... it's the top-o-the-line offered by Whirlpool.  You can Thank me later if you were considering outlaying a hunk o change on a fancy schmantsy Samsung Fridge.  He said handles breaking off is due to even the expensive Stainless Appliances having plastic parts holding all the Metal on... sounded like the incident with the cheap shit plastic door locks failing on my expensive Truck... cheap shit plastic hidden beneath expensive window dressing construction!!! 

Sometimes I think we need to consult with Appliance Repair Specialists first to get their expert opinions on which Appliance Companies products to avoid and why!?   One would think if Samsung has this Issue they'd of fixed the Design flaw by now to avoid Consumer irritation!?  But this Fridge came with the house... and mebbe, unlike us, some peeps replace Appliances like they do their Vehicles and Smart Phones to get the latest Trending Models, so don't keep 'em long enough to ever break down, I dunno?  Anyway, repairs will require replacement of Ice-Maker and all parts, but the difficult part is, to do it will require the Fridge being unplugged for THREE DAYS and transferring all our foods to Dry Ice in Coolers prior to the day of scheduled repairs/replacement of the Unit!  *Yikes!!!*  While the parts are being ordered we'll have to see how much we can cull the Fridge and Freezer contents so there will be less to potentially spoil?!  Living without a Fridge for four days is not something I'm particularly looking forward to with a Family of four, plus various spare Kids visiting the house if the School Strike extends thru those days and they have nowhere else to go!

But it's a relief that the $69 Service Call was all that will have to be shelled out for the Fridge and the Home Warranty covers the rest... the Air Conditioning Guy comes on Wednesday so Hopefully, and all body parts crossed, we'll be so fortunate for those repairs too and just absorb the Service Call for that?!?  Thankfully the Weather Cooled off this week so the Upstairs is tolerable for all these Kids we've got in the house and staying overnight, so they are mostly sequestered Upstairs until hungry and migrating to the Kitchen.  *Smiles*  Thankfully Tween Girls also like to experiment in groups with Cooking their own Meals and prefer such 'gourmet' cuisine as Top Ramen, which is Cheap too when you're feeding a Posse of 'em!  *Whew!*  I have Popeyes Chicken as a back-up Plan for Lunch, that I picked up after my Dental appointment, since I wasn't playing Chef Dawn for anybody 'til I felt better and could eat real food myself!  *Ha ha ha*

But as I get the various 'fixes' behind us for Teeth, Fridge and Air Conditioning Repairs... I'm feeling a lot less stressed out about the financial aspects of these past few days where everything is going to shit simultaneously and getting very spendy.   As I wrote out bills for the first of the Month this Morning, I'm reminded how very limited a fixed income actually is, no matter how Faithfully you adhere to a strict Budget.  Raising Kids too is rather a spendy outlay, as they always have been, just moreso in Today's Economy I think.  Which is why almost all of the Parents have to Work and there are less stay at Home Mommies than there voluntarily would be if they actually had a choice that financially worked for their Families I think.  I feel particularly bad for the Single Parent trying to ride out this School Strike and already struggling financially to support the Family alone... many cannot afford more Child Care expenses than they already had.   I feel very fortunate that even on a fixed income, we can be Home and there for the G-Kid Force and some of their Friends during this School Crisis. I just Pray it gets resolved very soon!!!??!?!

Our Fridge Repair Guy, who was very Nice and more 'Mature', saw all the Kids lined up and watching him as Entertainment this Morning, and realizing our Season of Life, asked if they were ALL our Grandkids being Raised by us?!  *Shudder, Heaven Forbid!  LMAO*  He confided how many repair jobs he's done since the School Strike and how many stressed out Angry Parents are out there right now.  Many having to use up their Vacation or Sick days if they can't get paid time off any other way or have no alternatives for Child Care on short notice and with no firm conclusion to this Crisis in sight!  He said many are telling him the Day Cares and Youth Programs are filled to capacity and there isn't always room for every Child affected by this Strike, which is understandable, it's a State load of Kiddos from K-12!!!  I would imagine there isn't always funding to provide any of it for Free or at a reduced Cost either to those who cannot possibly absorb the costs for Children of disadvantaged Families who simply cannot take time off Work!  

He said we seemed to be Cheerful and rolling with it better than most Homes he'd visited, which is Admirable... so I patted Self on the back as he left, being told we're Cheerful was so complimentary!!!  *LMAO*   Becoz lately my Friends I was Concerned that I wasn't at all Cheerful by any means, I've been stressed the Hell out and rather depressed and testy actually, set off and triggered very easily.   Sometimes it's clearly the Issues of Life weighing heavily and other times, Honestly, I don't know why the Hell I feel as Down and upset as I do?  I can't really cite anything in particular as a catalyst for the Neg range of Emotions I'm struggling with some days... and there are Good Days where I still don't feel like I'd prefer to feel and can't seem to muster much in the way of Positive Energies and tenacity to hang in there when the Bad Days really hit... and they will, you can Count on it!!!  

I talked with The Son last Night and he's been struggling with his diagnosed conditions a lot lately and we discussed perhaps I'm just not used to feeling Down because mostly I've been a Positive and Hopelessly Optimistic Person.  So it's unfamiliar to me and he could be right, I just don't feel comfortable with Negative Energies or Emotions and want to 'fix' them stat and sometimes you just can't by sheer willpower.  Otherwise those suffering chronically from them just would... which makes perfect sense!  It made me more fully Appreciate how Valiant those are who DO Live every day with the battle of Mental Health Issues weighing them Down constantly and engaged in the Battlefield of the Mind without a break ever.   I don't know that I could do it... so I'm relieved it has not been my particular Cross to bear.  But I'd also like to be back to MY Normal, which IS Cheerful and ridiculously Positive despite circumstances warranting otherwise.  I've been Working on it and at it... some days I even prevail to feeling more like Myself and Happy!

Other days overcoming that Fight Or Flight Instinct is pretty damned difficult... since running away or wanting to get scrappy just isn't 'responsible'... and I'd like to Imagine I'm still a responsible Adult about Life and it's various Issues?!?  *Winks*   I do have some pretty Awesome Vintage Suitcases tho'... just in case... since I don't really know how much Fight I still have in me so Flight would be the most Practical option?!??!  *Bwahahahahahahahahaa!!!*  In fact, given how often I Source great Vintage Luggage I'm quite certain some of my Friends and Family don't Believe I'm not scheming for The Great Escape one day?!?  Well, I ain't gonna lie, I do fantasize about it every so often... *Winks*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good you went to the dentist and they have worked out a plan for you.

    Bad about the school situation. Have you looked into cyber school?

    1. The Grandson had Online Schooling and it didn't go so well, we've known other children it didn't work out for as well, so I'm reluctant, due to her learning disabilities, to risk not having an actual Teacher/Student relationship... while in Special Education Resources she's done quite well, qualifying for those resources can be a Process though.


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