Friday, May 11, 2018

Sweet Tea And Porch Swings

I met up with The Son for Lunch and to go Junquing in the East Valley, since he lives close to one of our mutually favorite Antique Malls MERCHANT SQUARE, which also Hosts a Monthly Themed Event called HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE.  This Month's Spring Theme was called "Sweet Tea And Porch Swings" and it really got you in the Mood for all that is Springtime Splendor!  The Luncheon we ate at AMERICAN WAY MARKET CAFE in the Mall is always some of the best Bar-B-Q to be had in the Valley.   I don't get over to the far East Valley often enough and with our hectic schedules it is also rare I get to enjoy a nice Luncheon with my Son, so I really enjoyed the day's outing.  It's quite a long Pilgrimage with substantial commute time, but well worth it during the once in a Blue Moon I manage to make it out there!   I didn't splurge much, but I got a slew of Awesome Vintage Gym Locker Numbered Metal Tags and some favorite Decor Magazines.   The best part of coarse was being able to spend some Quality one on one Time with The Son and to see some of my East Side Friends while over there.  Love you Son, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet up for Lunch!  Mwah!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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