Thursday, May 31, 2018


One of the bennie's of Modern Technology is that I can watch U-Tube Videos of Fav Comedian's Old Skits.  Recently I watched the hilarious 80's Video of George Carlin's skit about 'Stuff'!  Lord was he on point with that topic!  One would think I would have paid more attention in the 80's to George's observation, since in the 80's I was still Nomadic and didn't possess so much Stuff yet.   It wouldda solved a lot of present day problems... and not so much editing, culling and purging being necessary later in life!  *LOL*

But clearly I didn't, I went from being a Minimalist by necessity to a Maximalist by choice.  Once I put down some roots and quit leading the Didi Kai Life of constantly relocating and being the Global Nomad, I found myself accumulating Stuff.  I sometimes Wonder what triggered this considerable shift?  It clearly wasn't just about staying put I think?  Tho' Lord knows in my Nomad days most places I pitched my tent, so to speak, were quite small and couldn't hold a lot of Stuff.  In fact, I think about some of the smallest places I've ever lived and Holy Mother Of God, what DID I have, since practically nothing would have fit?! *Smiles*

Clearly I COULD and even DID live with practically NO Stuff at various junctures of my Life's Journey!  I don't think I even Cared about not having Stuff then, having practically nothing was very liberating when you don't stay put, a Move back then took me no time at all!   Now I am rather attached to Stuff and there has to be some kind of subliminal message in that?  I don't try to get too deep inside my own Head about it tho', because Lord knows I may never find my way out again!?!  *LMAO*   So I only casually get introspective about it and delve into the possible reasons... and not very deeply so, becoz who needs the Anxiety of self-diagnosis and the realization of how messed up you are?!  *LOL*

I speculate about some of the obvious reasons and how change might temper my urge to add to my Stuff.   So far I haven't come up with any viable solutions that actually work tho', I've become very adept at locating The Good Stuff and it's become a past-time I rather still enjoy too much to just Stop Cold Turkey!   I do think a great part of it was the Aging Process and my more Mature observation that too much of the Good Stuff with History and Value was being pitched by others and it bothered me tremendously!   So I became a self appointed Savior of Stuff!  *Smiles*

I have always had a deep Love Affair with Old Properties and so when Investors and Developers began tearing them down, I recall not being able to stand seeing the Architectural Salvage carted off to Landfills.  Thus it began, I think my greatest Hoarding and Preservationist Instincts were triggered on Saving and Salvaging these Architectural Elements so they still existed.   Even tho' the Magnificent Old Structures were gone and only remained in Memory, I had a piece of them, a remnant that they existed.

I don't recall being overly Sentimental in my Youth... or even particularly in Mid Life actually... but as a Senior I've become Nostalgic and Sentimental to a ridiculous degree!   Does that just happen to everyone growing Older I Wonder? Is there a trigger in the Aging Process where suddenly it DOES matter what WAS even if you're fully Living in the Moment and not really exclusively in the Past?  

 I don't even think about the Future very much, that was more for my Youth and Mid Life Seasons I guess, after all, how much Future do you still have left once you reach a certain age, right?  *LOL*   It's True, at a certain Season you do have more of a sense of Mortality and exiting this Life, probably sooner than later now you've enjoyed the privilege of growing Old.   Death isn't so much scary as it is giving you more Urgency to Live fully so you can cross everything off the Bucket List you possibly can now.

I'm not sure my Bucket List has a Plan for all of this Stuff I've accumulated and yet, dumping most of it is harder than I anticipated.  Yes, I have made great strides in recent years, but immortality probably wouldn't give me enough Time to get rid of all of it at this point!  *Smiles*   Just about every Senior I know laments similar concerns about what will happen to their Stuff!?  George is right, we have this urge to Guard our Stuff!  *LOL*  Otherwise, why would we even lock our doors, right?

Seriously, if I actually wanted to purge this shit in a hurry, I'd just make it available to everyone and have them do all the work FOR me, right?  *Winks*  But I'd be distraught if even one item got taken without my permission, even if it was the shit I probably Need or Want to get rid of, so WHY IS THAT?!?  Honestly, the thief would have probably done me a big favor carting some Stuff away and minimizing my workload!   But that's not how it works... coz as George so aptly noted, they always take the Good Stuff!  *LOL*

  Nope, even tho' Donating makes me feel Grand and very philanthropic, I have placed Value on most of my Stuff... either actual or perceived!   And we don't Value other people's Stuff as much... as George also aptly noted, why is their Stuff shit and your shit Stuff?  *Bwahahaha!*  True that, I could help you purge your shit faster than I can ever purge my Stuff!   You could probably help me purge my shit faster than you could ever purge your Stuff, it's just how it goes.

Ask any Adult Child trying to assist their Elderly Parents purge, about how freakin' difficult it is.  I've done it with two now dearly departed Parents and Jesus on a bike it was brutal!   And my Dear Dad was a true non-materialist Minimalist, and it was still simply overwhelming and a task I dreaded!   Now with Mom it was only a little easier coz she had REALLY Good Stuff and I was able to convince my Dear Brother to haul most of it with her to Cali where I didn't have to Deal with it again!  He clearly took one for the Team, Thanks Syd!  *Whew!*

Because Lord knows if all her Good Stuff had combined with all my Good Stuff, I'd have such a shitload of Good Stuff I'd be losing my Mind completely at this point!   And that brings me to our Adult Children and Adult Grandchildren, Pray for them all, they're gonna Need it if I don't manage an Epic enough purge of my Stuff before Death!   Granted we have a shitload of heirs to leave all this Stuff to, so perhaps they can spread it around sufficiently that it won't become burdensome to any one of them?

I mean my Stuff does mostly have actual Value, so Sold off en mass, well, that's their Inheritance... and a LOT of Future time spent on Auction Sites, planning Estate Sales and the like!  *LMAO*   But the pay-off should be handsome, I ain't gonna lie, if I sold all this Good Stuff I could probably enter full time Retirement rather well.   And that's key too when you Age, you know that your earning potential has now dwindled to where what you have already accumulated probably cannot be easily replaced, if at all, on your now fixed income.  It is your Investment for Old Age potential Needs... it has liquidity and better returns than the Banks nowadays, so therefore you hold onto too much of it too tightly. 

My Corporate Lives are over, for The Man and I there will never be another Career... for him not even another Job... and for me, Full Time unpaid Caregiving aside, I just don't know yet?   We've contemplated whether or not once The G-Kid Force are grown, could I return to the actual work force if he became more independent to stay Home alone without a Full Time Caregiver while I worked an actual Job?   And then there is that Reality of... when The G-Kid Force are finally grown, I'll be freakin' ancient my Friends, so who the Hell would hire me really?  Shit, I Need a restorative Nap after doing anything longer than about four hours!!!  *LOL*

I just don't see a lot of demand for the employment of the 70+ crowd anywhere!   Plus, I almost feel pity for those who are still working long past 70 because you're not sure if they're Wanting to or Having to?   When I walk into most McDonalds now I don't so much see pimply faced Kiddos behind the counter working the minimum wage Job, as I see Seniors they've been replaced with!  That's very telling my Friends... about whose probably the most desperate for Work!   I can't help but Wonder what their Career was before the great decline to "Will you have Fries with that?" Season of employment?!?!!

But God Bless 'em, at least they always have the pleasant attitude towards providing good customer service and get my order right, so that's a Plus!  *Winks*  Most have the Work Ethic of bygone times, which have clearly fallen by the wayside in recent Generations, that's for sure!!!  Most don't Need to be tied to their personal Cellphones while they're actually doing their Jobs... or pretending to be actually working!  Most will likely go Home to all the Stuff they got while they had a Good Income at a real Career that Valued them and what they could contribute!

Yep, Stuff... it's a double edged sword isn't it my Friends?   We have Stuff and sometimes Stuff has us... and that revelation can be quite sobering and a little bit disconcerting actually.   Where to put it... the containment of it... the protection of it... the disposal of it or the keeping of it being burdensome... and the sometimes considerable expense given to find sufficient Space for it to just BE should we Need or Want to Keep it in this Lifetime!!!  Because there are a whole lot of things we can thoroughly Enjoy, but that doesn't mean it's always ultimately Good for us, does it?


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. We share the Youtube, old comic, guilty pleasure. I listen to old Carlin routines a lot. And I looooove Joan Rivers, Steven Wright and Bob Newhart. I could name a bazillion -- it's easy to get sucked in.

    There are programs where you can get certified as a home healthcare aide and get paid for the time you spend looking after a loved one. At least you can do it in NY State. Not sure about your state, but it's worth it to investigate.

    1. Thanks for the tip, here they don't do that if you're the Spouse you don't qualify for Paid Caregiving. Yes, the old Comics are the best aren't they... sometimes the Modern Humor has to rely too much upon crude vulgarity to get a laugh and not something you could watch with the Kiddos.

  2. The George Carlin skit is a classic. And when I have issues with my 'stuff' paralyzing me, I think of that. Great post, with truth and whimsy woven well. PS my kids don't want any of my 'Stuff'. So, I piece-meal it off on etsy...but that is even a chore.


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