Friday, May 4, 2018

Sequestered And Venting A Bit

Often I feel quite sequestered out here because it takes so long to get anywhere I'd like to go.  So I either can't take the Time or don't want to bother to take the Time for a lengthy commute into and traversing across the City.   It just ends up seeming like an epic road trip even tho' I'm still local because so much time is spent in the vehicle just getting there and back!  With Caregiving I either have to drag Family along or try not to be out too often or too long.  That is why I do the Girl's Day Out Thing once a Month to try to do it ALL in one fell swoop!

You're right now looking at Imagery from one of my favorite Designer's Space at ANTIQUE GATHERINGS, my Friend Robert of CIRCA ANTIQUES.  If ever we had to hire someone to help us Style our Home I think Robert would have to be a top consideration, since his Gentleman's Club Style would definitely appeal to The Man and I totally dig it too.   I must have some latent Masculinity in my personality because I've always been drawn to this Style even tho' it's very Manly. *LOL*  The Look with the comfortably decadent Chesterfield Sofas and amazing Mantiques would blend well with Villa Boheme's current Styling and my Weird and Wonderful Collections and Cabinets of Curiosities.

I was actually very conflicted when choosing our Leather Sofa Style... of buying a Chesterfield Sofa which I prefer the Styling and Look of... or the Contemporary Sectional I ended up with.   The Sectional won out only because it seats more people, had a built in Recliner, plus two people can lay full out and sleep on it!  That's actually something around here that happens a lot... folks falling asleep on the Livingroom furniture, or needing extra sleeping places when I have a house full of Guests... so it had to be considered seriously when choosing!  *Smiles*   Plus I knew there would be a whinefest at Home with The Man and The Force about comfort levels... the Sectional being more their level of overall Comfort, they don't Care so much about getting The Look like yours truly does!  *Le Sigh*

The Man would like for me one day to get him a Buffalo Mount, but I don't know that he'd be willing to let me put an Antique Beaver Top Hat, Power Tie and Monocle on it?    And of coarse you know I'd just HAVE to... and would... because I'm tenacious like you wouldn't believe, so getting my way usually happens when I eventually wear everyone down to a nub if I meet with resistance! *Bwahahahahaha!*   He'd be like, "It doesn't look so Crazy dressed up with all of that... go ahead...", sighing heavily in resignation, just to end the sparring about it and call it a healthy compromise.  *Winks*  But for now I haven't found any Cheap Buffalo Mounts... so... we're Buffalo-Less for the time being.

I also really liked the huge Canvas Prints of the Vintage Athletes.  In fact, the whole Vignette, it would look Fabulous in our Livingroom with just some culling of items from the back row.   But everything in the Center of the Room... yeah, I'd do some swapping out of what I have presently and just go with that.  *Ha ha ha*   You'll see the entire Vignette as you scroll down a couple of Images, I'm actually getting better at the Panoramic Shots tho' I can't blow them up to full size since they wouldn't fit the ole' Blog Page.   I'm still having issues with the resolution thing and re-sizing via Facebook.  So I Hope, with all of the issues that FB presently has, that it doesn't go away... because I'm depending on it for auto sizing all my new Camera's Images that Blogger can't accept the resolution of until I do.

I really don't understand Photography that much, I just know I Love to take pictures and am a pathological picture taker who is just trying to get better at it as time goes on.   I'm quite satisfied with the quality of New Camera's Imagery, it's just that pesky resolution issue with Blogger that is a pain in my ass currently and makes Sharing the Images on my Blog more complicated and time consuming.   Oh well, so I can't blast thru creating a Post like I used to, it's actually making me a better Editor actually.  Since I really have to seriously consider how much Time I want to spend fixing resolution of how many Images on FB first for a single Post here in The Land Of Blog?!  *Winks*

So, here's the Panoramic shot I Promised you and I'm totally diggin' it, as I always do any Vignette that Robert Creates and the Merchandise he has to offer.    I had gone to The Gatherings on my Girl's Day Out and managed to get there before closing, but barely, since it's way East Side for me and traffic was gnarly.    Sometimes I'll go there on my way to or back from The Desert Botanical Gardens since it's on the way.   I really like the Mall because it's classy and has quality merchandise, and you don't have to wade thru Darth Vader Heads and shit like that being hawked like a lot of 'Antique' Malls... including the one I'm in... but I don't get out there that often because of the distance factor.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Purist and I realize the Collectibles Market has a lot of avid Collectors of damned near anything and everything really... and Vintage is very subjective depending upon the Age and Generation of the Customer.   But it's with much chagrin that I see what some Vendors are hawking at a lot of the 'Antique' Malls, including the one I'm in, that really isn't at all appropriate and cheapens the reputation and whole experience for me.  I suppose that is why I tend to prefer the Events that jury a lot of applicants to weed out the ones that would just sell crap and mebbe would be better venued at a Park-N-Swap.  If I want to buy crap then I'd troll the Park-N-Swaps or Yard Sale Circuits.

But anyway, I did manage to get out a bit more while the School Strike was on because we took turns with some other Families trading our Tweens and allowing Sleep Overs and Play Dates at one another's Homes.  You know, so that they didn't drive any of us completely Crazy every single day while we all endured the Strike with no known End Date.  So we only had a few days, when it was our turn to endure the Madness, and we'd have up to a half dozen Tween Girls running around Villa Boheme'.  To lose our Minds and have complete Chaos and Insanity reigning down upon the Guys and I!  *LOL*  Mostly the Girls were Good, but you get a half dozen of them and if one gets overly animated or fussy it triggers them all eventually to start getting rowdier or sillier... or having Drama ensue... because prepubescent Girls are rather high strung anyways!   So Moods and thus Behavior, are subject to Change without Notice!  *LMAO*

We had the one false alarm where they said School would resume and then a few hours later called again to say they didn't have enough Staff so it wouldn't... and that uncertainty was hard on everyone too.  You couldn't make definite Plans when you didn't know what was happening with your Kiddos from one moment to the next regarding their Educational Process or lack thereof.  The City was offering some Free venues to assist Parents, but if you don't live in the City then transportation and distance were a definite factor and Princess T is timid about venues she isn't familiar with and doesn't know anyone at.  She has separation Anxiety and Panic Attack Issues so we didn't wanna just drop her off somewhere unaccompanied anyway, that had just been an impromptu set-up during a Crisis.

But we weathered it and Today when School finally did resume for Real, I went in and asked about the "Unexcused Absences" Threat Letter I'd received during the Strike?!   Turns out, since the Adoption, which was like over two years ago now, they no longer felt The Man was Authorized anymore to make the Calls to the Attendance Line to call her in Sick!   *WTF!!?!?!?*   Nope, tho' he's been the one to do that task for me since she began School and she's almost a Teenager now... well, now he can't, since he's not a 'Legal' Guardian by their terminology of it and wasn't allowed to Adopt her due to his extent of Disability!!!   Sometimes the bureaucracy of it all slays me... and since they claim they can only 'change' an 'unexcused' absence to an 'excused' one within 24 hours, every absence she's had since being Adopted, has apparently been deemed 'unexcused' since he called them in!!!  Seriously, even if I Bless it right here and now, as her LEGAL Guardian/slash New Adoptive Mom, or provided previous documentation from Docs etc.!!!  Well, for the Love of God... who knew since nobody ever bothered to tell us?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and when you Call her in from now on, don't say you're Grandma or we can't accept that either, you HAVE to say you're Mom... or the Legal Guardian... use that terminology or it won't be 'excused' either!!!  *WTF!?!?*  But she doesn't call me Mom and I don't call me Mom, tho' Legally I am, we still call me Gramma... so Why is that necessary at all I says, what I'm Labeled!?!   Well, because even tho' we know it's you, we might get confused when we enter it and if it's not a Parent or Legal Guardian then it rejects as being an Authorized Individual... just the Word Grandparent kicks it into "Unauthorized"!!!   I know I stood there a minute or so in uncomfortable silence, on Purpose... because... well... the BS I have to endure raising my Grandkids with The Systems as they stand... makes me just want to make whoever is giving me BS uncomfortable.  It's kind of like Payback Revenge of sorts, and makes it so that I don't go Postal too.  *Winks*

I mean Why Not just have Fun with it and Fuck with them a bit too I say?  Because it's all rather ludicrous anyway... since according to my Adoption Legal Paperwork from the Adoption Court I'm now a Single Woman... tho' of coarse I'm NOT really... and am FOR REAL also a Legally Married Woman of many, many Years.  But I guess Legally we had to pretend I am a Single Mom due to The Man's TBI and all, so as to push thru the complicated Adoption finally.   And so according to that premise... then does that kinda make The Man a Single Man again!?!  *LOL*  Tho' of coarse he's NOT really... and is providing the financial Support and Needs of said Children and always has since the day they were Born boucoup Years ago.  But that doesn't apparently Count nor Authorize him ENOUGH to freakin' Call the Attendance Line when Princess T is Sick and relay that information so that it is APPROVED!   We won't Press Charges on you or have it Neg affect her Grades they said... Oh, Well Thank You very much, how benevolent of them... but a damned Phone Call to explain this shit would have been way better... like... a long time ago when I first Adopted her!!!

The Man just doesn't bother to get Offended anymore, it wouldn't help anyway if he did... you know, since regardless of whether he'd be Offended or not, they still conveniently made his Wife a Single Woman as an Adoptive Parent, so we could get The Force's Adoption pushed thru.  But he's still REALLY Legally Married to me in Real Life and has to continue Supporting everyone since he's the only one that has a Pension yet and actual means of Support.  While I forfeited Successful Career and most of my Pension to be a Full Time Caregiver to them all, including him.  And even tho' The Courts deemed him unfit to Parent... even tho' in ACTUALITY he still does Partner with me to Parent, Admirably I might add, in spite of his considerable Disabilities and Brain Damage!!!   It reminds me a bit of that Sean Penn and Dakota Fanning Movie called I AM SAM... which was superb and heart wrenching, and accurate about how The System often works!

"I Am Sam" is the compelling story of Sam Dawson (Sean Penn), a mentally-challenged father raising his daughter Lucy (Dakota Fanning) with the help of a unique group of friends. As Lucy turns seven and begins to intellectually surpass her father, their close bond is threatened when their unconventional living arrangement comes to the attention of a social worker who wants Lucy placed in foster care.   Thought I'd add that so any of you who didn't see the Movie would know what I'm talking about.   The bond between Family and Child(ren) is not often taken into consideration as much as bureaucratic rules and regs are.  If you are a unique or unconventional living arrangement and it gets 'complicated' enough they can't figure out what to do, well, you are gonna have a battle royale lemme tell ya... even if you are the Best, most Secure and Safest Placement of said Child(ren) and have raised them since Birth!!!   And they'll find all kinds of ways to Mess with you and Fuck things up or try to make you Crazy...  so that's been how the first day back at School went after The Strike... Splendidly!  *Winks*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I was trying to imagine having to be a 'guardian/mom/grandparent' for my grand. I think I might just glare at them and declare---"I'm just a very old MOTHER-.....*" and let it go at But, of course you can't do that. But, you can think it. grins, Sandi. And, your friend is an amazing designer...I love his style.


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