Sunday, May 13, 2018

Remembering Mom's Sayings

Now that my Mom has passed from Time into Eternity I no longer make a Big Deal out of Mother's Day on Purpose.  Mostly because it can be a difficult day for The G-Kid Force and their Mom to get thru, since she's not here with them nor able to raise them.  It totally changes the dynamic of a Mother's Day when yours isn't around physically.  So usually I get up early on Mother's Day and do some Me Time just for myself in quiet Celebration of being a Mother, a Grandmother and a Great-Grandmother.  Today this entailed heading for The Desert Botanical Gardens to have an early Breakfast at 'Gertrude's Restaurant' before all the Reservations showed up and  before it got too Hot to dine alfresco in the Courtyard.   This was the first visual I had beside my vehicle in the parking lot, a Natural Heart inside of a healing Tree limb that had been cut off... how surreal and appropriate!  It made me think of Mom immediately, it takes a lot of healing when you lose your Mom, cut off physically, all that remains is the Love inside of your broken Heart.

It was a beautiful day and not very Hot, balmy Seventies, even with a slight Cool breeze blowing.  Ideal to spend time outside in Nature and dining alfresco surrounded by the Natural beauty that is the Desert in Springtime!   Deserts might be barren compared to most landscapes, but in Springtime they explode with a profusion of vivid colored Blossoms.   I strolled the Garden Paths after a delightful Breakfast of Gertie's Eggs Benedict with Chorizo over Sopa, fingerling smashed Potatoes and Berry Basil Lemonade.   I was deep in remembrance of Mom's sayings, which I miss hearing so much.   Bloody Hell instantly comes to Mind, I do't know if Hell would be Bloody or not, but it's was one of Mom's Classics when she was upset, irritated or angry!  *LOL*  Working like a Navvy... which I never knew as a Child what a Navvy even was, just that they must Work very hard at manual labor!  *Smiles*   Now I know it was manual laborers working on major civil engineering projects... so now I instantly think of guys with pick axes changing railroad ties or excavating tunnels!

Since Mom's Native Language was not English, she would often use Welsh words as though they were English words, and when I was a Kid I didn't realize they weren't English and that nobody understood what the Hell I was talking about!  *LMAO*   When she was really mad Mom couldn't remember much English at all in her fury, so if she was exclusively talking or yelling in Welsh, you knew you were really screwed and had pushed her right over the Edge!  *LOL*   Mothers and Daughters... it can be a very complex relationship... especially when everyone's estrogen is at full tilt!  *Smiles*   Mom and I had a very complex relationship at times and a very enjoyable one at other times.  When things got too complicated I just held Space for her until the complications resolved, which they always did in due time.   I knew that I was Loved, even tho' Mom and I were polar opposites in so many ways, which could cause conflict that could get pretty epic lemme tell ya!  So it had to be a mutual unconditional Love despite our obvious differences and some of the Drama that could play out. 

My Mom and my Maternal Nanna were very Dramatic and Intense Women, Nanna was in the Theater and on Stage, Mom did Ballet and Ballroom Dancing for many years... I believe they both just had an incredibly Artistic temperament!   Both could be very Fiesty Gals and Strong Willed Women... I suppose I did get a lot of that same genetic disposition, even tho' I personally prefer to be a Drama Free Mama and Intense people can drain me quickly so I do have to limit my exposure!   The G-Kid Force's Mom is so much like Mom and Nanna in her Intensity and Dramatic Flair!   She and I acknowledge that as a Mother and Daughter who are so different in Personality and Lifestyle, we too have to just unconditionally Love.  It is the best and purest Love really, not having conditions attached to it.   Allowing the other person to just Be who they are.

These last three Images were of a Mama Dove on her Nest with two Babies, she was very tolerant of all the Photographs everyone was taking of her feeding and tending to her brood.   They could all barely still fit in the tiny Nest so I think it won't be long before her Babies outgrow it and must move out.  That's what Parenting is all about really, preparing your Children to become Young Adults that will go on to have their Lives, Dreams and Goals in the Journey that is Life.  Those Journeys can go all over the place... to some Good places and some Bad places... but Hopefully Home is always the Sanctuary one can return to and know unconditional Love is always waiting inside for you.   I Miss both of my Dearly Departed Parents for totally Selfish reasons, I know they both have gone on to a better place in the Afterlife so I never grieved that... I grieved MY Loss of them from Time, as they entered Eternity.   I know both wait for me on the other side of the Afterlife and one helluva reunion will one day come.

But until then of coarse we still have all of our Memories, our Remembrance... and on this day, Mother's Day, we can pay Homage to the Women that brought us into this Life and gave us the Gift that is Life.   No matter what kind of relationship you might have with your Mom, that is a Precious and Priceless Gift given by every Mother that bore her Children.   There is no such thing as a Perfect Parent nor a Perfect Child, in our Humanity we are flawed, but Love overlooks a multitude of those flaws and abides, even after Death.   So this Mother's Day of 2018 I want to Wish my Mom in Heaven a Happy Mother's Day... our Love eternal goes on and will never, ever end.  Love and Miss you Mom... Mwah

A very Happy and Memorable Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there!  Celebrate yourselves, even if you don't have Family around to Celebrate with you... the Gift of Life you gave is a Sacred one!!!


Happy Mother's Day from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. This is a lovely tribute. And that tree stump!
    I remember before we were able to be parents Mother's Day was hard.
    I decided to honour my Mum on my blog this year while she is still around.
    I love how Welsh sayings seemed natural to you, just like Pidgin (from PNG) did to me.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Happy Mother's Day to you too Jack... I'll have to pop over to your Blog to read the Homage paid to your Mum!

  2. I enjoyed this Mother's Day post. It is a rough day for those of us who miss their mothers.

    1. Indeed it is Colette... losing a Parent is tough!

  3. Such true words...about complex relationships. Love your share and the doves also. We tend and nurture and then have to kick them out to fly---hopefully they fly back, often to visit.

    1. I'll be glad when my raising of young Children is over and I can just sit back and enjoy Adult relationships with them all as they become independent and follow their Dreams. The Freedom of having an Empty Nest is not something I've experienced yet. LOL


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