Wednesday, May 9, 2018


  1. 1.
    a return to a former or less developed state.

I've been spending a fair amount of time in recent days going thru boxes of long Stored possessions and sorting it all out.   It's a regression of sorts to return to things or Memories of a former point in time that have kind of stayed in the Limbo of Storage.  Suspended in Time packed away unseen... like a Time Capsule re-opened and being re-examined with Present Eyes.   My Former Eyes and perhaps my less developed State of Being probably saw it all somewhat differently back then?  It's Interesting to examine how my Present Self sees it all now.

Loads of Old Photos are turning up... of people... or places... and what was unfolding in Life back then that warranted capturing thru the Eye of the Lens and preserving at the time.   I only Wish I had been a more Seasoned Photographer with a better quality Camera, tho' some aren't so bad considering the technology of the time and my limited skill set at Photography.  It is so hard now to remember that The Force were once so Young!  Even tho' I've done this Parenting Thing a Generation before so we all know they grow up so fast and become Young Adults rather quickly, Childhood is fleeting.  By early August my Young Prince will already be a Grown Man.

And Princess T brought Home the Parental Permission Forms Today from School to Sign if I want her attending the Health and Development Classes or not?  They're not a required part of the School Program and are strictly voluntary, she couldn't understand why so many Students and Parents were making such a Big Deal about it?!   *LOL*   I guess we've always been a very open and uninhibited Family about discussing what comes Naturally at the appropriate times and without discomfort at all, so to her this is no Big Deal at all.   I'm glad she views it that way and we can discuss anything, anytime and without inhibitions or being ashamed nor embarrassed.   This is all perfectly Natural Gramma, part of turning into an Adult, so I don't know why everyone has to make such a Big Deal out of it like we shouldn't have the appropriate knowledge?  I was in complete Agreement with her but I let her know everyone has their ways, concerns and opinions, of what even IS appropriate... which might not mirror ours.  I'll ask you and Grandpa anyway if there's something else I Need to know that they didn't cover in Class... I know she will and that's good.

I have been invited too, to attend a Meeting of all Parents and Guardians about what will be taught and have open discussion.  I'm going, not because I have any issues with any of it myself, but I'm rather curious to see what Modern Hangups some of the Gen-X Parents might have?  *Smiles*  Perhaps us Old Hippies were one of the Generations with less Hangups about Natural shit, I dunno?  Things like Human Development, Nudity, Sexuality, Intimacy just weren't topics that ever made most of us uncomfortable and I remained quite uninhibited about discussing any of it with our Children or Grandchildren.   Mom and I used to laugh, in latter years, about the profound differences of our Generations and she was quite progressive and liberal for someone of her own Generation actually.   Mom was a complete Lady, but one who could and would talk openly and non-judgmentally about anything.  As Mother's Day approaches I profoundly miss her and our open and completely candid talks... no topic was Taboo or Off Limits within the Family.

The Ancestors, I've been thinking upon that and them a lot lately too... those that came before us and whose DNA Shaped who we are and whose History most certainly did too.   I remember being rather disappointed at the inconclusive and sketchy results of my Ancestry DNA findings and now actually I don't Care about conclusive evidence or unsolved Mysteries regarding it.   I'd rather go on with what we have been told thru the Generations by our Elders, who had their Rich Stories and passed them down for us to keep re-telling to the Future Generations.   That's good enough for us and separating facts from any speculation or embellishments isn't necessary at all.  It's all interwoven thru Time and that's made the Stories all the more Interesting and personally distinctive actually by who told you what... and why.   Being 21% Other of Undetermined Origin was actually quite hilarious and kept The Mystery... and being Mysterious is rather fetching.

I've been out in Nature a lot more lately too, like I used to be and quit being and I just can't even tell you Why, because I never gave up a Love for being out in Nature.   Sometimes you just get so caught up in the busyness of Life that you forget to just be Still and be One with Nature as part of your days.  I want to Live Life fully... and without spending time in Nature it is not fully Living for me and so I want to get back to it.   There is just a Peace about watching Nature do it's Thing as it has always done and will always do, Naturally.   Without having to be altered by Human intervention and meddling tho' Lord knows us Humans still try to do enough of that don't we?!?   Seems we cannot help ourselves sometimes to force our Will upon things... instead of to just stand back and watch in Awe as what should be Natural just IS!   And it's Beautiful indeed and can't really be improved upon... God figured it all out just Perfectly and the Divine is evident in it's very Creation!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Ahh yes, openness. We are also very open but that was deliberate because I grew up quite sheltered. We walk around naked and discuss body functions all the time. Although some more than others. My hubby is a little less so ;-)
    I 'm so glad we went this route because now at puberty they have no problems asking questions. We have personal experience with it all, including gender and sexuality issues as you know.
    Feeling for you on this Mother's Day.
    Before we could have kids it was always poignant for us too.
    I'm finding nature healing too right now, although the cold winds are diificult!
    Trying to stop and do nothing is soooo healing and soooo hard!
    xo Jazzy Jack


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