Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day

When I went in to our Antique Mall to Score this Beautiful Antique Asian Goddess Porcelain Statuary of Guan Yin Goddess Of Mercy {Bodhissatva} pictured, I had a couple of my Male Vendor Friends jokingly ask me why I wasn't Home for Memorial Day instead Celebrating The Man?  Ummm... because he's not Dead...  *Dead Silence... then Laughter*   Sometimes people get mixed up about the Celebrations of Veteran's Day and Memorial Day Holidays and whom they Honor and more importantly why!  Lemme give ya a refresher:

Me·mo·ri·al Day
məˈmôrēəl ˌdā/
  1. a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered, traditionally observed on May 30 but now officially observed on the last Monday in May.


Vet·er·ans Day
  1. a public holiday held on the anniversary of the end of World War I (November 11) to honor US veterans and victims of all wars. It replaced Armistice Day in 1954.

So NO, we will NOT be Celebrating my Old Veteran on this day, because he's not Dead!  He will not die in Active Military Service even when his time comes!   The Man used to think it very creepy when anyone would acknowledge him on Memorial Day, he's had a lot of very close calls during his lengthy Military Career during Wartime for sure and Survived them all, but he didn't die in Active Military Service Thank God!  He's still among the Living, pretty worn out, 100% Service Related Disabled and beat up from 39 Years of Service, but still Vertical nonetheless!  We don't even Celebrate our Dearly Departed Dads on this day, both Heroic Military War Veterans who Served in War Time and were awarded Medals of Valor, since they didn't die in Active Military Service either, so we still Celebrate and Honor them on Veteran's Day instead.

I suppose I just think it's important to know why we're Celebrating any Holiday or Holy Day and not just going thru the motions in complete ignorance or not Caring at all to understand why we're Celebrating or whom we're allegedly Celebrating or Honoring.  It doesn't take much nowadays to do a moment of research if you're not entirely sure, Google is pretty fast.   For many perhaps it's just another Holiday, another day off, another long Weekend, another Sale Day, whatever... and I'm not sitting in judgment, I just find it trite to get it wrong when acknowledging the wrong people for the wrong reasons.   It's like calling every individual in a Uniform a Hero, that bugs The Man, who IS a highly decorated War Hero... it bugs me too!  Because it diminishes and devalues the Earned Honor of the bestowment of the Title if it's just randomly given to anyone who perhaps never did anything particularly Heroic in their Career Field.  I think the term is thrown around too casually nowadays and it has rendered it virtually Meaningless, when it shouldn't be!   Any Military recognized War Hero will have received a Medal for the actual Heroic Deed(s), it has significant Meaning and it pays due respect and Honor to that individual's act of Bravery, impact and Sacrifice!  The Man will say, I didn't get all of these for doing NOTHING or just putting on a Uniform!

It's akin to the Modern practice of awarding a ribbon, award or trophy to every Kid in School just for participation, whether they were first or last, or even just sat on the bench... whether they had academic excellence or barely made it.  You know, just so nobody feels bad or gets jealous of whoever did Earn the ribbon, award or trophy.   But even a Kid is aware of how Meaningless it is when it's just a Token and not really Earned.  Princess T came home from the last day of School with a Made-Up Award, she laughed, we laughed, it was rather a Family Joke.   It was one of those Most Likely To Awards in which the Teachers have to get pretty Creative to find some attribute for which to print out an award and present it so that at least she got one!   Princess T is not a very good Student academically, she is painfully aware of it, but it's rather condescending and patronizing to pretend otherwise.   When a Kid finishes last in the race or has a crappy report card it stings enough I think without making up some fake award to present for failing and pretending as if it's winning or succeeding.  Nobody is being fooled, and you know, it's Okay not to always get it right or be the Star Athlete or the War Hero.   If you did participate that IS enough and so we don't have to exaggerate it all and call you something you might never had Earned the Title of.   I mean personally I wouldn't want to be called something I didn't Earn the Title of and never was, it's embarrassing to be bestowed a Token Honor and I'd know it to be fake and a lie or deception!

If I were not actually deserving of a prestigious Title or Honor I wouldn't want to be standing next to someone who was and who legitimately Earned it and was The Real Deal!   Okay, Rant over... Smiles... I can get pretty worked up about things I'm Passionate about.   The scourge of faux Patriotism is a topic of considerable interest and debate lately.  What sometimes becomes PC to appear Patriotic and a substitute for substance... the absence of Love of Country while wearing a Flag Lapel Pin, shit like that.  Tossing around whose Patriotic and whose not... personal Greed overshadowing The Good Of All... there's just a lot of that going on nowadays and it really diminishes the huge Sacrifice many made by Giving their All in Service to Country... those who we should be Honoring Today, Memorial Day.   Those would fought for the Freedoms we aspire to implement in Society and make available to it's Citizens.   Often even abroad, in Countries not even our own, but who we Hope might enjoy a measure of those Freedoms and Rights that will make oppression and suffering lessened.   No Society is perfect, the Ideal and the Reality are sadly not always lined up as they should be and could be... mostly because People are involved and we are a flawed Species aren't we, still working things out.

I brought my Antique Asian Porcelain Goddess home and marveled at the incredible Deal I got her for... she is the Goddess Of Mercy.   Mercy it seems is in short supply nowadays, many don't bestow it upon others and we really should practice it more.  It is more revealing upon our own Character when we can't or don't... rather than a reflection upon those whom it is within our power to punish or harm.  Leniency, clemency, compassion, charity, Grace, pity, forgiveness, humanity, forbearance... these are Positive energy traits and are fruits of the Spirit.   I don't want any who died in Service to Country to have done it in vain, the very best way we can truly Honor them is to preserve those attributes and Ideals they fought so hard for, DIED for!   Not for themselves of coarse because they didn't even live to Enjoy it... and the ultimate Sacrifice made for the benefit of others, for us all, should not be taken lightly, not tritely or casually.   Every single individual who died in Active Military Service should be remembered, many left Loved Ones behind and their Sorrow is never ending over that incredible Loss and Sacrifice to Country for the Love of Country.  My Gratefulness knows no bounds, Thank You I know is not nearly enough.


With Thankfulness and a Grateful Heart from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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