Sunday, May 6, 2018

Melrose Vintage Final Warehouse Sale & Selling Off A Childhood

So, yet another one of my Favorite Shops in the Melrose District is closing it's doors and having a final Warehouse Sale this Weekend, color me Blue.  *Sobbing*  MELROSE VINTAGE and our Friend Wendy, who owns it, have been such a vital part of the Melrose Experience that the Shop will be missed so much!!!   So this Sunday Morning that was my Mission Statement, to catch the last day of her Warehouse Sale before I had to go to Work by this Evening.

Princess T was my sidekick and minion this day since she's been purging her Childhood from her room to hawk in my Spaces at our Antique Mall.  Yep, we're Selling Off her Childhood, since she informed me she's not a Child anymore and is looking forward to turning 13 in late September, which apparently is her definition of the end of Childhood and beginning of Womanhood!  *LOL*  She was bringing all her Beloved Collections down in Banana Boxes and we'd be up late into the Night pricing it all for Sale.  I'm rather conflicted, on the one hand her room and the rest of Villa Boheme' will hopefully be a lot cleaner sans her Toy Collections strewn everywhere... on the other hand... leaving Childhood behind is bittersweet isn't it?  We enjoyed our Girl's Day Out Breakfast before we set to Work at our Antique Mall and going Junquin'.

Over Breakfast we discussed her objective about Selling her Collections... Are you SURE I questioned her, since the Little Pet Shops, Shopkins, Woodsies, Voodoo Dolls, Polly Pockets, Pokemon Figures and Doll House paraphernalia have been her most Beloved possessions for so many Years and took her ages to build an impressive Collection of!?   I'm Sure she said with absolute resolve, I don't really play with them so much anymore and I kept a few of my Favorites and the most 'Valuable Rare' ones... that evidently she wouldn't part with yet and felt would be a wise Investment to Keep a while longer as they gain in Value.  She was diligent in assisting me with the Inventory portion and the proceeds of coarse will go towards more Teenly possessions she'll Desire now that she's no longer a Child.  *Smiles*

I remember when our Adult Children did this... and The Young Prince... it's a Rite of Passage they all eventually move through as the landmark Transitional Periods of Life approach.   I'm going thru my own Senior Transitional Rite of Passage Period, so I Get it and didn't try to talk her out of it or persuade her to wait or delay The Process.   When it's Time, it's Time... and you just know it within your Spirit when it's just Right for you to Transition into the next Season of Life.   We discussed strategies of Marketing since she knows this Genre of Collectibles of her Generation better than I.   I did very Well when I Sold Off both The Son's and The Grandson's Childhood Collections at our Antique Mall... Vintage and Collectible Toys are an easy Sell.  I did extremely Well when I Sold Off the few remaining Vintage Toys from my own Childhood... nobody now to pass them down to... everyone's Grown Up!

Kids were swarming the Booth even before we got them all hung up on the Spinning Racks, which I'm also Selling Off... no room now in the de-stashing Process of the Hoarded Garages for stashing unused Display Racks, they take up too much Space.  I Love getting nice Displays but eventually Customers always want to ask if they can buy them anyway, so lately I've put the majority of them into the Inventory rather than have very many NFS Display objects in my Spaces.  We had Sold some of her Collectible Toys immediately, that's a good sign she Let them Go at just the right Timing before perhaps they fall out of Favor and she clearly had the correct Price Point established for quick turns.

All of them for now are in Booth #502 which is the one I'm letting go by the end of this Month... but if any remain beyond that I'll probably move them over to the remaining Booth #317 and Showroom #114 later on.   Princess T was Delighted to see how thrilled the Younger Girls were to have the opportunity to buy her Beloved Collections.   I don't know how thrilled the Parents will be... been there and done that... Winks and a hearty laugh!    I think all True Collectors get a Thrill out of other people appreciating what you Collected and passing it along to folks that will Cherish them too.   Yes, we've spent our fortunes in the Retail Toy Biz over the years for what Trended in various Generations.   So getting a return on your Investment is the upside to Collectible Toys, many have gained in Value over Time or are still a Hot Commodity if they were the initial Releases and Original Series!

Over to Wendy's we went, I was pretty sure by the last day that some of the best items were probably snatched up that I'd had my Eyes on while viewing the FB Imagery.   So Yes, the Crystal European Sconces were gone... and all Religious Treasures... yet, there was still some good Pickin's to be had and of coarse great Final Sale prices on all Merchandise!   I didn't know what I was looking for but I knew I'd recognize it when I saw it!  *Winks*    I did my recon around the entire Shop before making any selections...

And so... I did find some Treasures there and a few Treasures at other Shops this Weekend and my Haul is Shared below:

From Wendy's I got these Antlers and Shells in a tall Glass Display Vase...

And the rest of my Haul pictured above... which included...

These Fab Green Enamelware Vintage Industrial matching Billboard Lights for $18 each... two Vintage Industrial Modern Hanging Lights for $9 each...

A large White Vintage Industrial Enamelware Light for $24 from Wendy's.   Vintage Suitcase, Vintage Gym Locker Basket and Cigar Boxes from The Brass Armadillo West during the Cinco de Mayo Sale.   The unframed Artwork was a curbside find in a Historic Neighborhood on bulk garbage day.

I like to find cheap Old Wooden Cigar Boxes with good graphics to store Art Supplies, plus my Bits and Bobs in... one can never have too many... and if you do... they Sell well in your own Spaces I've found.   Some of the Cigars that these once held were very spendy so the quality of the packaging is high too.

A totally unexpected random Junquin' Find was this Mongolian Sheepskin Rug, which is huge, for a mere Seven Bucks!!!   Princess T is in Love with laying full out or sleeping on this so she doesn't want me to Sell it now.   And so it's in her fav corner of the Livingroom at the moment... she and Miss Priss have pretty much commandeered said Sheepskin Rug as their own now so it will not be Showroom bound after all!!!    Who knew a Cat and her Human would fall madly in Love with it?!?  *Smiles*   This sucker was Heavy lemme tell ya and the thickest and longest Sheepskin fur I've ever seen.   I wasn't sure at first if it was even a Sheep due to how long the hair is and how huge the Rug is!?!   What kind of fur do Polar Bears or Abominable Snowmen have I asked The Man when I got Home?    Do Bigfoot come in White?!?  *Bwahahaha!!!*

And for the Guest Bathroom I found the Ideal Fabric Shower Curtain... with Vintage Images of Tattooed folks... LOVE it and it goes perfectly with my Ouija Towels!

I'm always on the lookout for Unique Accessories for the Home, this fit the bill and down came the Boho Paisley Shower Curtain.  I'm thinking of Transforming the entire Guest Bathroom already, small Rooms are easy to do Make-Overs on when you Desire a different Look or Vibe.

So, the Artwork on the Walls of the Guest Bathroom will be coming down soon and be replaced with something more along these lines.   And that's a wrap on what Treasures I Sourced this Weekend my Friends during my early Morning jaunts into the City.

The rest of the Weekend was spent Working Evenings and Napping Mid-Afternoons...  because, well, we're already breaking triple digit Heat records set in the 1940's... it was 106 Today so we'd rather stay inside Napping in air conditioned comfort my Friends!!! *Winks*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi, Dawn:
    Always enjoy your posts! My granddaughter is into those Shopkins. Must say, it makes it easy to figure out what to get her as a special "treat" occassionally. I've never seen those voodo dolls before. . .will have to check them out because she would probably like those too!

    1. The Voodoo Dolls used to only be available in Vending Machines and Specialty Shops, the Kids were both really 'into' them for a long time... now their Teen Tastes are becoming more refined apparently. *winks*

  2. That was one decent sized sheep! Sounds like Princess T is a sensory person like my Aiden. He always appropriates anything soft and fluffy.
    Boo to fav shops shutting, but yay to bargains in closing down sales.
    Princess T is a chip off the old block with her selling nouse.
    I love that photo of you!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  3. Aw, sorry your favorite shop was closed. always sad to see that happen. Your finds are great, and that tatoo shower curtain is a stitch... I laughed as my friend would have loved that!


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